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Savinelli Hercules Rustic Pipes
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Savinelli Hercules Rustic

This item is no longer available for purchase.
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HERCULES MATTE Select large briars are used for this series with Hercules logo on mouthpiece. Both only available in EX shapes

HERCULES BROWNBLAST This version sports a natural smooth top and fully carved bowl and shank.

This pipe series does NOT use the Balsa Filters!

Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

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5 out of 5
Savinelli Hercules Rustic pipe
A fabulous pipe! I love the large capacity of this pipe...I now have 3 of them, and how long a bowl lasts, usually over an hour..of pure pleasure. I love that it's not like most new pipes...weird in appearance, even very ugly..and so common today. This pipe is awesome...I love them! God bless!
Customer Testimonials
I have a few Savinellis and the hercules is my favorite of the bunch. It fits well in my hands, I'm a holder not a clencher, and it gives me a dry long smoke. Once its broken in, I just smoke full bowls and don't mess with half-fill for 5 times etc and all of that jazz, it's been great.
I have 2 Savineli Baronet 611 EX. This is my everyday pipe. I have rotated and smoked these pipes for several years. Unfortunately I have developed a hole in the bit due to wear. I have not been able to find this model though I have looked for about a year. That is the reason why I have researched the pipe that is the subject of this email. I have a considerably large pipe collection including Peterson and other high grade pipes. However, the Savinelli pipes I have smoked are a great value for the price, and once broken in, smoke as well as pipes two or three times the cost. Finally,I highly recommend "" as a reputable dealer in fine pipes and tobacco at very competitive price.
EB of Decatur, AL
Beautiful pipe. Huge, almost doesn't fit in the box it comes in. Nice deep chamber to get a nice long smoke.
RF of Fort Worth, TX
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