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Savinelli Churchwarden Smooth

Savinelli Churchwarden pipes are made to the highest standards and will provide a quality smoke every time. The smooth pipes feature outstanding grain and the long stem will provide a cool smoke. Choose from our wide assortment of shapes.   

Savinelli Churchwarden 104  Billiard-Straight (104)
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Savinelli Churchwarden 104

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This is my follow-up to the preceding negative review: I returned the original, defective churchwarden and p&c sent me a new one. The replacement smokes fine, cool and smooth as a churchwarden should. It handles burley very well, for the breaking-in process. Allow me to suggest, however, that this model be redesigned to accept 6mm balsa filters as an option. Merely a suggestion. Otherwise I'm pleased with the product thanks to the replacement item. Thank you, Russ and co. for your help.
NZ of Miami, FL
I began breaking in this churchwarden with some Classic Burley Kake, smoking it slowly. The steam leaks from the joint and the stain or wax rubbed into my fingers. The Savinelli stamp on the shank is irregular (the last i in Savinelli is not level and it looks like a made up stamping). And there is no logo on the stem. I suspect this is a fake from China.
NZ of Miami, FL
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