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Savinelli Essenza Cipriota Pipe Tobacco
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Savinelli Essenza Cipriota

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Savinelli Essenza Cipriota belongs to a niche that is often ignored by tobacco makers - the aromatic Latakia blend. Matured Virginias join mellow Burleys, rich and smoky Latakia and fragrant Macedonian Orientals to form a solid base, but the blend is finished with a singular top note which was specifically made to marry perfectly with the blend. For those Latakia lovers who occasionally want something a bit different, Essenza Cipriota should be on your wish list.

Overall Rating3.78 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Savinelli Essenza Cipriota”

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4 out of 5
Mysterious Mixture
Tin note upon opening: smoky raisins. I could not pick up on the aromatic definition, at least not from the candy store spectrum. All of the various tobaccos visit the palate, leave and come back again like a dating game. There is a consistent citrus zest twang throughout the entire bowlful. This mixture is likeable, but more like a special crave you reach for now and then.
3 out of 5
Unique concept
Very good idea but hard to execute, aromatic english tend to not appeal for both crowds but i think mac baren did a good job on this savinilli blend. The wine topping is a hate or love kind of effect but if you liked it you will keep craving that taste like i did and i am not a latakia fan. Good blend, proceed with caution
4 out of 5
It does what it says on the tin
The Latakia in this aromatic is a nice compliment.
5 out of 5
Milder and more delicate
Milder and more delicate than dob but equally as good, really well done. A top pick for an indoor light and pleasing smoke. Outdoors it gets washed out not enough body or taste. Another hit. Gary
5 out of 5
perfect little guy
Only had a while now but so far so good. Like that it can sit by itself without the need of a stand. Bowl is plenty big and the rustic look is beautiful.
1 out of 5
Not a fan
Didn't do it for me. Love their pipes though.
3 out of 5
Interesting tin note
Mild Latakia blend with a topping of red wine(?) Came free w my Savinelli pipe. Don't think I would purchase it since there are many more interesting Latakia blends out there.
4 out of 5
Savinelli essenza cipriota
is very good. I like how it smells and taste. Thank-you for the experince!
5 out of 5
Nice Change
I found this to be a good alternative change of pace from my normal Balkan Sasieni with a different flavor and almost the same strength, I would class it more a 3 than a 2. It lit well, drew well, had good smoke and was overall a good tasting blend. The aroma from the tin upon opening reminded me of figs and raisins. Would I smoke it everyday? I can't say yet however I do like this approach to making a slightly aromatic Balkan for a little something different once in a while w/o going to a true aromatic
Customer Testimonials
Interesting & enjoyable blend. Has strong wine/red grape undertones & a background smokiness from the latakia. Nicotine level is Medium. Kind of reminds of me of a grape Swisher Sweets.
MB of San Diego, CA