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Scotty's Bulk Blends - Pancake

As the season turns I get more excited for cooler weekends and comfort food. I would argue that breakfast is the greatest meal of the day. I would also argue that blueberry pancakes made from scratch are at the top of most lists. Combine that with a nice cup of coffee while staring out the window at the changing leaves and voila I'm instantly entranced. This tobacco is simply splendid and will be enjoyed by those around you as well. Enjoy!

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Overall Rating4.5 out of 5 Based on 42 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Scotty's Bulk Blends - Pancake”

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5 out of 5
5 Star
4 out of 5
4 Star
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4 out of 5
Room Note Smells like smoke andpancakes
A bit on the wet side, char and let sit over night. Otherwise beautiful smoke with little to no bite.
4 out of 5
Love The Sweetness, But Soon Dissipate.
I would rate it 4.5, but 4 will do. This is a great aromatic, smooth, great taste, with a little smooth jazz, and a scotch and you’re doing fine. The only thing I don’t like about it is the sweet taste that you get when you start smoking soon dissipates after a while, now this is without a filter, with a filter you can’t taste the sweetness of the tobacco or otherwise it would have 5 stars from me. Some premium tobaccos you can taste everything to the very end, but although it only delivers the sweetness at the beginning, the aromatics is nice, a 3.75/4 on a scale from 1 to 5. Great smoke I hope this helps you as a pipe Tobacco Connoisseur. 😉
5 out of 5
Definitely worth a 5 star rating. It absolutely took me by surprise. I love love love pancakes. And this delightful blend captured that aroma quite well
5 out of 5
First time buyer of this particular flavor. I love it. Very comforting aroma
5 out of 5
Hands down favorite
I've been a novice pipe smoker for a long time, but this blend has convinced me to stick with it! Hands down the best taste I've experienced. Mild pleasant room note, and very tasty flavors. Description is completely accurate.
5 out of 5
Great fall blend....
Always like maple blends in the fall...the blueberry smell also is great..
5 out of 5
Scotty’s Pancake
Tasty blend, like very much.
4 out of 5
I like this Blend enough that I made another order so I could always have some in stock... The longer you smoke down the bowl of this blend is when I got more of the Blue Berry flavor and with some added sweetness.... It did have some bite but not over the top for me... Every Scotty's Blends I have enjoyed and really love the Milk and Honey Blend...So far all have been a pleasure to fire up and just sit back and relax..
3 out of 5
Maybe it'll mellow a bit
Maybe it'll mellow a bit after some aging, has a bit of chemical taste...
5 out of 5
Breakfast smoke
The flavor and aroma remind you of pancakes and maple syrup.
5 out of 5
Mild with a full flavor burley
Butternut burley is a great all day aromatic smoke. Good burley flavor topped with a smooth nutty casing. Satisfies without being overbearing. Just what I was hoping for when I saw the name. This one's a bullseye.
4 out of 5
pretty sweet and tasty
It's a decent smoke out of one of my cobs but get no taste of blueberries
5 out of 5
I am new enough to pipe smoking that I had to Google how to open a tobacco. I ordered 2 oz of Scotty's Pancake after reading another review on it and I'm so glad I did! The blueberry smell and flavor is very distinct in this tobacco. The blend itself is very easy to smoke. Smooth, easy to keep lit, I really like it. Smoked it in my MM corn cob pipe.
5 out of 5
Scottys pancake
Ver very nice 5 Stars
5 out of 5
This tobacco tastes wonderful! I love it and it's a very cool smoke and sweet. I always get compliments on the smell when I smoke it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves aromatics!
5 out of 5
Scott's pancake
Very good nobite smells like blueberries
5 out of 5
Mikey likes it! And so do I!
Received my sampler oz and could hardly wait to dive in. I must say the caramel undertones are superb! A nice mellow smoke and my only regret is that I didn't order more. Well...I took care of that today!
2 out of 5
Scotty's Pancake
This was nowhere near as bit free and flavorful as advertised. I've had a lot better Scotty's blend then this. Not worth the wait.
5 out of 5
Just received my first order
Just received my first order of Scotty's pancake and I love it. My new everyday blend.I hope you keep it around
4 out of 5
Aromatic blend
A heavy, pleasant aromatic
5 out of 5
Simply delicious
I have been waiting patiently or this order, and getting it Xmas Eve was perfect to smoke in my new pipe. It was delicious, I did not want to stop. But knowing Santa was on his way, I finished my last bowl and waited until morning to light up again. I all smoked it day and will have have to order more!
5 out of 5
3 out of 5
Not Grandpa's breakfast pipe
Artifical tasting, which is OK if you get the artificial taste you want. But this doesn't quite hit the spot I was hoping it will, probably won't buy again
4 out of 5
Awesome...If they ever have it again in stock
My favorite of all. the flavor is exactly as described. The room note is very pleasing. There is no tongue bite whatsoever. The only negative comment is.....IT IS ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK. ...which is very disappointing. I've been waiting for my order for over a month now. I'm about to give up.
5 out of 5
You know you want some!
Yum!!!!!! Perfect with a cup of joe! Blueberry taste with a great cool smoke. Love this stuff.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
True aromatic
Ooh la, la, this stuff is sha-boom, sha-boom! Now this is truly an aromatic.
5 out of 5
Best aromatic I've smoked.
This stuff is GOOD, really good. This tobacco surprises with the amount of complexity one experiences throughout the Bowl. Pouch note is distinct and unmistakably berries, like opening a pack of berry bubble gum. That bubble gum smell with maybe a fleeting sniff of maple. Loads and lights well, char note and flavor is berry, same as the pouch. First third exhibits more of that berry flavor with maple becoming more pronounced as the bowl progresses. Second third is best in my opinion. I imagine this is what the blender was looking for when concocting this tobacco. Berry flavor begins to mellow and maple begins to ramp up. The flavors combine perfectly to create the flavor/scent experience of the blueberry pancake. It is spot on and really well done. Last third of the bowl the berry fades leaving maple to take over. The maple component is the best tobacco casing I have ever smoked. It is exactly maple syrup and upon retrohale you get the feeling there is actual syrup on the tongue. The final third also lets the tobacco come through in a bigger way. Fine quality Burleys and Virginias smoothed with Cavendish and topped with the exquisite maple. Pancake has a nice nicotine level for a mid day smoke. The fl
5 out of 5
Great taste and nose is phenomenal! It really smells like blue berry pancakes! Very mild with no bite!
5 out of 5
A complex and over the top aromatic
Wow! I am so impressed with this blend. For me it has all the components for a great aromatic smoke: Easy to pack and light, Over the top blueberry,maple, vanilla muffin aroma that translates well to the flavor as well. Not only that but its full flavored tobacco taste as well, its like the blender upped the tobacco strength to keep up with the topping. BUT what really blows me away is how the characteristics of the flavor changes as you smoke, sometimes you taste the berry then the maple and once in a while buttery pancake (how the heck!). I can't say enough, I love it.
3 out of 5
Too sweet
The tobacco itself is good, but the casing is so sticky and sweet it's almost too much. I can definitely taste maple, butter and blueberries, so it's very successful in that regard. Just the nature of aromatic tobacco that's heavy on particular flavors.
5 out of 5
Scotty's Pancake
Was actually initially on back-order, but, as it turns out, well worth the wait. Excellent tobacco and my family tells me that it has the best room note of any tobacco that I have had!
4 out of 5
Another great aromatic
As usual another great blend from Russ. Great flavor and room aroma. I can pick out the maple and berries I,m reordering it now.
5 out of 5
Good stuff
Ok this is my number one so far after a year of pipe smoking. I get plenty of compliments when I lite this stuff up around folk. I always get asked what type of tobacco do you smoke. Absolutely love the smell. The taste is good also but don't think its crazy good like a real pancake or anything it still is a tobacco even thou I do enjoy the taste and no bite. Try you some. I got 2 oz. then ordered a pound of it. I actually smoke it at least twice a day. Then try you some officers club by east india trading company that's my second best so far and I have smoke them all.....
5 out of 5
Completely Delicious!
This tobacco stands tall above many other aromatics. So often when smoking an aromatic, those around the pipe smoker get most of the pleasure, stating how wonderful it smells. Meanwhile, the pipe smoker is left with something frequently tasteless and bland. Not so with Scotty's Pancake! This blend has a wonderfully sweet vanilla/blueberry flavor that, quite honestly, will make you hungry for blueberry pancakes! One fun aspect of this tobacco is that the blueberry flavor comes and goes, just like it would in real pancakes. It lights easily and stays well lit throughout the smoke. Even at the halfway point and towards the finish it retains its flavor and doesn't become bitter and nasty like some aromatics do. Also, there is a nice, constant tasty tobacco flavor throughout the smoke. It almost goes without saying that the room note is through the roof! My wife absolutely loves the aroma. I'm quite glad that I grabbed four ounces of this luscious tobacco; you should do the same!
2 out of 5
From the other reviews I expected more.
5 out of 5
wonderful blend with great taste and aroma I will be purchasing more of this blend I was very pleased with super fast delivery as well as fresh and moist it was out of package Scotty I never doubt you with your blends they truly are one of a kind as well as satisfying "KEEP UP THE EXCELLNT WORK " also this is a cool all day smoke P&S you also keep up the excellent work thanks again JIMMY FRESNO,CALIF. "AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL "
5 out of 5
this is a great tobacco it arrived fresh and moist as all my tobacco has arrived its just like" A / J ' S " store bought mix it is a cool clean and crisp smoke to the end there is no bite has a great taste and aroma SCOTTY your blends are truly one of a kind "KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK " PIPES AND TOBACCO YOU ALSO KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK " " GOD BLESS " Jimmy Y. FRESNO, CA.
5 out of 5
this is a wonderful blend great taste with a great aroma" SCOTTY " you come up with wonderful blends this is a cool no bite cool clean crisp flavorful smoke I will be ordering more so " KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK " GOD BLESS " JIMMY Y.FRESNO,CALIF.
5 out of 5
Great Morning Smoke!
What better to have for a morning smoke than blueberry pancakes? It makes a great dessert smoke too. The pouch note is one of the best ever and you are rewarded by a similar experience when you lite it. A smooth, mild smoke, great for all day. Somehow the strong casing doesn't overwhem the tobacco taste. This is always a rewarding smoke!
5 out of 5
great product
great product
3 out of 5
Pancake tobacco
the flavor and aroma are just as expected. I was dissappointed that the tobacco arrived fairly "dried out"...not nearly as fresh or moist as it should have been.
Customer Testimonials
This blend reminds me of a certain frozen pancake you could buy at the store in a blue box... Hungry jack? Log cabin? Jemima? The berry smell stays with you on your false light as the first puff or two is berrylicious. After you settle into your cadence the berry note is blended nicely with the "pancake batter topping". Occasionally the berry will go from "blue" to "red" but it always compliments the other flavors. Make sure you give this blend the slow sipping it deserves or all you will taste is harsh acrid tobacco! You'll know when you're going too fast because the blend will instantly lose its flavor. As you work your way through the bowl the bright berry note begins to give way to some butter and a maple sweetness. Retro or French inhaling at this point will give you a wonderful blend of everything and you'll swear there is a syrup soaked flapjack dancing through your mouth. As you continue on the butter and berry fade out into a wonderful maple with a hint of pepper.
JC of Nashville, TN
Fantastic! I've been waiting quite a while for this tobacco to come available again. The taste of buttery pancakes and the subtle touch of blueberry is an absolute delight. Great smoke. Scotty never disappoints!
MC of East Haven, CT
This is an amazing tobacco, and is very deserving of a full 4 out of 4 stars. There is a fascinating complexity to this smooth smoke. The majority of the time I taste more of a maple/vanilla flavor and from time to time there is this sweet burst of berry. This blend has earned its way into my rotation and I am very pleased to have it there. Two very important things to add: 1) I have grown accustomed to dealing with a certain amount of tongue bite with ALMOST all aromatics and this has none! 2) As one would imagine the room note is quite nice.
JB of Norwalk, IA
This tobacco is very interesting. It begins with a strong, pungent berry flavor that is incredibly pleasing, but then it quickly turned into sort of an ashy flavor... but a few minutes later, I started to taste a nice, buttery pancake, which was alright but it lost its sweetness... and then, suddenly, about a half or so down the bowl, it became this outstanding, berry and pancake flavor that was perfectly balanced and simply incredible! And then, from there, it sort of got that ashy flavor you'd except from any aromatic towards the end of the bowl. Overall though, it was a bit mild at times, I wish it had a stronger flavor (other than that initial berry blast it gave off in the first minute). The room note on it was by far one of the best I have ever smelled, it literally smelled like sweet, flavorful pancakes being cooked on a stove... incredibly inviting, I don't think ANYONE wouldn't like the scent it gives off. Perhaps if I continue to smoke this it will be more consistent and not go through so many off-and-on transitions, but either way I liked it and would recommend it if you're into berries and pancakes.
BC of Monument, CO
Warm and inviting buttery pancakes that do not disappoint start to finish. A mild smoke for those who like flavor that equals the wonderful note from the bag that follows an equally wonderful room note. A new tobacco that will be added to my rotation.
CB of Chesapeake, VA
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