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Savinelli Unfinished Vulcanite Pipes
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Savinelli Unfinished Vulcanite

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Savinelli pipes are easily among our most popular, but some can be a little pricey. Savinelli Unfinished Vulcanite pipes start out as regular production pipes that might turn out to be Arcobalenos or Qandales, but while they're sanding them, some may have noticeable flaws, or the grain might be a little weak. Rather than going any further, they don't stain or rusticate them, but they fit them with comfortable vulcanite stems and sell them for a lot less than their regular lines. As they're smoked, the pipes darken and pick up a nice patina, so they become more handsome with use. They might not be perfect, but when you can get a Savinelli at this price, you care a lot less about esthetics. There's really only one problem with Savinelli Unfinished Vulcanite pipes - we can never get enough, so if you see one you like, grab it, because the odds are that it won't be here when you come back.

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Overall Rating4.73 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Savinelli Unfinished Vulcanite”

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5 out of 5
Good pipe
Smokes well.
5 out of 5
Great Value
I was so happy when I found this shape in the Savinelli "unfinished" lineup & added it to my cart without a second thought. I bought one very much like this in a pipe shop ~15 yrs. ago and it is still on my rack of favorites. I have a couple of "canadians" (my #1 style from a functional standpoint) in my repair bin so this was a welcomed addition. Yes, there are a couple of checks in the bowl but they're well-filled and being unfinished, a good wax is being readily absorbed giving the briar a fine look. It is breaking in just like my other Savinellis and in less than a year of weekly smoking, the checks will be virtually undetectable.
5 out of 5
Great Value
to have a savinelli at this price is fantastic. as long as what you care about is the smoking quality, not the finish, you should get one
5 out of 5
Give 'em a try...
I love this pipe. My first Italian briar...I have a Hilson and Peterson. This one smokes the best. I'm not going to stain it...this is my favorite...
4 out of 5
Bargain price for a great smoker!
I bought one of these some months ago and really enjoyed it. So I bought another, but when it came to me I found a natural crack in the bowl, grom the top rim down about a half inch, and more than a few big, obvious fills. I didn't expect the pipe to be flawless of course. But the crack was too much of a flaw to ignore. The good news is that with a simple call to P&C and their courteous, helpfull customer service person easily sent me a second pipe. When the unfinished Liverpool arrived it was in much better condition, with only a few, slight fills. After just a few minutes spent opening the draft hole and airway of the stem it became a perfect smoker. Well balanced and comfortable, I began smoking it immediately and didn't put it down for several days. The unstained finish began to color quite easily. This is an inexpensive bargain pipe, but it's still a Savinelli product. Well worth the money, and watching it color and develop a patina is kinda cool. Like coloring a Meerschaum, but quicker. Every serious pipe smoker should own several of these. You won't be disappointed!
5 out of 5
Love it!
This is my second Savinelli unfinished series III. They smoke really well and darken up very nicely. This Liverpool to me looks like it is flawless and should have gone on the a finished pipe. I'm very pleased and happy with my purchase. Who knows, maybe might buy a third one.
5 out of 5
Savinelli, unfinished
Great smoking pipe, plus I had the pleasure of being able to give it a nice light finish with some linseed oil.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Beautiful Pipe!
The Savinelli Unfinished Liverpool is a beautiful pipe, feels amazing in the hand, and smokes wonderfully. I love "natural" unfinished pipes, and this one is perfect. Will get a few more in the future. As always, great service and value from P&
5 out of 5
Excellent Pipe
I am new to pipe smoking and wanted a Savinelli pipe. This pipe smokes great and it is one that is always in my pipe rotation. It's beautiful to look at and the price was excellent. Well worth the money.
3 out of 5
Not quite like my older (vintage?) Savinelli's
Re: Savinelli Liverpool and Apple Series III pipes:To start with, the inner diameter at the front of the stem of the "Liverpool" was too small for the thin end of a tapered pipe cleaner and caused noticeable, uncomfortable air resistance. I widened them (long, fine Dremel bit) and they are fine now....but that should not have been so poorly made. Additionally, the bowl of the Apple has numerous faults (I've no idea how deep) filled with wood filler! As to how they smoke, they seem to require quite a while to break in (largely smoking Dunhill 965).....taking longer than my other Savinelli's (purchased in Europe in the 1980's). That all being said, the shapes are aesthetically pleasing and, assuming that they do become nicely broken in, a good bargain. (so my review of 3 stars could eventually move up to 3.5, or even 4 stars)
Customer Testimonials
I purchased this a few weeks ago. The pipe is nicely shapes and finished. A pipe cleaner goes all the way through. Large bowl and smokes nice. Big negative is that I had three spots that were filled and very noticeable once I stained it. Because of this I would not buy again.
JS of West Berlin, NJ
I just bought the Dublin and smoking it now. It has a generous bowl for a nice, long smoke and is pretty comfortable to clench. The pipe I received has some beautiful grain and no real signs of imperfections. Can't wait to see how it darkens over time. It's simple, but beautiful. Would highly recommend.
EB of Philippi, WV
Very nice quality pipe. I finish mine with a red/brown stain and it came out great. Just a few small fills on the exterior but the bowl cylinder was defect free. It came out so nice I'm buying another one!
RM of Kennewick, WA
As an owner of a Sav unfinished Author, one of the best, sweetest smoking pipes I own! The pipe darkens over time to a great patina. If you can snag one, DO IT! The weez
DW of wapakoneta, OH
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