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Russ' Yule Log

Russ' Monthly Blend - Yule Log is a medium-bodied blend of red and yellow Virginias with a moderate amount of top-quality Latakia. A great, cool smoke that will remind you of the aroma of the fireplace. Yule Log is ideal for those times when you want a Latakia blend but don't want a heavy, lingering flavor.

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Overall Rating4.07 out of 5 Based on 28 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Russ' Yule Log”

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5 out of 5
Great smoke!
4 out of 5
Yule Log
I discovered Yule Log a few years ago when I was looking for a bulk blend for a day-to-day tobacco that wouldn't break the bank. I like smoky, latakia-based tobaccos and Yule Log fits the bill. Smells like a campfire and is smooth enough for all-day smoking. The name is a little misleading, but don't let it fool you. Yule Log is a good quality English blend.
4 out of 5
A smooth smoke
Myself being more the fruit/aromatic type I have stayed away from Latakia blends since I have often found them too strong for my taste. However this is one pleasant smoke. The description of a fireplace is accurate, that's what came to mind as soon as I lit my first bowl - no tongue bite. Definitely not an everyday smoke for me, but I'm glad to have it in my line-up for when the mood occurs. Like all Russ' blends, lights easily and stays lit well.
5 out of 5
Good stuff
Good stuff
5 out of 5
My current favorite
This is hands down my favorite blend at the moment. The Latakia really stands out here. It’s smells like a campfire. Love how this stays on my beard for hours after a bowl. Definitely recommend!
5 out of 5
Great blend, Smokey but not
Great blend, Smokey but not overpowering. Nice light English.
3 out of 5
Its Good but searching for more flavor
Don’t know where to start with this one. I am in the air if I will re-order or not. This blend is a great light english blend to me. The blend has a little Latikia in it but I do find myself looking or wanting more Lat. If you are someone just starting to get into english then this would be a great start and I would highly recommend it. My own personal preference is I want more Latikia and maybe a dash of Perique or Oriental in it. Is definitely burns cool but definitely faster than any other tobaccos I have had. So for lunch break or that break at work it is perfect. When I want to sit back and relax with a pipe I want a little more time smoking. This blend burns really well and little to no re-lights. The aroma is very light and smells a little like wood burning in winter which is nice but wish for a little more smokey flavor. The flavor in the smoke is pretty mild and has me just wanting more flavor. The blend is very dry but for me its ready to go as soon as you get it which is a plus. No tongue bite and no lingering aroma or taste either which is always great. If you are on the fence its a good one to try because taste is always subjective in this hobby. Try it out and see if you like it.
5 out of 5
A perfect hybrid
Honestly I’m not an aromatic guy, my preference has always been VA or VA/PER tinned blends with some age of at least 2-3 years, but I love this blend. It has all the goodness of a good Latakia blend with the sweet goodness and room note of an aromatic without the goopiness of the typical of one, but it’s everything you’d expect from Russ, he’s the man!
4 out of 5
Tis the season!
Latakia forward has a little bite but it's getting better with age.. I'd purchase again
5 out of 5
Wanting cool nights! Great blend medium Latakia blend.
Great smooth blend! When I’m not wanting a heavy Latakia. I can see this going all day long. Burns cools leaves a great room note. Smells great, Tastes great. Wanting cool nights to come now.
2 out of 5
it was too spicy or
it was too spicy or tangy for me. I like it more mellow
4 out of 5
Good....... Not great
I guess I am one of the puny few that do not like to go over to the dark side of heavy Latakia blends. I like Latakia, I just don't like heavy doses of the stuff. That is why I try anything that advertises "a modest amount" of that demon weed. While Yule Log is very good, it is not as good as other blends I have tried from other makers. Don't get me wrong.... I'll smoke every bit I ordered...and may even order more....but in a smaller amount. Latakia is present, but never a threat, but I yearned for a bit more taste to the blend.
5 out of 5
Great Flavor
Wonderful tobacco. This was my first Russ blend, and its made me a huge fan. Excited to try more!
5 out of 5
Ross's Yule Log
Very flavorful and intense.
1 out of 5
yule log
Very dry.Openning the bag had no initial aroma.Burned like a forest fire.Very hot.Not very aromatic. After 3 pipe fulls,I threw it into the backyard.
3 out of 5
Needs more Latakia badly
So we're talking about a smoky burning Yule log here. Simply way too little Latakia. Smoky taste is almost nonexistent. Is very dry tobacco that burns cool and fast. Not much in the way of flavor at all. Room note is pretty bland as well. I think I will put in some blending Latakia to see it I can boost this blend a bit.
4 out of 5
The log that keeps on burning
So I have to say that this is a strong blend compared to the others I have tried over the years. Mostly it's Latakia with a touch of something else, and reminds me a bit of another tobacco called "Old Iron Sides" which in turn is a very strong Latakia based tobacco. All in all when it's a cold night this does remind me of oak logs right when they just start burning. A touch of dirt and smokey smell to it when it burns.
5 out of 5
Yule log
I really enjoyed it.
5 out of 5
Good Blend
Very smooth, would like to see it a little more aromatic. Brightens the room.
5 out of 5
a new favorite
When I smelled it in the bag I did not expect to like this one, I thought it would be too sharp and too hot of a burn for my taste....I couldn't have been !ore wrong. This has fast become one of my top blends for a chilly new England day. It is smooth, smokey, and very fitting for a cold snowy day or evening. I do not know a lot about Latakia, I like it but my knowledge of various blends is very limited, but thanks to this blend I am exploring Cornell and Diehl as well as dunhill to find a replacement since Yule log is gone after Dec. 31. If you can, grab some of this before the new year you won't regret it!
3 out of 5
Standard holiday smoke
It's not an epic adventure, but it'll get you to enter you want to be. It starts out like charcoal and then sweetens out 2/3 of the wadi through. Don't pack heavy and you can cruise to pleasure in about 25 minutes.
5 out of 5
RMB- Yule Log
Arrived rather dry, but after rehydrating it has become a favorite for cooler days. A bit of sweet and a bit of nice smokyness. I economical and flavorful smoke.
5 out of 5
Simply wonderful!
I think Yule Log is truly a hidden, undiscovered gem. It is fantastic & in my top 2 now. Thanks Russ for a terrific treat.
5 out of 5
Holiday Season
Great smoke, I enjoy this all day long in front of the wood burner, great in the morning also with a fresh brewed coffee and the first fire of the morning.
4 out of 5
Perfect For a Fall or Winter Morning
A smokey and hearty blend that reminds one of a cracking bonfire, Yule Log was a fantastic smoke. On a crisp November morning when there was little wind to speak of I had the absolute pleasure of partaking in a few pinches of this stuff while relaxing on the deck; a pleasant experience that was a lovely mix of strong and smooth. If you've had enough of the sweet and fruity blends then I highly recommend it!
4 out of 5
Splendid blend
A very refreshing smoke to have by a fire pit in the summer, and the fireplace by fall/ winter. Mellow, smokey & all round pleasing aroma. So pleasing my wife even let's me smoke it in the house!
3 out of 5
Excellent Fall/Winter Blend, But May Be Too Strong At First
While I did thoroughly enjoy this blend, especially on cold winter mornings or evenings, I was definitely taken aback by how strong the Latakia was. It definitely succeeds in evoking an overall sense of yule tide joy, but it is also being very humble when when it says "...will remind you of the aroma of the fireplace." New or non regular pipe smokers may find this blend a little more difficult to smoke due to it's powerful first notes, but once it has mellowed or you have gotten used to it, it's hard to put it down. I would suggest ordering this around the middle of October and letting it mellow a week or so, or until you get that first good cold snap. If there is anything this blend does better than than others, it's leaving you wanting more. This is definitely on my must order list for the colder seasons of the year.
1 out of 5
Not good
this blend is not good and actually hard to smoke.
Customer Testimonials
I'm new to pipe smoking, so forgive my ignorance. I got a selection of various tobaccos and was trying the aromatics in a clay, but this is the one I tried in a briar and the first that I really sat back and said "Wow, that's pipe smoking!" Smells kind of woodsy in the bag, and try as I might I couldn't get the campfire/fireplace taste that people were talking about. It reminded me of something that I couldn't place and have never smelled coming from a pipe... then about halfway through the bowl it hit me. Old Bay seasoning. A slightly spicy, smoky, herby combination. Really nice!
JG of Portland, OR
I enjoy this tobacco immensely, it smells like fireplace on cold hazy morning. Yum
ZP of Arlington, TX
This is some fantastic stuff, it reminded me of a warm fire and was a very pleasant smoke.
BG of Rowlett, TX
I smoked this blend in a Mark twain Corn Cob. When I first opened the bag, smelled like a campfire. The pleasant smell of fresh wood burning will remind you camping in the outdoors. After dinner I sat back and lit up a large bowl of this pipe tobacco. Simply fantastic. The main flavor is wood, literally the flavor reminds me of the smell you get from a campfire. It tastes fantastic and smells great. If you are someone that enjoys a full smoke with nice woody flavors then this will be a blend for you. It is not a all day blend, and I would best recommend it after dinner. Buy this stuff by the bulk, you wont regret it!
KH of Pacifica, CA
I was just gifted a sample baggie of Yule Log. My first bowl and I really like it. I will be looking for it to come off back-order status. Great smoke. I will be getting more of this.
RG of Tupelo, MS
If christmas had a flavor this would be it!
MS of Pelzer, SC
Excellent mild to medium English blend well suited to someone trying English blends for the first time. I am hopeful this becomes a regular blend at P&C.
JM of Romulus, MI
My new favorite. This is the shizzle.
AJ of Lugoff, SC
I agree with the review that noted a pine aroma and taste. I was looking for a hickory flavor. It is not an unpleasant taste, and I may find myself reordering it.
RB of Steele, AL
This has become my new favorite morning blend. It is wonderful for my morning drive into work. I must agree with CR, that I didn't order enough.
LR of Sherrard, IL
I am hoping that this becomes a regular blend and not just a monthly blend. I have cellared a pound already.
JF of Norway, ME
Great light latakia blend. This is a wonderful tobacco for someone wanting to explore latakia for the first time. I find that I keep going back to it more often than some of the heavier latakia blends and it has become my go to morning tobacco. This is a blend for all year.
GD of Oakham, MA
At first I thought didn't like it as the Latakia was so overpowering I couldn't get past it but after letting it sit a while maybe two or three weeks the Latakia mellowed out to reveal a sweet delicious flavor of currents or some kind of sweet tart berry underneath all the smoke. I originally thought I'd ordered too much but now I'm thinking it may not have been enough.
CR of Houston, TX
I love this blend, gives a mild hint and aroma of pine, brings back the holidays also this would be good on a spring day.
CH of Melcher, IA
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