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Scotty's Bulk Blends - Pancake

​As the season turns I get more excited for cooler weekends and comfort food. I would argue that breakfast is the greatest meal of the day. I would also argue that blueberry pancakes made from scratch are at the top of most lists. Combine that with a nice cup of coffee while staring out the window at the changing leaves and voila I'm instantly entranced. This tobacco is simply splendid and will be enjoyed by those around you as well. Enjoy!

Due to recent regulations, this blend is now only available as a Pre-Built Blend Kit for you to become a master blender right in your own home. Each kit, once blended, will produce 8oz of Scotty's Pancake. 


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Overall Rating4.6 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Scotty's Bulk Blends - Pancake”

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4 out of 5
I love pancakes.
This is a great smoke. It smells good enough to eat but it smokes just as well. I give it 4 stars because I love the flavor and want more. I'm a glutton that way. Plenty of rich smoke and a room note that makes others want to pick up a pipe and join in. Please don't buy any...I want it for myself.
5 out of 5
Breakfast all day, every day. MMM yeah.
If you don't like breakfast, this smoke is not for you.
4 out of 5
Breakfast is smoked.
Great flavor and aroma but it burns quick or maybe its' just me not wanting it to end. I tried it in my "Cobit" and in a few Briar Pipes and it was good in all, filtered and non filtered. I recommend you give it a try I doubt you will be disappointed.
5 out of 5
Smoke for breakfast
Very good smoke. Flavor, aroma, and smoke that is smooth as silk. What more? Buy more.
5 out of 5
Same delicious Pancakes, just home made now!
Same old Scotty's Pancake, super easy to blend yourself at home
Customer Testimonials
This blend reminds me of a certain frozen pancake you could buy at the store in a blue box... Hungry jack? Log cabin? Jemima? The berry smell stays with you on your false light as the first puff or two is berrylicious. After you settle into your cadence the berry note is blended nicely with the "pancake batter topping". Occasionally the berry will go from "blue" to "red" but it always compliments the other flavors. Make sure you give this blend the slow sipping it deserves or all you will taste is harsh acrid tobacco! You'll know when you're going too fast because the blend will instantly lose its flavor. As you work your way through the bowl the bright berry note begins to give way to some butter and a maple sweetness. Retro or French inhaling at this point will give you a wonderful blend of everything and you'll swear there is a syrup soaked flapjack dancing through your mouth. As you continue on the butter and berry fade out into a wonderful maple with a hint of pepper.
JC of Nashville, TN
Fantastic! I've been waiting quite a while for this tobacco to come available again. The taste of buttery pancakes and the subtle touch of blueberry is an absolute delight. Great smoke. Scotty never disappoints!
MC of East Haven, CT
This is an amazing tobacco, and is very deserving of a full 4 out of 4 stars. There is a fascinating complexity to this smooth smoke. The majority of the time I taste more of a maple/vanilla flavor and from time to time there is this sweet burst of berry. This blend has earned its way into my rotation and I am very pleased to have it there. Two very important things to add: 1) I have grown accustomed to dealing with a certain amount of tongue bite with ALMOST all aromatics and this has none! 2) As one would imagine the room note is quite nice.
JB of Norwalk, IA
This tobacco is very interesting. It begins with a strong, pungent berry flavor that is incredibly pleasing, but then it quickly turned into sort of an ashy flavor... but a few minutes later, I started to taste a nice, buttery pancake, which was alright but it lost its sweetness... and then, suddenly, about a half or so down the bowl, it became this outstanding, berry and pancake flavor that was perfectly balanced and simply incredible! And then, from there, it sort of got that ashy flavor you'd except from any aromatic towards the end of the bowl. Overall though, it was a bit mild at times, I wish it had a stronger flavor (other than that initial berry blast it gave off in the first minute). The room note on it was by far one of the best I have ever smelled, it literally smelled like sweet, flavorful pancakes being cooked on a stove... incredibly inviting, I don't think ANYONE wouldn't like the scent it gives off. Perhaps if I continue to smoke this it will be more consistent and not go through so many off-and-on transitions, but either way I liked it and would recommend it if you're into berries and pancakes.
BC of Monument, CO
Warm and inviting buttery pancakes that do not disappoint start to finish. A mild smoke for those who like flavor that equals the wonderful note from the bag that follows an equally wonderful room note. A new tobacco that will be added to my rotation.
CB of Chesapeake, VA
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