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Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River Pipe Tobacco
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Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River

Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River is a blend that's hard to put your finger on. There's a ton of complexity in this crumble cake created by the club's master blender, Joe Lankford. Specially selected matured red Virginias and carefully stoved black Virginia form the base, to which some exotic Orientals are added. Then comes a hearty amount of Acadian Perique and a touch of Cyprian Latakia. The soft cake crumbles apart easily and packs and lights readily.
The flavor is markedly sweet and tangy with a good amount of mellow spice, and the hint of Latakia adds body, giving it a lush mouth feel and complexity. SPC Mississippi River quickly became a favorite among the P&C Faithful, and its continued high volume of sales have proven that this blend is a modern-day classic. If you've never tried it before, this is a roller coaster ride for the palate, and you should get some immediately, and if you're one of the many fans of the blend, we don't have to convince you any further.

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Overall Rating4.67 out of 5 Based on 126 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River”

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4 out of 5
My go to blend
Its good stuff. Burns well with a great blend of everything I like , and no Ash flavor at the bottom.
5 out of 5
One of my favorite blends.
One of my favorite blends. I find it to have a full flavor that is easy to enjoy. No tongue bite. It’s the only tobacco that gives me multiple flavors as the bowl progresses. Try it.
5 out of 5
If you don't like it at first let it dry out a bit.
I hated this stuff at first, but I found out that if you break it up & let it dry out a bit it is awesome. Maybe I am a heathen, but I broke it up & let dry out over night the next it was good .
5 out of 5
“Finer than Frog's Hair.”
This is amazing blend! When something is so good, it can be difficult to describe it. I prefer an English blend, but some blends tend to have 1 tobacco overpower the others. I love Latakia, but too much can ruin a good smoke. I can’t compare it to a fruit or beverage. It satisfies a craving for sweets, but it’s not too sweet. It’s smooth and I get a good nic hit, so I don’t smoke to much (I like a strong nic) but I don’t want to use the word “mild,” maybe “easy” best describes it. Let’s say the flavor stands on it own. Like a Steamboat cruise on the Mississippi, nothing compares to it. BTW: Thanks to the courteous staff at P&C that are alway quick to take action even during our recent crisis. GREAT SERVICE!
5 out of 5
Amazing tobacco!
So I’m newer to the pipe community, I heard wonderful things about this blend and heard about the smell and taste. Let me tell you something. They’re selling it short. Let me tell you about my first experience with it. It smells like fig newtons when you first open the tin. I couldn’t stop smelling it for probably 20 minutes after I first opened it just because of how sweet the smell is. After I remembered I was supposed to smoke it, I packed my Nørding compass (I love that pipe by the way) and began to smell it again. The aroma changed to a more akin to sweet raisins. I had a wonderful smoke. I will admit I probably should have let it dry out more, but it still held a light beautifully and the taste was wonderful. I ended up smoking 5 bowls of it that day, and the rest I put in 3 different 4 oz ball jars. I have to prevent myself from always reaching for them when I want to light my pipe up. I’m hoping to age 1 for a few years before I open it. The other 2 I plan on finishing soon.
5 out of 5
A must try blend
Excellent blend!
3 out of 5
Tasted tobacco because of a YouTube vid and was disappointed. It has a bitterness to it that I’m not a Fan of. Will never buy it again.
5 out of 5
Super good
This is a super smooth and has a very deep flavor, Its my personal favorite.
5 out of 5
AMAZING! What a treat!
First time I've ever tried this blend! Brand new pipe! Wow! simply AMAZING! What a treat! I'm hooked!
5 out of 5
My new everyday tobacco
I just gotta I have been searching for a different type of smoke that had some sweetness along with some smokiness and this is the tobacco. When I first opened the tin it reminded me of fig newtons a little and it easily crumbled apart as I was filling up my bowl. I tried plumb pudding and I thought it was good but Mississippi River just became my new number one. If you are looking for something in the middle of smoky and sweet, look no further. This is an easy every day smoke that is now apart of my rotation.
3 out of 5
Tang x10
I know im in the minority here but im just not the biggest fan of this blend, i seen another review that claimed this to be an aromatic i could be wrong but i don't believe is. That is not what i dislike about it however as im not the biggest aro fan, that tang is just very overpowering none of the sweetness or spice comes through for me its just all tang. Now idk if that's the particular perique used or the latakia as of the 20 or so blends i own so far none are very heavy on either so im unfamiliar in that regard. I much prefer a more oriental forward or Virginia forward blend i gave it a good few bowls out of several different pipes as i thought maybe the initial bowl was out of a sour pipe however i believe this is just a sour or tangy blend. Ill throw it in the celler and revisit in a year or so maybe some time will tone it down.
5 out of 5
Excellent Blend!
I'm a return customer on Mississippi River blend. I smoke few aromatics. I prefer a heavy English blend. I buy this one from time to time. It's a very tasty blend, without an overpowering sweetness. Of the few aromatics I do occasionally buy, this is by far my favorite.
5 out of 5
Spot on!
If I was forced to smoke one tobacco for the rest of my life, this would be it. This blend hits all the highs for me. The tin note is nice, easy to pack, stays lit easily, the "base" flavor is superb and has tons of different flavors that come through at different points in the smoke. Love most of the SPC blends I've tried, including Plum Pudding, but this one is my favorite.
5 out of 5
It’s just as good as the reviews claim,cool,smooth,burns great and tastes great
I usually dry fresh tins a bit because it’s almost always a little too moist for the best smoking but I really wanted to try both Mississippi River and plum pudding ASAP. Much to my surprise it smoked cool,smooth and burnt rather good for fresh out of the tin flakes. Since McClelland closed their doors my curing blend selections are going to have to change.
5 out of 5
Good all day smoke
Good all day smoke
4 out of 5
Good smoke
I gave it four stars because I like a little stronger smoke but the taste is great and moisture was perfect, will buy it again for a change of pace.
5 out of 5
Mississippi River
Usually a heavy aromatic smoker and first time I opened this tin It smelled good enough to eat. Very mild and extremely flavorful with mild doses of Latikia perique and other sweetness. I’m still tying to determine if this could be a all day smoke for me. Definitely moving to my top 3 favorites.
5 out of 5
My Mississippi River tobacco experience
Love this stuff! Very nice smoke!
5 out of 5
Puttin it back
P&C had a good sale. Just putting this can back to enjoy in the future.
4 out of 5
Enjoyable... not completely mild but
Enjoyable... not completely mild but fairly smooth not harsh.
5 out of 5
Love it love it love it
Ever sense I’ve tried this tobacco. I can’t get enough. As of right now I don’t think of another tobacco.
5 out of 5
its great anytime of the day.
great stuff thats why i order the 8oz cans good rich and earthy love it.
5 out of 5
Darn good!
Decided to try it because I feel in love with plum pudding. Although it's not as good as the PP, it's still really good. Flavor isn't quite as pronounced, definitely more subtle, but delightful nonetheless. SPC is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
4 out of 5
very good
very good
5 out of 5
Smokes great
Smokes great
5 out of 5
Absolutely fantastic
I absolutely love this blend. One of my favorite smokes out there!
5 out of 5
Keep on dreamin Joe
Having been a burly smoker for over 30 years, I have recently been experimenting with various blends of Virginia. Mississippi River beats all the burly and Virginia blends I have tried. A little more expensive but worth every cent. Not for any reason other than the apparent reputation of the tobacco offered by Seattle Pipe club and the fact it was on sale, I ordered two 8 oz tins of Potlatch along with a repeat order for the Mississippi River, in hopes that Joe had another dream. I have found that this crumble blend smokes better when packed just a little looser than my normal. I'm hooked!
4 out of 5
Love this blend
Comes very moist, so you have to age it or leave it out for couple of days to age it. But it smell great, smokes very well after ageing it.
5 out of 5
Nice flavor, like the cut.
Mississippi River is a nice change of pace. Mr. Lankford did an excellent job, of blending. This blend packs easily, smooth smoking.
5 out of 5
Mississippi River
A long lasting,mild, smooth tasting tobacco.
5 out of 5
MS River Is A Keeper
SPC did a great job with this great tobacco. Everyone should have Mississippi River in their cellar. A+
3 out of 5
Maybe i didnt get a good tin...
I dont know, maybe the tin i got was a bad one, i read the reviews and i didnt think it was that great. It was ok, not great english with kind of a burnt sweet taste. I think ill try it again, maybe the tin i got was the bottom of the batch or something...seems like a lot of people were more impressed than i was.
4 out of 5
Great Oriental Blend
Great blend. When i recieved it, it was a little too moist but not bad. it rubbed out easily, packed easy, and smoked down to a fine white ash. The taste: tangy and delicious! Although a little less full bodied then i had hoped it would be, Mississippi River is a great oriental forward blend! I would buy again.
5 out of 5
Fantastic blend! Smoky, sweet, a hint of spice, absolutely delicious.
5 out of 5
Lives up to the hype.
5 out of 5
Very balanced tobacco. The craftsmanship and mastery behind this blend should be recognized and enjoyed by beginner smokers and experienced alike. I will definitely be buying again.
5 out of 5
For those craving a different blend
I tried several English blends , I found them overbearing with the latakia . This blend being flake form (a favorite ) figured time to give one more try . Very pleasing smoke all around due to the fact of having a hint of latakia exactly as stated . Being a flake helps immensely . I recommend using a cob for the best effect possible . This is your choice . I recommend this blend for all those who have given up on English blends . A bit on the sweet side at times yet not overbearing . Nice for that craving of something different .
4 out of 5
Tangy, Sweet and Satisfying
My first pressed tobacco, and my first from SPC. Smokes quite efficiently. Seems a little goes a long way for me. It has quite a distinct flavor. A little tangy, a little sweet. Mild, not harsh. The room note strikes me as odd, but not in a bad way. Difficult to say, but perhaps it reminds me of grilling? While I prefer to try new thing as opposed to going back to the familiar, I will probably purchase this again.
4 out of 5
Loved it
4 out of 5
the river
I dont think the guy at Seattle pipe club makes a bad pipe tobacco, they're all good.
5 out of 5
Pipe tobacco review
Terrific tobacco
5 out of 5
THE Go To Smoke!
One of my favorite Pipe Tobacco's! Actually, since it came out, its a GO-TO Smoke. I like this one, plus many other aromatics. This one is just right...
5 out of 5
New pipe smoker and this
New pipe smoker and this cite is great and has a big selection
5 out of 5
Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River
I'm new to pipe smoking and in the process of learning all the nuances of tobacco. But I found Mississippi River to be very good.There's a raisin, plumb smell to it.However it was a sweet tasting tobacco all the way thru with a little bite at the end. Which was probably me toking to fast.I recommend this blend to anyone who hasn't tried it yet..good stuff.
5 out of 5
Mississippi River
Very good smoke. Almost as good as mixture 965 but not quite!
5 out of 5
Great tobacco
Great tobacco
3 out of 5
Relatively new pipe smoker
I am finding as I try out different cuts and blends that I am a mild/aromatic guy. The Mississippi River is a little too harsh for my tastes. I will finish the tin that I have but it is not my favorite smoke. I like it a little better with my MM Cobbit Shire tho.
5 out of 5
my new favorite blend
I am very glad I finally tried this blend as it quickly became my favorite, and the one I find my self packing every time now. If you haven't tried it don't wait any longer.
4 out of 5
Great smooth blend that I can smoke inside
A very smooth tobacco with a sweetness that reminds me (as another review mentioned) of the caramelized edge of a cookie. In a bigger bowl you can pick out the different tobaccos as your smoke progresses. Its a nice mild smoke. I like a lot of stronger blends but sometimes I like to take it easy and just puff away with no worry of bite or overpowering flavors. The room note is excellent. And my wife lets me smoke this one inside! I think aromatic smokers could enjoy this with ease. Its a bit wet out of the tin so drying it a bit would be advised. Thanks SPC! Now I don't have to freeze all winter trying to enjoy a smoke.
5 out of 5
Patch Adams
This was my second English aside from nightcap. I will be buying again!!
5 out of 5
By far my favorite!
By far my favorite!
5 out of 5
Mississippi Queen, you know what I mean!
Very interesting smoke. To me it has a nice sweet yet lightly smoky flavor. And the room note is actually pretty good, having a sweet hint to its aroma. I will definitely buy this one again as I believe it lives up to all the hype in my experience smoking it. I would definitely recommend it to those who haven't tried it yet.
5 out of 5
My New Favorite
Wow! This tobacco is perfect! Great taste, smell, easy to smoke. Will always have on hand.
5 out of 5
Glad I finally tried this blend.
My first time trying an english type blend. Love the way this smokes and the fact it has flavor, but isn't too overbearing. I'll defiantly be buying more, and have some of the reserve blend on the way to try as well.
5 out of 5
My favorite non aromatic.
I seem to go towards aromatics more than a non aromatic. But of the ones I've had, Mississippi River is my top pick for non aromatic and one of my top 3 favorite blends. Great blend. Definitely try it out.
2 out of 5
25 years for this?
I didn't like this blend whatsoever. Yes - it has a very high quality smell. Almost boosting expectations, if you will. And it also smells "fermented" or "aged" in a good way. If it is or not I don't know. But you can see that care went into making this and processing, packing it correctly. That being said. It just wasn't any good to smoke for me whatsoever. It had a very "dry" "char" and "grey" taste. This made it taste worse when I expected something "muddy" and "black". The photo of a midget sitting in a rocking chair (not Mark Twain), with an explanation of how the blender had to try for 25 years to make something decent out of his garage didn't help things. I would not purchase this again.
4 out of 5
A Great Smoke
A Great Smoke
5 out of 5
I have just seen they have this in a special reserve blend, going to have to try it also now. Darn.
5 out of 5
Get the 8oz Tin
I finally understand what all the hype was about. This has got to be one of the best blends out there.
5 out of 5
bbq lovers blend
this tobacco smells like bbq ribs. I really enjoy this before or after a nice lunch or dinner meal. preferably bbq food haha. very enjoyable smoke, nothing strong or intense, just enough latakia to let you know it is there. this blend is def something I will want to stock up on.
5 out of 5
The tobacco taste awsom
It is always been my favorite brand
5 out of 5
the best
my go to blend
5 out of 5
Tobacco That Will Change Your Life
This is my favorite blend from SPC, and one of my favorite blends of all time. Maybe I'm overzealous about this tobacco, but probably not. It delivers a fantastic, other-worldy smoke in every bowl. Comes in a crumble cake that both looks and smells delicious, packs well in a bowl of any size (though I smoke it almost primarily in my Savinell benti author). Lights like a dream and smokes like one too, it's pure ecstasy on the tongue. The Virginias are sweet and smooth, the Perique and Latakia give it a nice heat, a dab of spice, and a full flavored body. I love Latakia blends, and this has quickly become my go-to. You'll enjoy it, of that I have no doubt. So smoke it with pleasure and slow down to appreciate the intricacies of this genius blend.
5 out of 5
Great offer! Great tobacco! Should have this promotion more !
5 out of 5
Always a good choice
Great texture and packs well. It has a great, mellow taste with a touch of Latakia. I find myself coming back to this one every time I can't decide what I want smoke.
5 out of 5
First go round with Seattle pipe clubs Mississippi River
One of my new favorites saw it on you tube promoted by Jason dragner and Joe case really glad I tried it would definitely recommend it if you're not an aromatic guy
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Mississippi River is so balanced, great smoke.
5 out of 5
Great smoke! Great flavor and nice room note.
3 out of 5
Not what it used to be...
Where should I start with this cult classic tobacco, I guess the beginning is as good a place as any. This blend used to be high a top many pipe smokers list of favorites, but that was several years ago when M.R. first hit the market. I can remember opening my very first tin and being greeted by a solid sticky kake that used to stain your fingers upon rubbing it out. the smoke was sweet and spicy without ever fatiguing your palate. As time went on and the word got out through youtube, social media and pipe clubs around the country demand sky rocketed and ultimately the quality suffered greatly. So much so that Mississippi river was taken out of production for a short time so they could try and get a handle on things. Now what we are left with is a middle of the road english type blend that is just so-so, especially for those of us fortunate enough to remember what it used to be. If you ever have a chance to smoke some of the vintage M.R. (up until about 2011) definitely try it and see for yourself what a truly brilliant blend Mr. Lankford created before mass production clipped its wings.
5 out of 5
lives up to its name
amazing taste!
5 out of 5
ready to repurchase
ready to repurchase
5 out of 5
Lives up to the hype.
Had high expectations based on the reviews I've seen. Was not disappointed.
5 out of 5
Have to honestly say this is one of the best smokes out there.The flavor doesn't let up all the way to the final puffs.This one has a permanent spot in my rotation.can smoke this any time of day with no problem.smooth and creamy.I love plum pudding,and Mississippi River is head and shoulders above of the best you can smoke.
5 out of 5
Thanks for Mississippi River
I have never cared for Latakia , but this is unlike anything I've ever tried. My brother gave me a small tin and it carried me away to a place of satisfaction that I have not been in a long time! I will never be without it again if I can help it! My new nerve tonic! I just ordered two 8oz tins and will keep plenty on hand. Thanks to Seattle Pipe Club, P&C, and my brother for this blessing!!
5 out of 5
Peace from Mississippi
I found Mississippi River to be a very damp and slow-smoking tobacco. It's very smooth and cool-burning. Great for the hour or so before bedtime!
5 out of 5
The Best
Unbelievable. Delicious. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Can't get enough. Buy some. Right now. Have it shipped to my address. I promise to take good care of it. =)
5 out of 5
My first love
I watched YouTube for a week before buying any tobacco. I ordered 5 tins Mississippi river was one of them it's my go to tobacco now
4 out of 5
Something different
Mississippi River is a blend different from most and very satisfying. Down side; Priced way above equal to and better brands.
5 out of 5
It probably the best new stuff I've tried
Mississippi River is the best thing to put in your pipe and smoke it all day long!! Smooth cool smoking M.R. And and cooler of your favorite beverages & A good spot to fish from like the MISSISSIPPI RIVER And you have the perfect day‼️
5 out of 5
Very good!
This tobacco is very good. It is a bit damp out of the tin, and I recommend setting a bowl pack out for 30 minutes to an hour before packing and smoking. It did not make my rotation, but its definitely a quality smoke and is worth trying if you like English with moderate Latakia profile. This and Frog Morton Cellar are excellent for those trying English tobaccos out for the first time...
5 out of 5
Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River
Mild ,none aromatic,little spicy,totally nice tobacco.
5 out of 5
Great Tobacco
I enjoy this tobacco, especially of an evening after dinner.
5 out of 5
Personal favorite
Daily smoke a must have
3 out of 5
Not bad, not great
Not bad, not great
5 out of 5
Mississippi River 8oz
Good stuff, great service, and fast shipping. Mississippi River taste great and is the only place I will buy tobacco and pipes from now on!
5 out of 5
Best of the Best
My absolute favorite tobacco of all time. No matter how many other brands I try, I always just keep coming back to this one. It is just the perfect balance Virginia, Latakia,and Perique.
5 out of 5
Online purchase
Excellent product with very fast delivery! Loved It!
5 out of 5
Sweet and Smokey
If you enjoy VaPers and want a little more depth give this one a try. SPC Mississippi River is reminiscent of Anniversary Kake with a touch of smoke. Love it.
4 out of 5
Good Stuff
Last year I had purchased some bulk Mississippi River, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. I smoked it up and figured it wasn’t for me. Then I started hearing that the blenders had corrected some of the quality control issues and Mississippi River was back to its former glory. After some hesitation, I decided to give a tin a try. MUCH BETTER! Now I know why everyone likes this blend so much. Smooth and well balanced; a great introduction to latakia blends, and a great all day smoke. Mild/medium in body, and full of flavor, this is a good smoke.
5 out of 5
Mississippi River pipe tobacco
Is the best pipe tobacco I have ever had I recommend highly
4 out of 5
This is a tobacco that I had to come back and try again after over a year, and glad I did. Back in 2014 I bought some of this and the Plum Pudding...also by Seattle Pipe Club. I immediately took to the Plum Pudding and it's still in my normal rotation today. The Mississippi River though didn't grab me like the pudding did. Must have been my tastes and pallet at the time. I've been through a lot of different tobaccos since then and have some favorites I keep around. I decided to revisit this after seeing review after review come in and continuing to talk it up. I figured I'd give it another shot. It's different than what I remember. It has a nice musty sweet and smokey flavor that certainly drew me in from first light. Sweeter than the Plum, but not overbearing by any means. I have come to enjoy the River now along with the Plum. Two great tobaccos by SPC and I am glad I came back to it!
4 out of 5
Well balanced enjoyable
I was looking for a non aromatic that was toward the English side without having too much Latakia. I'm pretty satisfied with the taste for my palate. I did let mine dry outside the tin for awhile as some have suggested and it seems to burn cool and smooth. Nice rich mouth feel of the smoke. Well balanced medium body. I don't detect the overly salty flavor I heard a few comments about. Very natural flavor I would associate with leather and pine maybe some citrus hints. There may be a slight hidden sweetness in the after taste. Overall I can see this one growing on me. A solid four stars for now.
4 out of 5
Very nice
Gooooooood stuff
5 out of 5
Ineffably Good
Good with a capital G. The Platonic form of Good essentialized into a smokeable substance that edges on the sublime.
5 out of 5
Great tobacco
The tin note of this tobacco is very bright, being both sweet and bready from the Virginia, and slightly smoky and leathery from the Latakia, although I will say that the Virginia’s seem to steal the show at least as far as the tin note is concerned. The cut of the tobacco in this tin was more of a crumble than a cake as it seemed that none of the cake held together, however, I have gotten a few tins that were much more of a cake with small bits and pieces smattered in at the bottom of the tin. The tobacco is definitely a high quality tobacco and I have yet to find any twiggy or woody bits in any of the tins that I have purchased and smoked. The moisture level of the tobacco is generally just about right for my liking. Once rubbed out, the tobacco packs easily into the bowl and takes the light with minimal effort. The first thing that I am greeted with upon lighting the tobacco is that wonderful yeasty, and bread like Virginia taste, which is followed by a mild smoky, campfire like taste from the Latakia. To me, the Latakia remains mild throughout the entire smoke and plays a supportive role to the Virginias and Perique. As for the Perique, there is a mild peppery note that I can detect in the smoke, but it mainly lets me know it is there by mouth feel, as there is a slight spiciness that can be detected on the tongue. Do not let this last statement confuse you, there is no tongue bite here that will stay with you for hours or even days, but yet there is a mild spiciness that is detectable kind of like that of a mild spicy pepper. The blend remained bright, clean, and very consistent down to the bottom of the bowl. Nicotine levels were moderate, at least to me, leaving me feeling as though there was no need to light up another bowl. In the end, the tobacco burned well with no need for any relights, and burned down to a fine white ash, which made for easy cleaning of the pipe. I have to say that I am very satisfied with this blend.
5 out of 5
This is a MUST TRY blend
First off, you can't go wrong with any of the Seattle Pipe Club blends. I bought 2 ounces of this and wasn't overly impressed with the first couple pipe fulls. Seemed rather busy and a bit tangy but didn't bite. I did some reading and saw several saying this had become their favorite tobacco. Don't think I'd want it as my all day every day tobacco but as a change of pace, it is AWESOME. I particularly enjoy it in one of my cob pipes. Kind of sets the scene of sitting on the banks of the Mississippi with my pole and doing a little fishing! I'm now buying it in8 oz tine and will soon probably put it in one of my prized 16 oz jars. There are a LOT of different tobaccos in this blend and it's fun to smoke and try to pick out the different flavors. This is a MUST TRY!
5 out of 5
Perfect for bringing the day to a close!
Glad I got this one! rich, deep, dark, perfect moisture. What I imagine dusk would taste like. Burns nice, perfect for a nightcap. I'm happy, you happy, he's happy, you will be too!Thanks again P&C
4 out of 5
Very enjoyable
A very enjoyable, medium strength smoke. Smells very nice.
3 out of 5
For all the hype I was let down!
For all the hype I was let down the way people talked about this stuff was like there way no equal. I mean yea no bite and it was smooth and smoked well but It just didn't have a lot of taste, to me it was kind of....bland. Not terrible but not great I'd rather have a bowl of any frog Morton over this but hey that's just me :)
5 out of 5
Twain on the Mississipi
Mississippi River is my goto blend. In fact these days I don't smoke much else. I've even gotten into smoking MR with a Missouri Meerschaum cob because they kind of go together. I have a broad selection of tobaccos in my cellar and most of them have been built upon when they have proven to be better than the one before. I continue to buy new blends but I also continue to smoke this most excellent concoction. The Virginia-Perique dances to and fro and the Latakia do-se-dos in and out right on queue. There are many great descriptions I could give MR but suffice it to say it is by far one of my favorite all time smokes.
5 out of 5
Mississippi on the Mississippi
Hey, I admit it. I'm easy. There are few blends that I detest. I seem to find something compelling in all of them. But this one? Damn. This is the best tobacco I've ever enjoyed. Great Virginia flavor with just enough latakia and perique to spice things up without hogging the spotlight. I'm going to buy a bunch of this stuff for aging purposes, but it does taste damn good right off the truck. A keeper if ever there was one.
5 out of 5
I love this blend. SPC has a true winner. Robust without blowing out the tastebuds. It is the perfect nightcap tobacco for me.
5 out of 5
This blend has a lot of reputation and I will have to say that it lives up to it in every possible way. It is consistent, smooth and full of flavor. It's rich and dark and ages very well. I highly recommend it because it's an all around good blend if you like robust Virginias or smooth English blends. It's good.
4 out of 5
Enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed this tobacco, although I have to say that I enjoyed Plumb Pudding just a little more. Overall a good smoke that I wouldn't hesitate to order again.
5 out of 5
So deep and complex.
Silly expensive but the reviews out there compelled me. To call this a VA blend is such an understatement. This is one that I would definitely call a Master Blend! Every one CLAIMS to be but few are worthy of the attention, except SPC MI RIVER. Man, this is SO complex. Like I said "compelled". I do NOT like latakia, I've thrown away several tobaccos that showed up at the house, open the box, a PEE UUUU! Smells like burning tires to me... But MI River's deep flavors and aroma would compel anyone! I really dig this tobacco. I also dig "playing with my food" and rubbing this stuff out before stuffing it in and lighting it up.
5 out of 5
Mississippi River pipe tobacco
I am definitely a beginner when it comes to pipe tobaccos, but herd Joe Case's top ten on utube and thought i would try this one. It is definitely a smooth smoke. enjoy piping away with it when i am outside doing chores, splitting wood. Has a great aroma, yup , i like it.
5 out of 5
2oz tin
I bought this expecting a English blend . I'm a big fan of English and Balkan blends - the elements of those are here but I felt its more Virginia forward not really for me but if that's your thing this is a quality blend
5 out of 5
+ -
I got my tobacco really fast. But I personally did not care for the taste. But to each their own
2 out of 5
I tried.
I just had to try this and tried my best , but it's just not my style. Only my opinion though. When I opened the tin , it smelled like snuff (or dip). So , I'll be the one that says I love P&C and value your descriptions. But This one wasn't for me. It does get good ratings by many though.
4 out of 5
Not ready yet!
Not sure about this one yet. I'm sure this is a quality tobacco. I just don't think I was ready for it yet. I'm relatively new to pipes and I wanted to try something different and maybe sophisticated. I've tried a couple of bowls and it just isn't my thing. I think I will let it sit for a bit while I become a more veteran pipe smoker. Maybe then I will appreciate it more. I gave it four stars because It's probably my unrefined smokers palate and not the tobacco's fault that I don't like it.
5 out of 5
For a guy who enjoys smoking fruity aros...
Not all that experienced in ways of the pipe, but this is a lovely tobacco. I can't really detect any flavorings but the blend of the tobaccos in the tin, to my wife and me, is speaking "chocolate". At the same time it's got that exotic, oriental thing going on (smells to me like a touch of tamarind), and for a guy that really dislikes Latakia (I've sent back tobaccos that smelled like a house on fire, blech!), I LOVE this tobacco. Very new and quite damp but it STILL is low maintenance. NO BITE! Even when I was puffing like a madman enjoying the flavor, it didn't get hot, stayed smooth. I love this stuff!
5 out of 5
Great service and price
Pipes and Cigars is the only place i buy my tobacco online.
5 out of 5
A new favorite
I don't know what the original tasted like, but this stuff is awesome!
5 out of 5
Mississippi River
My new favorite! Bold yet smooth and sweet.
5 out of 5
Love it
I am under a month new to pipes, and figured I was a Burley tobacco man. Until today when I received my order of Mississippi river. I was not going to smoke anymore today I had enough. But after my cocktail tonight I opened just to smell, I had to try it. I used my favorite full bent Dr. Grabow and had the smoke of my life. So I ordered more and that's that. God Bless Joe's dream's. Its a good one.
5 out of 5
Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River
Excellent flavor, smooth burn. Room note may not be appreciated by everyone. I love it!
3 out of 5
Mississippi River
Seattle Pipe Club's Mississippi River will pull you in with the current of rave reviews it has been getting. I find that it is somewhat lacking in flavor. MR smokes smooth and cool, but I didn't get the wow factor I was expecting from reading the reviews and watching YT videos. Not an entire disappointment though. It adds dimension when mixed with other tobaccos. I like mixed with Frog Morton Cellar for a relaxing and enjoyable smoke.
5 out of 5
Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River
beginner's note: didn't know how to smoke this. Broke it up shamefully like marijuana. It went out and didn't notice a pleasant room note. Sat on my dresser for a week. Tried it again, and let it really catch fire, the more I puffed, the more I could tell what all the fuss was about. It was spicy, smokey and really gave me a sense of what pipe smoking is all about. The story behind this is, it was created while dreaming. But I realized, I had awesome dreams smoking right before sleeping. Coincidence? You decide.
5 out of 5
there's hype for a reason!
Mississippi River is my go to smoke for everthing! A cools smoke with the most delighful room note. I'm just dreading the day Spc stops making it. Be sure to buy it in the 1.76 cans, that way I don't have to wait for my 8oz cans.
5 out of 5
Wow! This is good tobacco.
Ugh! This is the best tobacco I've had so far... I am not long time pipe smoker, but I can say, my tastebuds like Mississippi River.
5 out of 5
Mississippi River
Good... Very Good... Just Super Tobacco
5 out of 5
Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River
Being a fairly new pipe smoker ( about a year and a half ) I've tried many blends of tobacco both aromatic and non. Mississippi River, to me , has the purest true tobacco flavor. I enjoy several bowls every day. Please keep making it !
4 out of 5
Good With Potential 2B Epic
it lights perfectly and I didn't need to relight. The best way I can describe this is by comparing it to young Bordeaux. I immediately ordered more than a few 8oz tins. I believe that after a few years in the tin this tobacco will be Epic. Currently, by reading its components, it's taste is fairly predictable, but someday it'll be more than the sum of its parts... I think
5 out of 5
Like it a lot✅
SMR very cool enjoyable smoke. I been smoking D.Nightcap and P.Irish Flake lately, so getting the SMR was definitely a good change of sorts. For me it can be an 2 or 3 bowl everyday type of smoke. Easy long burn without a lot of figiting and relighting. I won't comment on taste due to the stronger Latakia/perique burned in my pipe recently. But my recommendation is it's easy on the pallate and be sure to buy a couple of extra ounces just to hold you over till your next order comes in. Dave
5 out of 5
Mississippi River Tobacco is Smooth!
It doesn't burn your tongue like a lot of other pipe tobacco's do. It isn't an aromatic blend, just great honest, straightforward tobacco. I would recommend this tobacco to any pipe smoker. It also just takes a small amount, and burns very slow. It can't get much better than this!
5 out of 5
Mississippi River and
Mississippi River is my favor tobacco also I am a loyal costumer of you wonderful store great selection , good prices , excellent service CONGRATULATIONS Fernando .
Customer Testimonials
I tried this tobacco before it went out of stock and I remembered that with all the other tobaccos I was trying out Mississippi River really stood out. So when it became available again I purchased a 2 ounce tin and I am so happy I did. It even surpassed 1Q in taste for me because it has a much bolder flavor. Don't miss trying this tobacco out, it makes the best tobaccos better when you have a stock of Mississippi River just to change your mood.
DB of Portland, OR
After I first tasted this blend with its Latakia and perique in krumble kake form, I immediately ordered a half dozen 8oz tins. To me it's taste was seriously wonderful, but it gave me the feeling that with some age, a few years to sit n chill, it has the strong potential to become a truly Epic tobacco. I say buy as much as you can and cellar it. It will age like a very fine Bordeaux.
NA of Birmingham, AL
Reminds me of Frog Morton's Cellar in some ways. Very mellow a bit of sweetness somewhere in there from my perspective but it's not center stage so it's got a nice balance
JL of Chicago, IL
I have been smoking M R for a while and recently have been disapointed in what I am now getting. It is only offered in a can, no longer in bulk, thats OK BUT originally there was no question this was a pressed tobacco, there big chunks. The last two cans I received looked like it was swept up off the floor and put in the can. Someting has changed, PLEASE go back to the original production, I am just about to give up on what was a great tobacco.
PE of Ardmore, OK
Nice morning smoke.......mild and smooth. However, that is about it, anything after lunch and this is too mild of a smoke. Smoke it slow to try and get the taste. Like I wrote, after lunch you will be wanting more flavor! So, if you're new to the pipe, you just might get a lot out of Mississippi River! Enjoy
PT of Shakopee, MN
All of these reviews reminds me about the story of The Emperors New Clothes. This stuff smells like cow manure dried out over an open campfire. I had to keep it out in the garage to keep the odor from permeating my house. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick to the Virginia, Burley, Cavendish blends.
LG of Cudahy, WI
Warning, I received it in my month Club shipment and It was almost dried! So, I went ahead and packed in my Canadian Pipe, to my amazement it packed really well. I have been smoking a pipe for over forty years and like strong tobacco but this is one I can only take one or two a day. On the 2nd bowl I put it down then go back to it. When you finish a bowl, this is were it amazed me again, remember me saying it was almost dry. Wrong! I have to use Three Pipe Cleaners after I smoke it, because the bowl is wet from the top to the bottom! All being said this is one off the best if not the best tobacco blend I've ever smoked. Also I don't have to smoke my pipe all day any more, because it satisfies me all day! Go get you some and take your time a enjoy and if you can smoke it all day more power to you.
GA of Katy, TX
Just wanted to tell of my experience.I got a big can of the "Miss river" almost a year ago,took me a while to open it since I was enjoying some vanilla and taxman cometh at the time.the flavor of the "miss river" is superior,a wonderful smokie flavor,I had a short learning curve,I use filters and the taste for me is just right as rain,nice easy pulls and give it a few minutes and the taste comes on smooth,and the quality is so good that I still have it in the original can,not the jar and it made it better with a little rest time,enjoy it love it....GET SOME!
GP of El Cajon, CA
I'd heard of this tobacco, but never tried it until the pipe club sent me some, which I am now forever grateful for. When opened you're greeted with a lovely aroma of fermented fruit, the Perique comes through, start to finish, and a very fine Perique at that. Not as peppery of some Perique's - slight "peppery" flavor, but mainly that of sweet dried figs or plums. The VA is quite sweet and just lovely. A hint of Latakia gives a nice body. I'd swear there's a little bit of oriental and dark fired in here - but who knows. It's definitely a complex blend. I cannot detect a topping at all. It's very oily, but I think that comes from the Perique and caking process. Nothing "artificial" is tasted here, despite the sticky/oily feeling it burns dry and cool. No bite. The leaf itself is just a perfect crumble cake. Very oily and sticky. Breaks into nice course sections. Burns to a very fine white/silvery ash - which identifies the quality of the leaf used. Stays naturally sweet throughout the bowl, and intensifies in flavor at the bottom half of the bowl - the bottom half is where I started to detect what my palate was telling me was dark fired. All in all this is a remarkable blend. It's just lovely. If you like Perique, you'll love this. If you like Latakia, you'll love this. If you like VA you'll love this, if you like Oriental's, you'll love this. Something in here for everyone. This shouldn't work with as much that's going on - but it does, and does so seamlessly. Nice nicotine hit, but not at all over-powering. It's a strong blend, but it comes off lighter than what it really is. My reviews are almost always positive (Yes, I love tobacco - all tobacco's) but this truly stands out. I am going to place a very large order of this. Some for now, and going to put up dozens of 1/2 pints jars to cellar. Room note is nice and musky. Leaves a wonderful aftertaste and a nice scent for the beard that only leaves you wanting another bowl.
TS of Tulsa, OK
There is a lot of hype around this tobacco, and it is very well deserved. tThis is quite a special blend, if its in stock and you've never had it before, buy more than you originally planned. It is well worth it and you will not regret it.
JB of lakeside, IA
Nice pressed Virginias with a sweet bitter taste, and some english orientals. I don't get to much perique if at all. I was expecting to get my socks blowing off by this one. While it didn't blow my socks off it did untie and take off my shoes.. Enjoyable all day. Will have acouple ounces on hand from now on.
LR of Warrenville, IL
I read all the glowing reviews of Mississippi River and watched several YouTube video reviews before placing my order. Everybody seemed to love this tobacco. Well, everybody was right! Mississippi River is a great smoke. Nice and smooth with tons of excellent tobacco flavor. I will be ordering more very soon.
JW of Hazelton, ID
I cannot add to anything that has not already been said about this tobacco. This is my number ONE in my top five for 2014. Simply the best! 1. Mississippi River 2. Navy Flake 3. Christmas Cheer 2014 4. Frog on the Bayou 5. Mac Barren's Crisp Apple
Looks like I got my tin just in time....well I just wanna say that this tobacco really sucks...don't waste your money on it, please leave it for those of us who like smoking bad tobacco...
RH of Copperhill, TN
This stuff is very good!
WS of monmouth, IL
This is not quite as good as I was expecting after all I heard and read. It is just ok for me. Maybe I just need to try it again.
EP of Grayson, LA
THE Go-To Tobacco after trying SO darn many tobacco's of all types. My son suggested this one and I always keep lots stored in my mason jars, just in case. I like others, but when I want to remind myself why I smoke pipes, this is the one..
DK of Lake Forest, CA
Just got my first taste of this product. WOW!!! Makes me wonder why it took me so long to purchase it. Although PS Luxury Navy Flake is my #1 tobacco, this one is certainly a 1B!!! Will be purchasing more of this one in the very near future.
DH of Sheboygan, WI
It's a's an's the best of both worlds! I really can't add much to what has already been said, but can heartily agree that MR is a superb blend. It's definitely more Virginia-forward than many English blends, and for me it's a gorgeous, mild, cool smoke that's perfectly balanced and has plenty of complexity. My only wish is that it tasted slightly more like the tin note. There's this delicious almost lapsang souchong- or mesquite-like smokiness to it that's more pronounced in the tin, but stays in the background when you smoke. I can see why so many say this is an all-day smoke and recommend it for English newbies. I have to agree that this (in my opinion) is a much better first-impression English for an aromatics smoker than McClelland's Frog Morton's Cellar because you don't have to get past the ketchupy Worcestershire taste.
JA of Antioch, TN
I'm still a novice when it comes to the art of pipe smoking, and therefore I may not be fully equipped to provide anything more than what has already been said in the many positive reviews this tobacco has. Personally, this was my first non-Aromatic tobacco, and I got it because I wanted to expand past the aromatics that many new pipe smokers begin with. Well, this was the perfect tobacco to do it with. The taste is great - and that was my greatest fear with moving out of aromatics - and the smoking experience itself was smooth and easy as can be. Definitely give this a try if you haven't already, as there isn't anything negative I can say about it.
JS of Burrton, KS
Filled my Hackert and did not want it to end! I smoked this for longer than an hour. Great full flavors with out making your mouth pay for it. Thank the good Lord this is in bulk!
RB of West Monroe, LA
This is probably the tobacco where I finally came to understand and detect the nuance of Perique and Virginia tobacco. It was like a light bulb going off in my head. It allowed me to finally appreciate what it is to detect what is often an eluding natural flavor of a tobacco. The Latakia here is very subtle and appears be more of a condiment than a bomb.
SH of Hastings, MI
This is a blend that will stand the test of time. Literally and figuratively. When I first tried this blend, I was a brand new pipe smoker. while it wasn't bad, it just wasn't quite my thing. Fast forward a year. Tin has been collecting dust for 12+ months. My taste in tobacco has changed, and age has been VERY kind to the tobacco. Flavors are unlike any tobacco I've had. The Virginias are there in force, but the other subtle ingredients add exceptional depth and complexity to the blend. A excellent addition to any rotation. Excellent candidate for cellaring.
HS of Fayetteville, PA
It did not meet up to the hype with me. But there is nothing wrong with it. Great smoke and flavor, it was better in a corn than briar for me anyways.
BL of Piedmont, SC
I got this in a sampler order. There is little more that I can add to the previous rave reviews. It is a gold standard in English style blends. Absolutely one of, if not the best available!
RB of Steele, AL
A good smoke. Buy it, you won't regret it.
DF of Galveston, TX
Since getting back to pipe smoking and trying about 15-20 different tobacco's, this is my favorite without a doubt. Nothing even close and the service & prices from Pipes & Cigars is about the best... Dan
DK of Lake Forest, CA
I smoked my first bowl of this today. Have been trying to mix up my smoking habit of only aromatics. This was a very soothing blend will be adding this to my stock of pipe tobacco.
DC of Cameron Park, CA
Excellent Baccy!! One of my favorites I will always come back to!! Shout out the The Brothers of Briar FB Group!!
TL of Jacksonville, FL
I think I must be one of the most fickled pipers around. Every time I think I've found my new go-to blend another "something better" comes along. I ordered a can of this mixture back in July and tucked it away in my cellar. Then I started reading some pretty good reviews of Mississippi River so I decided to order another can to store and opened my original purchase. Man, am I glad I did, this stuff is great! Good creamy smoke, excellent flavor, mild strength and fair aroma. No overpowerment of any of the "players", but a fine orchestration of Virginia, Louisiana, Turkey and Cyprus offerings. This is a great all-day smoke.
RS of Austin, TX
Prior to Mississippi River I was purely an aromatics smoker. I had tried a variety of English blends, all of which seemed too harsh for me. Mississippi River, however, has been an absolute delight and near perfect entry into the non-aromatic world. Even as a fairly new pipe smoker (under 1 year), I could detect the different blends and the subtle tastes coming from each. I smoke my pipe usually once per day (sometimes twice), and Mississippi River is the blend I now reach for 3 or 4 times per week. Soon as it is off backorder, I plan on immediately ordering at least another pound of this blessed leaf.
JG of West Liberty, OH
I use to try all kinds of Baccy but got tired of getting kinds I didn't like so I'm sticking with my fav. You can't beat Mississippi River by far my fav.
MA of Shreve, OH
I had to feed into the hype when ordering this one, I expected nothing short of fantastic from reading the reviews all around the internet so I ordered a nice 6 oz sample bag. It comes in an attractive crumble cake in bulk, it crumbles readily and packs easily, it stays lit exceedingly well, it is light, crisp, and smooth with lots of complex flavor. I will definitely be ordering more and this has made it's way right into my daily rotation. The hype is real surrounding this blend in my humble and honest opinion
SR of Cape Coral, FL
I tried it and liked it. Been backordered for a long time. They must be having to wait to harvest more tobacco leaves.
TF of Godfrey, IL
I'm new to pipe smoking, and have become a huge fan of this blend. Great taste, great smell and does especially not give any tongue bite. I will always have Mississippi River in my rotation .
AA of Brooklyn, NY
Good stuff, man. Could smoke this all day.
MA of Brookhaven, NY
Well I must say that this is my go to favorite, only been a piper for about 2 years and have a craving for this all the time, just ran out and I am waiting for more from the mail man...would love to order a 1lb size can of it. My 2nd pipe that I just got has been dedicated only to this blend.Very very good!!!
EJ of Queen Creek, AZ
This is by far my favorite tobacco I have ever smoked. The flavors are so perfectly blended. The Virginias are sweet, and the Latakia is subtle but still there in the perfect amount. I have never smoked anything as unique or as fulfilling as this tobacco. I'll buy it regularly for as long as it's available!
SS of Cincinnati, OH
I loved it. I really thought it was going to be a latakia bomb, or something from the depths of a swamp. From everything I was seeing on youtube from the pipe presenters there, this was THE go-to smoke of 2013. I now know why it's always sold out. This was smooth and easy to smoke. It's light to medium english flavor could easily be an everyday smoke. It's a sweet almost cocoa smoke flavor and a little bit of spicyness. I would highly recommend this blend to anybody who enjoys a pipe.
BD of Prairie du Sac, WI
This pipe tobacco is what starts every day for me. If I go more than 2 days without smoking it, I must be sick or dying. Literally, what all pipe tobacco gets judged against by anyone in the know. Sweet, burns cool as ice-no bite EVER. The key to this magnificent tobaccy, is to crumble on a tray and let 'rest' for about ten minutes (that's when u brew the coffee). Go ahead, pack that bowl when the coffee done, its ready. Puff all you like, it wont burn you, its the coolest of the cool. Get some, ya dig?
JN of Oneida,, NY
A truly amazing blend. The entire bowl was full of flavor from start to finish. It had it all..smoky latakia, sweet virginias, the slight spice of the perique and the orientals came out in the back end for me. Very smooth and enjoyable. Two thumbs up!
AC of Raymondville, TX
YES. This stuff is really good. For someone that is only about 1 year of solid smoking under my belt, I feel that this stuff is truly really good. I cannot yet describe what it is, but there is something different about this one. It smokes so nice, stays lit, smooth, tastes great, smells good even while smoking. Honestly this is the kind of tobacco I will share with all my pipe smoking buddies. Great stuff. Will be getting more ASAP.
CS of Roseville, CA
Ok. I'm new to pipe smoking, just under 6 months. Like most guys I've started with the aromatics, which I love. After hearing the buzz on YouTube about Mississippi River, I thought I'd try it out. I have to say this stuff is smooth and mellow! I really like it as a change up smoke. I've tried the heavier stuff like Dunhill's Early Morning Blend but found it too thick for my tastes. Maybe it will grow on me. I'm still learning. But I don't care what anyone says about aromatics being for neophytes. I smoke what I enjoy, period. This is a great blend. I plan to order it by the bushel.
CB of North Potomac, MD
I bought this tobacco because of the high amount of reviews and good words about it expecting to not really be impressed. Opening the package I could instantly smell a mild smokey mixture and upon loading the first bowl I realized right away why this tobacco is so popular. The flavor is a mixture of a smokey and sweet taste that goes back and forth which makes me continue to smoke from morning to night and really smells good when lit. I liked it so much that I bought the 8 oz tin right after. Thanks Seattle Pipe Club. This is a really good smoke.
JC of Saint Amant, LA
This is one of my all time favorite blends. I started out with 2 ounces a month ago and ordered half a pound immediately after. Definitely a ritual twice a day smoke for me, and I was missing it as I was being shipped a new supply. The taste is indescribable, but I'll try. It as the normal characteristics of an English blend, but with a tartness kind halfway between lemon and copper.
WE of Fayetteville, NC
Kinda a newbie at pipe smoking but I've been a cigar/tobacco lover for a long time. Not the best at describing the flavors but an almost buttery, nutty, rich, sweet at times....flat out delicious tobacco. I smoke it with my Breakfast coffee and its wonderful! Takes a couple of bowls to reveal itself but when it does its fabulous!
MP of Elizabeth, CO
Tin aroma: Absolutely amazing! The virginias really pop out at you with a beautiful scent! The Smoke: Yet again, absolutely amazing. Keeps lit amazingly. Very full of flavor, yet smooth. Room Note: Astounding. Very woodsy scent, like a sweet campfire. Strength: Medium, not strong, but also not mild. The perfect median. Overall, I bought a 2 ounce tin. And then a week later bought 4 ounces in bulk. I am making sure to keep this stocked up no matter what.
PH of Deer Park, NY
Awesome caramelized sugar taste from the Virginias with just a hint of smokiness in the background from the Latakia. The only bad part is that eventually you reach the bottom of the bowl and you have to face that it's gone...
ND of Morristown, TN
It took about 15 to 20 bowls before I started to like this stuff----it went to my top 5 tobaccos now----great smoke with a cup of Joe in the morning
RL of Mesa, AZ
Really couldn't believe that this tobacco was as good as all of the reviews said it was. At first light I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but once I got into the bowl it was tremendous. Not overpowering spice, but enough to warm the mouth and give a lot of flavor in every puff. Can't wait to order some bulk.
MS of Spruce Pine, NC
I am new to a pipe, I switched from cigarettes. Not to say this in any way taste like cigarettes, but it is wonderful! I have tried at least 20 different pipe tobacco and this one is my favorite. I did notice that it causes massive amounts of build up in the bowl, but until I find a better flavor I'm sticking to this one.
CS of goshen, IN
This is my #2 English blend, behind McClelland FMC.
SW of Tallahassee, FL
I just received my first tin today and couldn't wait to try it out so I immediately packed my pipe. I've been smoking mostly English blends this year so this one caught me off guard at first. Upon lighting I got the cloud of smoke that Virginias are known for but, didn't taste much (remember that I've been smoking a lot of Latakia.) At first I was let down because of all of the wonderful reviews, but as the bowl went on my taste buds re-adjusted and I started to taste this delicious blend. It's deserving of every positive review and will be in every order as long as it's in stock.
JD of Hampton, VA
Like most of you, I have heard a lot of hype surrounding this tobacco and let me just say, I can see why. I originally ordered 1 oz. along with 1oz of plum pudding -also from SPC, and both did not disappoint. I currently have an 8 oz of MR and 8 oz of PP coming my way. MR is a fantastic smokey blend. It packs nicely, although a little wet straight out of the bag for my liking. Upon lighting it I immediately get this salty smokey flavor which fills my mouth. MR produces thick rich smoke which leaves me with a creamy taste. My palate is NOT as refined as many people on here (at least not yet!), but I still can pick hints of what taste like a fruity note halfway through the bowl. If you enjoy English blends this I highly recommend this one, I normally only smoke 1 bowl a day however I had to have multiple ones of this. Fantastic! Order it while it is here. -Also try Plum Pudding!
MD of Rutland, MA
I'm just finishing my first, ever, bowl of MS River. It is absolutely outstanding. I've smoked quite a few well known Virginia's, this is the best to date. I will be buying more.
RG of Tupelo, MS
What can I say Missisippi River pipe tobacco far most the best smoke Ive had. Best of all no tongue bite like other pipe tobacco. I highly recommend this tobacco for those who hasn't tried it yet get your order in quick cause it sell fast.
IA of Brooklyn, NY
Until this, my favorite was Byzantium. While this is quite different, I was blown away. My first "WOW!" experience with a pipe, after four years of trying different things. I lean towards English over the aromatic blends. This blend was pleasantly thick, with a sweet middle and a peppery accent. It retained its taste through the bowl. It was moist enough to smoke slow, but not so moist it needed to be relit. It caught well… all in all, a nice, firmly pleasant experience.
KL of San Antonio, TX
Well I wanted to say it was so bad that I threw it in the trash !!!!!! just so I could buy it all for my self !! Wow first puff and I was hook YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT !!! I wished I had ordered way more
JH of Lonoke, AR
Awesome!!! Loved it! Highly recommended
JK of West Plains, MO
A great smoke with a lot of spice, that's not overbearing, and a proper amount of sweetness to keep coming back for more. Truly a tobacco to be savored for a lifetime.
KB of fridley, MN
This stuff is a wonderful all day smoke. Once you sit back and relax, you notice just how good it is. I ended up buying a pound bulk yesterday. Today its on backorder. Lucky me!
CS of Grey Eagle, MN
Ok,ok, everyone settle down. YouTube kool aid has this tobacco earning high praises. 1st impression is nice, one big 2oz slab, dark color, sweet aroma. Light it up and it was a bit musty, dried the mouth a bit, and was very one dimensional. Some dusty cocoa powder flavor and really light pepper. That's it. Not sure what the hype about this blend is but that's after smoking right off the truck, I'll give it some time in a jar and try again. I did however like the amount of smoke it produced, big clouds quickly filled my garage leaving it with a pleasant aroma. I guess I expected a lot more, but I'm ok with it. My life has improved since discovering P&C
JA of Greendale, WI
Bar none the Best Blend I have ever tried. better order some before I buy it all!
LF of Eldorado, IL
Like most new pipe smokers I started with aromatics. After reading a lot about English blends and non aromatics I decided to give Frog Morton on the Bayou a try due to positive reviews online and the fact that my local B&M carried it in stock. Unfortunately I hated it. To my nose it smelled like burnt ketchup and tasted only so so to my taste buds. Discouraged I looked through forum recommendations for something else besides aromatics. I found some reviews on some VaPers and put an order together. As a last minute addition I added 2 oz of Mississippi River bulk due to a YouTube review by DagnerPerformance. The 2 ozs came as one big chunk. It was the last one I tried when my order arrived. It smelled very smokey somewhat like the Frog Morton but with an underlying sweetness that made it much more appealing. Now to the actual taste; This tobacco had everything I wanted. I could definitely taste the Virginia base and sweetness that reminded me of a very light aromatic. I could also taste the spiciness and smokey flavor from the latikia. I loved it. The room note was pleasant. The smoke was very cool with no hint of tongue bite. I have sampled a lot of pipe tobacco in my 2 years since I picked up the hobby. Mississippi River is my absolute favorite blend. I highly recommend it to any new pipe smokers looking to venture into the world of non aromatics for the first time. You will not be disappointed. Hint- order a lot, it always seems to be on back order.
MD of Waterville, OH
Every piper out there seemed to rave about this stuff so I had to give it a try. I must say..nicely done! The flavor got better as I smoked it and it burns fairly slow. Very smokey smell, great flavor, will be buying more!
JW of Ringgold, GA
MH of Edmond, OK
Mississippi River is so right that its hard to improve on what is alresdy been said about it. Smokes smooth in a meer or briar and is one I will always have in my rotation. Hip Hip Hurray!
RL of Damascus, PA
What can I add to the already glowing reviews around the internet for this tobacco. Very good, top 5 for me. Get it while you can, cuz it goes fast, and not for no reason.
CS of Yucaipa, CA
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