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Russ' Yule Log

Russ' Monthly Blend - Yule Log is a medium-bodied blend of red and yellow Virginias with a moderate amount of top-quality Latakia. A great, cool smoke that will remind you of the aroma of the fireplace. Yule Log is ideal for those times when you want a Latakia blend but don't want a heavy, lingering flavor.

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Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Russ' Yule Log”

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5 out of 5
Looking for alternative
I enjoyed this blend immensely when it was available. Now that it has disappeared, can someone recommend a similar alternative. P & C’s “similar items” feature was kind of useless since the alleged “similar items” were all aromatics.
Customer Testimonials
I'm new to pipe smoking, so forgive my ignorance. I got a selection of various tobaccos and was trying the aromatics in a clay, but this is the one I tried in a briar and the first that I really sat back and said "Wow, that's pipe smoking!" Smells kind of woodsy in the bag, and try as I might I couldn't get the campfire/fireplace taste that people were talking about. It reminded me of something that I couldn't place and have never smelled coming from a pipe... then about halfway through the bowl it hit me. Old Bay seasoning. A slightly spicy, smoky, herby combination. Really nice!
JG of Portland, OR
I enjoy this tobacco immensely, it smells like fireplace on cold hazy morning. Yum
ZP of Arlington, TX
This is some fantastic stuff, it reminded me of a warm fire and was a very pleasant smoke.
BG of Rowlett, TX
I smoked this blend in a Mark twain Corn Cob. When I first opened the bag, smelled like a campfire. The pleasant smell of fresh wood burning will remind you camping in the outdoors. After dinner I sat back and lit up a large bowl of this pipe tobacco. Simply fantastic. The main flavor is wood, literally the flavor reminds me of the smell you get from a campfire. It tastes fantastic and smells great. If you are someone that enjoys a full smoke with nice woody flavors then this will be a blend for you. It is not a all day blend, and I would best recommend it after dinner. Buy this stuff by the bulk, you wont regret it!
KH of Pacifica, CA
I was just gifted a sample baggie of Yule Log. My first bowl and I really like it. I will be looking for it to come off back-order status. Great smoke. I will be getting more of this.
RG of Tupelo, MS
If christmas had a flavor this would be it!
MS of Pelzer, SC
Excellent mild to medium English blend well suited to someone trying English blends for the first time. I am hopeful this becomes a regular blend at P&C.
JM of Romulus, MI
My new favorite. This is the shizzle.
AJ of Lugoff, SC
I agree with the review that noted a pine aroma and taste. I was looking for a hickory flavor. It is not an unpleasant taste, and I may find myself reordering it.
RB of Steele, AL
This has become my new favorite morning blend. It is wonderful for my morning drive into work. I must agree with CR, that I didn't order enough.
LR of Sherrard, IL
I am hoping that this becomes a regular blend and not just a monthly blend. I have cellared a pound already.
JF of Norway, ME
Great light latakia blend. This is a wonderful tobacco for someone wanting to explore latakia for the first time. I find that I keep going back to it more often than some of the heavier latakia blends and it has become my go to morning tobacco. This is a blend for all year.
GD of Oakham, MA
At first I thought didn't like it as the Latakia was so overpowering I couldn't get past it but after letting it sit a while maybe two or three weeks the Latakia mellowed out to reveal a sweet delicious flavor of currents or some kind of sweet tart berry underneath all the smoke. I originally thought I'd ordered too much but now I'm thinking it may not have been enough.
CR of Houston, TX
I love this blend, gives a mild hint and aroma of pine, brings back the holidays also this would be good on a spring day.
CH of Melcher, IA
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