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Scotty's Bulk Blends - University The Dean

This item is no longer available for purchase.
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A stronger tobacco reminiscent of an old fashioned English. Hand blended with Virginias and heavy Latakia this is a perfect after dinner smoke while enjoying a fire on a cold winter evening whilst reading a book. 

Overall Rating4.83 out of 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Scotty's Bulk Blends - University The Dean”

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4 out of 5
great balanced english
Very nice smoke. Plan to keep it in stock burns nice well balanced top quality latakia in this blend. Next I want to try university the professor when they get it in stock
5 out of 5
Trés Yum!
I'm new to pipe smoking, but I know what I like, and The Dean is checking all of the boxes. This is a nice, rich (but not overpowering) English blend. The smell in the bag is heady, rich, full tobacco. No adjuncts or flavorings, just thick, warm tobacco. Now, I'm no pro when it comes to smoking. I'll relight as often as I need to - and that tends to be often, as I smoke very slowly. I'm using a curchwarden, and a bowl can take upwards of an hour... but this tobacco stays smokey, and tasty, all the way through. If I smoke it fast, i get a little bit of gurgling - nothing like I get with others, but it's a gentle reminer to slow down. The bag I got appears to have a strong room note -- others have commented on it, the tobacco is moist and packs nicely, and burns to heavy ash with little to no dottle. I'm *seriously* disappointed that this is being discontinued. I'm definitely going to lay in a pound or so for aging.
5 out of 5
From the Dessert Cart
I've become addicted to Latakia and when I saw this Latakia combined with sweet Virginias, I had to try. At first light, the Latakia is perfectly balanced with the Virginia; further into the bowl the sugars take over and it's dessert! Sugary but not cloying, it's the perfect occasional smoke.
5 out of 5
University - The Dean
Curb Appeal: Packaging-If you like zip lock bags, then this is right up your alley. Appearance-A fine ribbon cut blend of light and dark tobaccos. Bouquet-Deep, rich and pungent most typical of Latakia. Smokability: Preparation-Very little to speak of. A little fluffing to break up some leaf lock and you're ready to load up your pipe of choice. The Burn-This blend lights easily and stays lit with few and often no relights. The Smoke-A wonderful volume of smoke which is medium to full bodied. The Latakia dominates the blend but is smoothed out very nicely by the Virginias presenting the smoker with a smooth, rich relaxing smoking experience. Final Thoughts: Scotty's University-The Dean, is the quintessential English blend. It is extremely well rounded in it's composition and is therefore an excellent tobacco which delivers all the elements for a fine pipe smoking experience. PSA: The views and opinions of this reviewer are not necessarily those of the owners or managers of this site; though they should be.
5 out of 5
A solid smoke
I almost always smoke an English or Balkan blend, never an aromatic. It's fun to try new stuff, but usually when I compare to my "go to" blends, they fall short. This one did not. Great taste, great combinations of tobaccos (whatever they might be). In particular, I enjoyed the slow steady burn and abundance of rich smoke the blend emitted. I will be adding that to my shelf of holding, especially if it comes out tinned.
5 out of 5
University The Dean
Nice tobacco,decent taste and a cool smoke. One of my current "go to" tobaccos
Customer Testimonials
Excellent pipe tobacco! Full flavored, Cool burning, No Bite great taste, burns through on one good light. This blend has a real tobacco taste with a hint of Latakia. A very good all-day smoke! I going to start buying it by the Lb. It is a good blend for anyone, the new pipe smoker looking for a English, Non-Aromatic blend to start with or someone looking for a really good all-day tobacco!
GA of Katy, TX
Maybe I shouldnt smoked this before I even got out of bed. Didnt care for it at first. But after a couple of days of smokin it. I loved it!
JB of Santa Monica, CA
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