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Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake

Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake is a legendary, full-bodied mixture of deeply matured Virginia and dark-fired tobaccos which are pressed into a cake with is further matured under pressure and steamed until dark. The cakes are sliced and finished with a tonquin dressing for the characteristic flavor. This is best enjoyed by experienced pipe enthusiasts.

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Overall Rating 4.82 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake”

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5 out of 5
Grabs you by the boo-boo
Just a caution... This an amazing smoke but part of a class all its own. I have smoked 1792 and other SG for years. Last Sunday, knowing I'd have nothing to do I sat down and packed a fat bowl. An hour or so later I woke up and initially didn't know if it was the next morning. I was experienced but on an off day... Never enjoy this while driving. Love it, smoke it but respect it.
5 out of 5
Lesson I learned about 1792 Flake: rub a few flakes and let it air a bit in order to keep it lit, never smoke this in the morning or on an empty stomach ( it'll knock you silly), ignore the initial tin aroma because first you'll be stunned but be patient because you'll really fall in love with this stuff. This is not your all day smoke but a special treat like after-Sunday- dinner at Mom's. Lastly, save some money in next month's paycheck ' cause you will be ordering more. A unique & excellent blend. Samuel Gawith offers some great pipe tobaccos!!
5 out of 5
Love the taste
Love the taste
5 out of 5
Fantastic Mr. Gawith
I started smoking pipe quiet a while ago. Through my journey meeting all types of pipe tobaccos I eventually made my way to Sam Gawith's Full Virginia flake, and thought I had found the one. I thought I could settle down with Full Virginia, somewhere in the hills with a white picket fence, and stop my ramblin' man ways. But, alas, she found me... 1792 flake! She's an elegant dark beauty, who's vanilla plum perfume is intoxicating. When I'm not with her, I dream about her. I have finally found the tobacco of my least for a while.
5 out of 5
Peace of mind
I love ordering my products from you guys, because it's a good feeling to know that my products will be delivered as ordered. Thanks
5 out of 5
New to pipe tobacco and S&G 1792 does the trick!
1792 smells great out of the tin. I've gone through 3 tins and there will be more. This is my first favorite. It is plenty strong and I find the room note pleasant. I enjoy Dunhill Nightcap, Royal Yacht, and 5 Brothers, but this is a treat.
5 out of 5
Have yourself some hearty steak and potatoes then sit back, relax, and enjoy.
The near perfect after dinner smoke! The tonquin is very present so if you don't like it, avoid this.
5 out of 5
A true Legend in tobacco!
Have to put this at the top of my flake tobacco list.This is an amazing smoke.very strong nicotine,with a great full flavor,I like the tonquin bean topping on this one.Like many who smoke this know it has to dry out for a bit.Flakes rub out easily,and a little goes along way.More than average re-lights,but once it gets going it's worth it.I recommend a smaller bowl for best results.almost done with my first tin,and immediately ordered more.1792 is a rewarding smoke,and a must try for those who like strong tobacco put this one on the top of your list.A true legendary smoke!
5 out of 5
1792 Flake
An excellent tobacco. The strong, natural scent of the tobacco (reminiscent of Samuel Gawith Black XX, actually) is cut with the slight fruit flavor and aroma of the tonquin dressing. Overall, a smooth, well flavored, easy-burning, and satisfying blend.
5 out of 5
The first time I ordered Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake, it was not in stock, approximately two months ago. I have placed three orders since then and every time I received my order within three to four days of placing the order. It appears that Pipes and Cigars will stock items for which they receive regular orders. I have been very pleased with their service so far and I hope it continues. 1792 Flake is a very full-bodied tobacco, not for beginners. It is satisfying and full-flavored. Thankis.
3 out of 5
Oh, Sammy
I liked how hard it hits. Didn't like the tonquin so much.
Customer Testimonials
This is one of the richest tobacco I ever had. Very tasty stuff indeed. Incredibly smooth for how strong it is. Perfectly balanced. You know your smoking quality tobacco from an experienced company. Theres a reason pipe smokers all over the world seek their tobacco out for over a century. Enjoy a classic.
This is my favorite early morning tobacco. The tonquin bean is slightly pronounced without overpowering the flavor of the tobacco and it tapers off as you progress through the bowl. It is nowhere near as prominent as the topping in say Dark Flake Scented so this makes 1792 a great choice for someone wanting to venture into milder Lakeland tobacco. I do smoke this out of a small bowl due to the higher nicotine content. But if you sip your pipe you should not have any trouble.
1792: well after a big meal, I packed my Pipe with this infamous tobacco...Now I know what tonquin bean taste like. Don't run from this flake if you know you like Lakeland tobaccos. My favorite flake(G&Hco. Scottish flake) is a tamed down 1792. 1792 flake will be my go to winter tobacco.
I had to work with the cut and it was a little to strong for me and burned to hot. But the room note was great. I give it a 4/10
One of my favorites off-the-desktop and into one of my more quality pipes . Full Strength and pleasure right now, but yet with a Pleasant room note.