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Russ' Cherry Cordial

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Russ' Monthly Blend - Cherry Cordial brings together two favorite flavors- cherry and chocolate. It has a pleasant aroma and isn't overly sweet. So, in honor of George Washington and the apochryphal cherry tree story, we bring you this winter time treat.

Overall Rating3.67 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Russ' Cherry Cordial”

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2 out of 5
A medium smoke, flavor not
A medium smoke, flavor not to my liking
5 out of 5
Candy Corn is great.
Very mild tobacco, no bite. When I lite up my family can tell because they say it smells like marshmallows. They also say it one of the best tobaccos I smoke.
4 out of 5
Try Old Glory Instead
From the name, the bag note (and the reviews) I expected far more choco-cherry aromas than this delivered. The bag has some decided deep chocolate plum flavors, but the cherry comes through also. However, when smoked, all were more muted, and the flavors less discernible than Old Glory, which is more complex in the bag and in the smoke. Cherry Cordial didn't have as much tobacco taste, either, and less cherry aftertaste. It was almost like this was the trial run-up to Old Glory. So, if you're in search of that vanilla/toasted marshmallow/dark chocolate/cherry mix, you'll find it here. But, you'll find a more intense combination of those flavors in Old Glory. This is mild, smokes cool, and is very well behaved in company. But, so is the Old Glory...just more satisfying to the smoker, IMO This is not bad by any stretch. However, for the same price, try the Old Glory. I don't think it will disappoint, while this just might.
Customer Testimonials
This Cherry Cordial is a very sophisticated blend of flavors. I tried it as soon as it arrived, and I'm ready to order more, lots more. This is a great blend, with the right amount of taste and body.
RM of Frankfort, KY
Not sure if mine came from a different batch or something, but I got some with massive cherry flavor, that really isn't very pleasant at all. It almost reminds me of a generic cherry soda, but maybe I got a bad batch.
JK of Lakeland, FL
It has whats described and as a cherry aromatic it does deliver. The chocolate notes although very subtle adds a bit sweetness and warmth to the sharp cherry taste. Smokes well and burns equally the same, room note is acceptable.
AA of dearborn, MI
I ordered this immediately after trying my second batch of Snow Drift. I have to say that it is a pleasant and good smoke but I did not detect much cherry. Actually reminded me alot of Snow Drift which I love. There was only a hint of Cherry. For Cherry I prefer my drugstore variety called 'Royal Cherry Cavendish' when I want Cherry flavor. That having been said, I would not hesitate to try ANY of Russ's blends, they are ALL good so far.
RH of Matthews, NC
This is a nice tobacco. Not one of Russ' best monthly blend so far. At first I thought it was snowdrift from the previous monthly blend. My wife and I can not smell or taste any cherry at all. I suppose it may add to the sweetness of the smoke but cherry seems to be absent here. I was actually a little happy it wasn't full of cherry as I do not like cherry blends anyway so all is good! Thanks Russ, and looking forward to next month!
SH of Comstock Park, MI
Just received my monthly club shipment and immediately went for this blend. This is month two of my membership and I am very happy. This blend,some one say is one dimensional, is a great aromatic. I got more chocolate than cherry but it could be from smoking snow drift in the same pipe? I would recommend this blend as it is smooth, mild, doesn't bite, and has a nice room note. Not much cherry detected as I mentioned maybe just a hint. Keep up the good work Russ, amazing blending. :)
JS of Cranston, RI
A really amazing smoke and a great cherry flavor. It's my husband's new favorite!
RO of Irwin, PA
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