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Seattle Pipe Club - Deception Pass Pipe Tobacco
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Seattle Pipe Club - Deception Pass

Welcome the newest addition to the Seattle Pipe Club family of pipe tobaccos - Deception Pass. Another great creation from Joe Lankford, SPC's resident blender, Deception Pass is a unique Virginia/Perique blend that includes matured and stoved Virginias, spicy-sweet Perique, some rich Turkish Orientals and a touch of toasted black Cavendish for an extra dimension of flavor. Try the newest taste of the Pacific Northwest - Deception Pass

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Overall Rating4.58 out of 5 Based on 24 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Seattle Pipe Club - Deception Pass”

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5 out of 5
Not so sweet and good
This blend has a bold flavor that really satisfies the non aromatic smokers. Was pleasantly surprised by the orientals and perique complimenting each other. Will be ordering more soon. Ruis wont be my every day smoke, but will be my go to for a Sunday morning
5 out of 5
One of my favorites!
One of my favorites!
4 out of 5
Sweet and Spicy.
Sweet and Spicy.
4 out of 5
Sweet and Spicy
This was interesting! Only had one bowl so far, but first impression is pretty good. Upon lighting, I got a lot of sweetness, almost as if I was smoking an aromatic. Half way through the sweetness mellowed out. It's got a nice amount of Perique spiciness. Basically sweet and spicy would sum it up well I think. Compared to some other VaPers I've had such as Elizabethan, Solani 633 and Dunhill Navy Rolls, I'd say this is maybe a little less balanced, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's another nice option depending on my mood.
5 out of 5
My Favorite VAper
I feel in love with perique early in my pipe smoking journey. For about the last year, this had been the only VAper I've smoked. Thinking I wanted a more traditional flavor, I recently popped open a jar of just Virgina and perique. Well, turns out I really miss the medley of flavors, especially the orientals. Think I'm gonna have to order more of this. Wish they sold it in a larger tin or bulk.
5 out of 5
Deception Pass Delivers
Deception Pass is a bowl of bliss. Rich, savory and satisfying. People who like pure tobacco that plays nice with it's neighbors will find this a new go to blend. I'm crazy for the way the Orientals play with the others. The taste is exceptional.
5 out of 5
the best!
my favorite vaper on the market!
5 out of 5
Absolutely my favorite. I feel like if I was smoking gold, this is what it would taste like.
3 out of 5
I like some of the
I like some of the Virginia periqe blends but this one has a little bit too much going on for me, also I’m not a fan of most toasted black cavendishes.
5 out of 5
You Won't Regret This One
Fantastic smoke! I just bought this on a lark because I had a P&C coupon and I liked the name. Very glad that I did, already looking to get the bigger tin.
5 out of 5
okay good
okay good
5 out of 5
Great "Go To Tobacco
I'm a pipe smoking newbie. Love the intense flavor of this one. Excellent smoke from start to finish. I can't stop smoking this one and I've now found my go to tobacco.
5 out of 5
Great Blend!!
I wrote a review for this blend previously, and for some reason it didn't appear. That is a good thing! I love this blend! I said in the previous review that I normally don't like English Blends that have been mixed with Black Cavendish. This blend is making me a believer. I am now smoking a bowl or two (or three) daily. I will definitely be adding to the hoard. Try it for a change of pace.
5 out of 5
Excellent Blend!!!!!
I was very pleasantly surprised with this blend. I am sometimes leery when blenders add Cavendish to what would normally be an English Blend. However, not a problem for this particular blend. The blend is harmonious, yet you can still get a distinct note from each element of the blend. The taste is full (meaning there is always something to be tasted or experienced) and the strength is medium. Surprisingly, it also was a fairly cool, dry smoke. There was very little moisture in the bowl and I smoked it out of a Peterson 313 Standard that was just shy of being over-packed. Still smoked with no problem. This is definitely a blend that will be apart of my regular rotation.
5 out of 5
Cool, Flavorful Fig; Great Sweet and Spice Blend
At first open there are some large fig notes and earthy background on the nose. It was a little moist with the first pack but that worked out over time. This is a smooth, cool, flavorful smoke which developed throughout the bowl and pronounced by my pot shaped pipe. The first third of the bowl had a dank almost musty flavor like the Pacific Northwest itself. The fig on the nose developed in the middle of the bowl as the smoke was medium to full. The perique spice faded to a sweet finish as the bowl ended. This is my favorite SPC blend!
5 out of 5
I have found that SPC does an exceptional job with their tobaccos and I am not wrong on this blend.
3 out of 5
Deception Pass Left Me Wanting More...
This tobacco has a nice tin note. Packing is easy and it lites easily. What was missing in this tobacco for me was rich flavor. I will be letting the second tin I have of it cellar for a few years and try it again.
4 out of 5
Enjoyed this blend. Nice and sweet with notes of citrus. You will not be disappointed.
5 out of 5
Excellent Selection of Blends, Reasonable Prices, and Reliable Shipping
I don't order from anywhere else for my pipe tobacco as the market in stores has become saturated with aromatics. Pipe and Cigars always has a great variety of blends that suit my taste with reliable shipping, and Seattle Pipe Club is one of the best providers.
5 out of 5
Deception Pass keeps you guessing.
At first I've not bought this bacco however I tried it as an ounce sample. I later bought a tin because I loved it so much. It gave me the Virginia flavors I love plus more... I say more because the blend changes through out the bowl in a good way. It's always Virginia with added nuances that pop up to say hello but not override the experience. Do yourself a favor and at least try 2oz of this blend.
5 out of 5
Really enjoyed this and then bought some more.
I originally purchased this tin because it was the contest tobacco for the CPCC 2015 slow smoke contest and I wanted to try it out. Once I received it I immediately opened it and was pleasantly surprised by the note of Perique... POW! I filled a clay pipe full and began, WOW this tobacco is great. I also tried it in a cob and my briar and it smoked great in all three. I think it does need a bit of drying time right out of the tin but other than that what a great smoke. I did smoke it slow due to practicing for the contest and it gave me no bite and with drying time no re-lite. Since the first tin I have order 2 more for the cellar I can't wait to see how these age. Recommend if you like Perique.
3 out of 5
While there's nothing wrong here, it doesn't mean that there's anything right. This just wasn't my cup of tea and this is the only SPC blend I can that about. It's decent, but in a world of exciting blends there's no reason to smoke something that doesn't excite you.
5 out of 5
Fantastic blend!!
I was not a big fan of VaPers/Virginias, non-English blends, etc. until I tried this blend. Now I am trying many different types of tobaccos and loving them. Another winner from the Northwest. Highly recommended!
4 out of 5
great blend
a tasty everyday smoke. very smooth, yet full flavor. good any time of day. in a class by itself, like mac baren's acadian perique, but different. no candy store or waffle joint taste here, just good quality tobacco taste.
Customer Testimonials
This one is quite nice! Girl friend (significant other) friendly. The flavor is mellow, not too spicy, with a pleasant aroma that makes is suitable for smoking indoors (I don't usually smoke inside, as the after-smoke is not necessarily to everyone's taste, though I don't know why). I'm at a stage in m pipe smoking where I'm trying to give all the major tobacco types their fair share, so I consider myself still much in the learning stages. If you're looking for a potent latakia element, this is not the one. Perique, maybe not so, either. But I cant see how anyone would say no to this one. Enjoy!!
A really great VaPer, and my favorite to date. If smoked even moderately slowly, it will not bite, and burns exceptionally well.
DW of Ponca City, OK
Ribbon cut, easy to pack, on the drier side but just about right for me...Smoked my first bowl and said "Meh...". Smoked a second bowl and all of a sudden I am reaching for this stuff. Nice sweetness from the Virginia's on initial light and it settles into a wonderful mixture of orientals and perique that are married perfectly throughout...Not overwhelming for those of you who shy away from the orientals...just a perfect balance. This is unlike any other tobacco I have smoked and it has really "grown" on me. Don't give up on this one after just one bowl, give it time. Yet another quality tobacco blend from Seattle. We've come to have high expectations of them and this does not disappoint.
CR of Lower Burrell, PA
Deception Pass is a truly wonderful smoke and has risen to a high place in my repertoire. I use to be a "English only" smoker but have come to enjoy VaPers as much or more of late. Deception Pass has all the tangy sweetness, complexity and spiceness I look for in my smoke. Admittedly, for my palette, it is a tad more spicy than I prefer for an everyday smoke. But when I have a yen for something a little richer and deeper my first reach is to Deceptoion Pass. Highly recommended.
AF of San Francisco, CA
First off, the only reason I tried this tobacco is because it was a Joe Lankford creation.. I am a huge fan of Mississippi River as well as Plum Pudding.. They are in my constant rotation to say the least.. I love these magical blends, and order them by the pound, and without them, my pipe smoking hobby would be at a loss I don't want to imagine.. I have tried several Vaper blends, and they have had great qualities, but none of them have compared to Deception Pass.. It has all the tastes, and qualities of a Vaper blend, but so much more.. It has no burn, and no bite, and has a wonderful "all day" flavor to it that is down right addictive.. It takes a few bowls to really appreciate this blend, but when you do, you will def repack, and reorder.. I can only hope it becomes available in bulk... 5 out of 5 stars... I want to say thank you to Joe Lankford, as well as Pipes And Cigars for offering this blend!! Loving this stuff!!!
WS of Friendship, OH
To start I am a VaPerOr fan. The first bowl of this tobacco was pleasant but nothing spectacular, I have found myself going back to the tin almost every other bowl. It's not easy to compare to others of the Variety but to me seems an all day blend the variety of orientals tasted new to me not the sour that I'm use to from the CD blending house heavy hitters like GLP Cairo or embarcadaro. Well I'm certainly happy to find this and plan on cellaring a tin or five.
CN of Fort Collins, CO
Just received my order last night. Very impressed with this blend. Very balanced, and I love the ribbon cut. Smokes well without a lot of preparation.
DF of Galveston, TX
With this blend Joe has satisfied all vapor lovers!!! Smoked it right out the tin as soon as it came and it's lovely. This is an every moment of the day blend! Joe should have named this blend vapors dream because by far the best Vp blend I've ever smoked!
KP of Shelby, NC
Tried this During the SPC Annual Dinner. What a treat! DP is a ribbon cut tobacco and is easy to pack and light. Initial aroma is rich with a hit of spice and vinegar. To me the perique is there and peppery but not overpowering. Seems very balanced. Also, the orientals are there, more in the beginning to play with your senses. The bowl then settles down into a near perfect balance of fine virginias and perique. Dwindles down to a nice ash. Joe REALLY outdid himself on this tobacco. Order it for sure. Don't forget to save up for Pike Place and Potlatch, SPC's other two blends coming out this year on P&C!
MP of Tacoma, WA
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