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Sam Gawith Black Forest Pipe Tobacco
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Sam Gawith Black Forest

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Samuel Gawith's Black Forest begins with dark, sweet black Cavendish, which is enhanced with a touch of golden Virginia, and is finished with a rich, but very smooth honey flavor. For a unique aromatic with a distinctly British touch, give Samuel Gawith Black Forest a try.

Overall Rating4.33 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sam Gawith Black Forest”

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5 out of 5
A uniquely pleasant blend, not for everyone
This was an unexpectedly delightful blend. The Virginias are assertive, properly sweet and grassy, the Cavendish a little more subtle to me, more of a fine classic Cavendish than an over the top aromatic, and the honey is an enticingly sweet top note which will give way about halfway through the bowl to a rich Virginia/Cav, perfect for a so rare day in May (or June). This is not a tobacco for the 'smack everyone within a hectare with the aroma' aromatic, nor may it find more than occasional favor with the VaPer or hard Navy style aficionado. I like Elizabethan, and I like this. They are not alike at all, but in a way, complementary. It is a little moist in the tin. The tin note leaves no doubt that there is honey involved, with a slight smokiness. It lights easy and burns well. As with most Virginia dominant blends, unless you know how to smoke them with temperance it can get hot. But for that subtle hint of honeysuckle and fresh mown hay mixed with young cured rich Virginia and smooth, aged Cavendish....well, there's nothing else like it.
4 out of 5
I'm a little biased
I really like gawith tobacco's and I really like honey.This has the usual great tobacco base that Gawith is known for using in their blends so even though it's a topped I don't consider it a true aromatic because you still get a lot of great tobacco flavor but with a slight honey note.If you like a mid/full flavored tobacco and like honey this is a must try!
4 out of 5
Black Forest Relaxation
I was pleased with my purchase of Sam Gawith's Black Forest. I was greeted with an aroma of sweet hay which reminded me of spending my childhood summers at my grandparent's home in the central Indiana countryside. The tobacco packs nicely, stays somewhat lit, and at a slowed down puffing cadence, didn't nip at my tongue. My tin dried pretty quickly, which is due probably to my negligence - as I failed to transfer the contents to a more air tight container. All in all, I appreciate the good, mild sweetness and perfect compliment after a hearty supper. I encourage folks to give this tobacco a try if, like myself, an every now-and-then craving for a lightly sweet smoke hits them..
5 out of 5
Great Tobacco
A wonderful tin aroma upon opening. I really like the fr8esh hay like smell with a hint of honey. It packs easily and lights easily and stays lit. I can actually taste the honey, not strong but a light taste of honey. Will keep some in my rotation!
3 out of 5
2 sweet
a nice mild smoke with flavor notes coming through clear but a bit to sweet for me
5 out of 5
Disappointment Turned to Delight
I'll admit, at first I was disappointed with this blend because I was expecting a very defined honey flavor when I opened the tin and lit my first bowl. Being unaccustomed to light Virginias, the flavor reminded me of a fresh-cut lawn or hay bales, and I decided this one was too plain and dull, so I let it sit for a month while I experimented with stronger flavored tobaccos... Then, last week, looking for something mellow, I returned to the tin, noticing how it had dried quite a bit, and decided to give it another try. To my surprise, the bright Virginias and Cavendish had such a mellowed charm as they had sat maturing for a while. Knowing ahead of time that I wasn't going to profoundly taste honey, I slow-sipped the remarkably sweet, light, bowl - and it was then that I caught on to the honey-like flavor in the background, hinting at what I'd like to re-analyze as being like smoke in a field of clover in the country on a wonderful, mild, summer day! I still have plenty of this one left, but I'll VERY likely be purchasing more before long.
5 out of 5
smooth smoke
This is a smooth all day aromatic, satisfying, no bite.
5 out of 5
Black Forest
My favorite smoke! I order with every order and it's always the first one finished.
4 out of 5
Black Forest
One of my favorites, get it with almost every order. Very aromatic and very slight bite. All day smoke! Need larger tins like the Alamo, Antietam come in.
4 out of 5
Best of the honeys
Excellent blend! I smelled honey immediately upon opening the tin, and the tobacco packed well, and stayed lit. Very tasty, but I knocked it one star for a little too much bite. I have tried a few honey blends, and this is the only one that has a genuine honey flavor that lasts the entire bowl.
4 out of 5
Another great smoke from S.G.
This is a great smoke, the scent of sweet golden raisins greets you as the tin is opened. Light sweet honey notes for the first half of the bowl turn to a satisfying sweet tobacco finish in the bottom. This fluffy ribbon cut packs well in the bowl and burns cool, slow and evenly....definitely will be in my regular rotation.
4 out of 5
Very nice aromatic
Easy to tend to. No bite. Smooth. Great aroma right outta the tin and nice room note. Nice balance of tobaccos and flavors.
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