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Russ' Cinnamon Roll Sale

Russ' Monthly Blend - Cinnamon Roll features cinnamon and vanilla notes over a blend of Virginia, Burley, and black Cavendish. The combination of flavors helps to avoid the "hot" cinnamon flavor; it has a flavor more like its namesake.

Due to recent regulations, this blend is now only available as a Pre-Built Blend Kit for you to become a master blender right in your own home. Each kit, once blended, will produce 8oz of Russ' Cinnamon Roll. 

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Customer Reviews of “Russ' Cinnamon Roll”

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Cinnamon Roll has zero tongue bite and is very smooth! It smells great with the cinnamon coming through evenly as you puff. It is a great smoker and aromatic tobacco blend. I enjoy it at anytime of the day!
BD of Lafayette, LA
The first time I smoked this I did not like it, so I put it away for a month. This time I tried it in a new meerschaum, what a difference! The cinnamon was prevalent in the taste, but not over bearing. The tobacco was just a little stronger than most aromatics. Although my wife cannot detect the cinnamon roll room note, she does find it pleasant and I noticed it tend to linger longer that many of the others that I smoke.
BB of Valley Center, KS
Smells great in the bag but not near as great as it tastes. Hits cinnamon roll right on the head. Great aroma smells like a fresh batch just came out the oven . The black cavendish blends we'll with the sweet cinnamon giving it that great tobacco flavor while still embodying the cinnamon . In my opinion one of the best Russ floors ever blended. Please don't take it away Pipes and Cigars!!!!!
TL of Watauga, TX
Not a fan of this tobacco. Bit a little, and I found it heavy and wet out of the bag. Very sweet and thick and clingy but I like things a bit dry and light.
KN of Kellogg, MN
I ordered this and a assorted blend of monthly flavors. This cinnamon roll taste so amazing and the smell is aromatic. Most people hate the smell of smoke but i have people constantly asking what is that smell! My dad for one hates the smell of cigarette smoke, so I light up a pipe and we sit and enjoy long conversations!
MJ of pittsfield, ME
This is EXCELLENT stuff! Very smooth, pleasant aroma, and a persistent taste and smell of cinnamon that's not over-powering. Very, very enjoyable. Thanks P&C!!
TF of Lake Elsinore, CA
Just received my recent order from P&C. Cinnamon roll was one that I ordered. Upon opening I was greeted by a subtle hint of cinnamon but not overwhelming. Packed easy and lit well. Not a major flavor contender, but it was nice and light. Could be an all day smoker, or a nice light night cap. I will say it was consistent from top to bottom. Never got too hot even when puffed a bit harder. All in all not a bad selection.
BH of Plymouth, MA
This is one of the best aromatics I've smoked. Very delicately balanced unlike many aromatics where the casing is just overpowering. And it smokes like a dream too. Wonderful job by Russ. My one complaint is the name could be a bit more manly. I blush a little when I inevitably get the question about what I'm smoking and have to answer "cinnamon roll."
JG of Winter Garden, FL
I order 4 oz of this to try, because I can smoke that much of almost anything. Big surprise. I really like this, especially in the morning with a cup of sweetened coffee. It has a great, mild cinnamon note and nice aroma. Like other reviewers state, this is a real cinnamon taste, not like candy. It is one of my new favorites and I hope it stays around awhile. I am ordering more.
WS of Haysville, KS
I love this blend. I've been pipe smoking for about a year and a half now. I was sitting on my campus for college puffing on this blend, and about 12 people came over staring at awe of my pipe and the aroma of this blend. People kept asking to try it in their pipes and loved the taste and smoothness of the blend. I absolutely love it.
CM of Ashburn, VA
You cannot go wrong with the Cinnamon Roll. The smell and taste is wonderful! Russ...please keep this in stock!
JR of Roanoke, VA
The cinnamon is subtle to me, but the blend is as I would expect, very well made. I find that it burns evenly, and has good body. Nothing unpleasant with this purchase. I'm in a phase where I am trying to reduce the number of tobacco varieties that I have, and I can honestly say, this one makes the grade.
RM of Frankfort, KY
Lovely aromatic. Pouch note was just delicious. Sweet, mild, and you can pick up a definite cinnamon note. Not a candied cinnamon. More of a fresh cinnamon stick note. Very nice
MW of Syracuse, NY
Love it. My first pipe and pipe flavored tobacco I tried and it was awesome. Has a great mild flavor and the cinnamon is out of this world. Definitely keeping this in my humidor.
JS of Louisville, KY
A fairly light Cinnamon flavour, a good smoke, i will be purchasing more!
AM of Reno, NV
Very nice! Got an ounce of this about three weeks ago, tried a bowl when it arrived and wasn’t sure how I felt about it. This week however I had several bowls after dinner and I’m a fan. Nice aromatic with plenty of flavor and great mouth feel. “Mouth feel” is a very important attribute of any tobacco in my opinion, just feels like you've got a mouth full of something that tastes great. Wow Russ the “mouth feel” of this Cinnamon Roll is fantastic. Now my big problem is how much longer will this tobacco be around, need to stock up. So I just marked a half pound of this in my cart, guess I’ll fill up a jar with this and hope my friends at PipesandCigars will put some in tins as well. Not an all-day blend but a great late night smoke, you really got to try this one! Thanks Russ
BS of Overland Park, KS
This is a good tobacco sweet little bit of cocoa vanilla flavor then savory cinnamon just right.
KJ of Aiea, HI
A hint of spiciness and a great cinnamon flavour makes this one of my favourite blends!
ET of Thibodaux, LA
I'm enjoying this blend from Russ... Smoked slowly, the cinnamon doesn't get "hot" as stated and lends more of a subtle note to the blend... The wife loves the aroma as well...
JT of Lexington, TN
Great tobacco. Makes for a lovely afternoon smoke on these cold days with its subtle hint of cinnamon.
BG of Dublin, CA
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