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Russ' Snow Drift Sale

Russ' Monthly Blend - Snow Drift is a smooth, rich aromatic, with a distinctive chocolate note supported by a bit of vanilla that will remind you of a cup of hot cocoa; the perfect beverage to enjoy while looking out the window at the falling snow. This has been consistently among the most popular of Russ; blends. If chocolate is your thing, load up some Snow Drift and savor.

Due to recent regulations, this blend is now only available as a Pre-Built Blend Kit for you to become a master blender right in your own home. Each kit, once blended, will produce 8oz of Russ' Snow Drift. 

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Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Russ' Snow Drift”

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5 out of 5
This blend is everybody’s ticket to Chocolate Town! It’s not chemical flavoring - it tastes like real cocoa with a dash of vanilla and lots of sour, nutty tobacco flavor bursting throughout. It can get a little hot but it won’t bite. Try throwing a bit of Jet Black in for a smoother smoke, but it doesn’t really need anything extra to be good. The room note is incredible!
5 out of 5
No Bite Chocolate
Wonderful chocolate flavor with no tongue bite. Great aroma. Stays lit and burns cool. Highly recommend.
Customer Testimonials
A truly wonderful aro one of the best I've had will buy again.
CS of West Plains, MO
This is my first blend to try from Russ, and I am a big fan. This being my first month of pipe smoking, I have been all over the tobacco map, trying an ounce of this and that. This has made the journey worthwhile. I will definitely be keeping this on hand.
MS of Houston, TX
Oh I LOVE this stuff! It is awesome. I love the taste and smell of it. I hope you keep plenty of this stuff around for a long time. Thank you so much!
CD of Hamilton, OH
Very nice aromatic . Russ hit it out of the park on this one.
Not a fan of this tobacco. Bit a little, and I found it heavy and wet out of the bag. I'm finding I'm not such a fan of the raw blends and aromatics though. Just my .02.
KN of Kellogg, MN
I have to admit, this is not my normal smoke as I prefer, Irish Flake, Mississippi River, and for an Aromatic Mac Baren Vanilla Cream. First thing I did was keep this away from all my other tobacco because the Chocolate scent is very strong, even outside the bag. I tried it and didn't really think much of it, and threw it off to the side, a couple weeks went by and I am loading my pipe and the wife says "When are you going to smoke more of that hot chocolate again?" so I grabbed a different pipe and loaded it up, I was surprised at how much difference a couple of weeks made in the flavor, it was rich and pleasant, the room note was fantastic, the wife was happy and that's always a good thing. I will keep a bit of this on hand it is a nice occasional smoke for me, perfect for those long winter evenings here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
CG of Ironwood, MI
P.S. to my review: for the perfect drink/smoke pairing, try this with a dram of The Macallan 12 year, neat. You can thank me later.
JA of Antioch, TN
It's already been said, but bears repeating. This is quite possibly the perfect chocolate aromatic. The chocolate doesn't mask the tobacco but is definitely there. The room note is more like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies than hot cocoa. I've just reached the bottom of my second bowl as I type this, and can assure you that unlike many aromatics, it's good to the bottom of the bowl, due to the quality of tobacco. Russ, please, please, please keep this around indefinitely!
JA of Antioch, TN
Well this is my first trying this stuff and man I love it. I will be ordering this again. I just I wished I ordered more, if you want to buy a dang good smoke this is it .
JH of Gainesville, GA
This is some great tobacco! I have tried only a few of the monthly blends and by far this one takes the cake for me. Buy some if you can, do not miss out on this blend! I will make sure from now on to keep an eye out for every blend this man puts out!
Wow. Bought this on a whim to help get ready for the the Christmas Season, and I'm thrilled I did. What a treat. I'm pretty sure this is what Old Saint Nick is puffing on these days. Chocolate and vanilla are clearly on display , but not in an overpowering sense. Just enough to make you want to keep puffing, and maybe go for a second bowl. A perfect aromatic for the Christmas season. I've shared this with a few new pipe smokers and now have them locked in for life.
JG of Winter Garden, FL
Purchased a ounce of this several months back and thought that it was great. Being a bit of a miser I stayed with the less expensive old faithful, less expensive tobacco that I'd been buying. Couldn't get Snow Drift out of my head; it was just too good. Long story short, I'm puffing on a bowl right now out of the 2 pounds that got here yesterday! Should have made the order several months ago and been a much happier pipe smoker!
JH of Crossville, TN
I concur with all reviews. This tobacco is magnificent. Don't pass it up!
BB of Burleson, TX
Not a long time smoker but I did like this. I mixed it with the 84 turkish by peter stokkebye, which made it just perfect for my taste. It has a light smoke, but decent flavor!
MM of Kapolei, HI
This is the first of Russ's blends that I have tried and I really enjoyed its great taste, great room note (the ladies like it) and smoked good and no bite. I have all his others that I ordered still left to try so we'll see how they compare.
BT of Spring, TX
I love this stuff. Nothing bad to say here.
MM of Sumrall, MS
I have never been an aromatic smoker but decided to broaden my horizons a little, or make my wife happy on long car rides. I bought 4oz of Snow Drift figuring I wouldn't like another aromatic I've tried and gift it to someone. I must say I'm incredibly surprised, balanced, delicious, not to sweet or goopy, and the room note is unbelievable. Hats off to you Russ, you may have converted me.
MM of Rahway, NJ
I am somewhat new to pipe smoking coming from cigars for 15+ years. So far in my tasting of various blends I find this one very enjoyable. Mild yet flavorful while not overpowering with non-tobacco flavors. I started off with an ounce to try this but will certainly be ordering more soon!
JW of Pasadena, CA
1 word - delicious
BB of Conneaut, OH
Wow! You could smell the chocolaty goodness of this blend before you even opened up the package. Strong aromatic character. Not really an all day smoke for me, but I enjoy it as an after dinner treat.
JH of Saint Charles, MO
I'm loving this blend, the room note is fantastic, and it has a great taste for an aromatic. The taste is a very mellow chocolate, that burns great right out of the package. I would definitely recommend!
GM of Salisbury, MD
Pretty new to the whole "aromatic" thing; having started with Virginia's and never really left them, but after a recommendation by a buddy and reading the slew of positive reviews of this blend I decided to give it a try. This blend has been absolutely fantastic! The smoke itself was very cool from beginning to end, it burned to a very nice ash which is something I'd heard was a bit of an issue for aromatics and I did not find the dottle to be goopy or any of that mess. Although "aromatic" typically confers a lot about the "room note" and very little about the actual taste of the tobacco I found the taste to be spectacular from beginning to end. Lots of chocolate notes with some kind of an earthy/bready thing going on that really worked for me. The room note itself was a little "musty" but not altogether unpleasant and this seems likely the result of them putting more thought into the "smoke" of the product rather than the room note. A decision that I thoroughly approve of. I've already put in another large order for this and pray that they decide to keep this one around for a long, long time.
MC of Knoxville, TN
I wasn't a huge fan of Snow Drift. I found myself "drifting" off to sleep as there wasn't much to it. A very one dimensional smoke, and it seemed a bit too sweet for my tastes. As expected with the majority of aromatics the g/f said it did smelled pleasant. Coco and vanilla notes...However, since I'm the one smoking, the aroma doesn't do much of anything for me. I gave it a few tries to be subjective, but really couldn't get all the way through the few small bowls i fired up. I kept looking forward to be finished with it. I'm finding myself, less drawn to the aromatics anymore. Burns well and stays lit with moderate "sipping". I usually let it sit out for about 20 min prior to the packing.
MK of Kennesaw, GA
Just got this in the post, and I'd have to say the smell of chocolate just poured through the plastic bag and I knew I wasn't going to wait this one out. Good call. This tobacco is a great aromatic, has a fairly strong and pleasant smell to it, yet the taste is not over powering. I am suffering from a cold/sinus infection so I cannot wait to re-try this when all my senses are not dampened. Have to say Bravo Russ
JS of Martinsburg, WV
This is my favorite morning blend now, cocoa smelling, mild smoke. Love it. I usually vape during the day but this one is mild enough for a few bowls morning and early afternoon. Good for evening smoke too, goes well with Coconut Rum.
RH of Matthews, NC
This blend is absolutely divine. The deep chocolate flavor is as wonderful on the nose as it is the palate. I have found some real joy in that little 4 oz. bag delivered to my doorstep. Without a doubt, this is the one for fireside relaxation during these cold winter days. Great stuff!
RK of Beavertown, PA
This is my first review and first tobacco blend I tried from my Pipe Tobacco of the Month order. All I can say is wow! This blend is awesome! Think Oreo cookies! No bite, no goop, smooth mild with excellent room notes and flavors. I really love this blend. Keep em coming! Can't wait now for my monthly orders! Thanks.
JS of Cranston, RI
I received this blend with my first PTOMC shipment and just this blend alone made it worth the membership. I smoked it on a walk with my friend who doesn't smoke and he wanted to try it it smelled so good! It tastes just as good as it smells, delivering on the hot chocolate as promised! I recommend this highly. If Snow Drift was tinned I would buy it regularly. I'll be making sure to get as much as I can before it's gone!
SS of Heber, UT
Outstanding flavor, and a smooth smoke. I discovered this blend in my Tobacco of the month club shipment. I'll be ordering it again.
JW of Antioch, TN
When my first PTOMC shipment showed up, everyone in the office wanted to know who was fixing hot chocolate! This stuff is amazing, and I'm surprised at how little bite there was to it! Good on ya, Russ. As one other member here said, get this stuff into tins now!
BQ of Staunton, VA
You might want to tin this stuff Russ it is out of this world good!
BM of Waukegan, IL
I just received this tobacco as part of my first monthly Pipe Tobacco of the Month club shipment. I can taste the chocolately flavor here and I thoroughly enjoy it. To think at one time I was content with the likes of Prince Albert and Captain Black's. The PTOMClub is a great way to get access to mastercrafted blends like this. Russ did a great job here!
WW of Fremont, OH
I find that this Champagne resemble Borkum Riff Champagne tobacco. I like the Riff blend and I like this as well for a change of pace from my regular Vanilla blend I smoke regularly.
RB of Knoxville, TN
I love this tobacco! I have always been a fan of aromatics, but not so much those with chocolate in them. But this is the perfect combination of vanilla, chocolate, and maybe some cinnamon. I got just one ounce to try and will definitely be buying some more!
MS of Jonesborough, TN
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