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They told Julius Caesar to beware the ides of March, but we Americans have to beware the ides of April, when the IRS comes a-knockin'. As Tax Day approaches, you need something soothing to melt your troubles away. So try our newest blend - Russ' Monthly Blend - The Taxman Cometh. This is a comforting blend of Burley and black Cavendish with a subtle flavor that's not-too-sweet, has a pleasant aroma, and is gentle enough to put you back into a peaceful frame of mind.

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I really like this blend! Granted - I am a new pipe smoker coming from non-smoking. So I think it's on the mild side, but sweet and easy to smoke. Gentle room note and I had no dottle in my first bowl right out of the bag. Never this was my first time trying a Russ' monthly blend so I went in blind. But I loved it! It can be an all every day smoke easily.
Mild and sweet. I could use this as a daily smoke. Definitely worth buying more than an ounce.
Well I've only tried one kind of tobacco from a so called tobacco store to hold me over to get started,and it was cheap and terrible,In comes real tobacco with real taste,my first try of quality blend from my first order from pipes and cigars,really good tobacco makes all the difference,I think the taxman cometh is a great treat for a newbie like me. can't wait to open my 8oz. can of "Mississippi river"supposed to be a top blend.... all in good time,your site and selection is the best. Thanks for a great first order experience!!
I like the candy corn blend but I enjoy this even more than the candy corn!! My daily is prince Albert but I enjoy something sweeter now and then especially after a nice meal. This is a nice blend.
Mellow burley aromatic, i can see it as an all day smoke to aromatic or burley smoker for that matter. Sweet to the taste and have a room note that matches its profile. Very simple and no complexity, burn nice with minimal left overs.
Smoooooth! Just what I needed after getting my 10-99.