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Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River Special Reserve

Recently, Joe Lankford was offered some very special, well-aged Virginias. Instead of creating a whole new blend, he thought that he would use them to make a limited edition version of his wildly popular Mississippi River. Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River Special Reserve is everything you love about the original but with very rare flue-cured tobaccos included for richer, smoother flavor.

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Overall Rating 4.92 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River Special Reserve”

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5 out of 5
Mississippi river
A smooth robust smoke, I keep it in my rotation, love it
5 out of 5
Gotta Be Honest
I’ve got to be honest and say this is a great blend. I’d prefer to say “it sucks, don’t buy it” so I have less trouble getting more. It’s strong and flavorful. Leaves no doubt which pipe you’ve smoked it in. I’ll be getting more to age a bit.
5 out of 5
Unreal, in the best way possible
I don't review anything, and I sure haven't developed a fine palate that can pick out all the nuanced flavors, aromas and such. What I can say is that I have tried a lot of tobacco, and this one has "wow'd" not only me, but everyone I have shared it with. Part of me doesn't want to give such a good review so that I can stock up on this stuff before it's gone forever, but the other part of me wants everyone to know how good it is so they can get a chance to experience this blend themselves. Well done, SPC, you guys have knocked this out of the park.
5 out of 5
What a great tobacco quite possibly the best non aromatic blend I have ever smoked and I don't say this lightly as I have been a pipe smoker for over 40 years.
5 out of 5
I like it.
I like it.
5 out of 5
Something finally topped the original
If you like classic Miss. River, TRY THIS. Very satisfied, can't reccommend enough.
5 out of 5
My favorite SPC blend
My new favorite blend. I know everyone loves their Plum Pudding blend, but this one just hits all the spots for me. Smokes down to a fine white ash, no bite at all, excellent taste all the way through the bowl, a mix of flavors that make it lovely and interesting, I even like the aftertaste which I usually don't with most blends even if I like them during the smoke.
5 out of 5
Very very good
Mississippi River is my go to. The reserve was suggested by SPC. It is really a cut above.
5 out of 5
Miss River is BACK!
Really good tobacco, smokes even better than the original. No bite, just a smooth Pipe. Still my favorite. It was a bit pricey for 4 oz, but well worth it it!
4 out of 5
MS River just got better
I didn't think Mississippi River could get any better but it just did! Smooth smoking, great flavor and it couldn't bite you if it tried. What else could you ask for in a great blend?
5 out of 5
New and improved!
Haven't cracked the Plum Pudding yet. Mississippi River Reserve seems a bit smoother and tastier to me. All the notes of the original, just more intense.
5 out of 5
Special Reserve
This blends getting better an better
5 out of 5
Mmm, Mississippi River Reserve
I did not think anything could improve Mississippi River but this Special Reserve release did. This is my favorite tobacco blend and number one in my rotation. I had smoked an 8oz tin of the 2014 vintage and loved every bowl. When I saw there was a Special Reserve version available I ordered a 4-oz tin and anxiously awaited its arrival. The tobacco arrived in a pressed cake (much tighter press than the loose krumble kake of the regular verison). I sliced off chunked, broke it apart and let it air-dry for about an hour (it's fairly moist). I like smoking cobs and I have a Missouri Meerschaum Mark Twain that's one of my favorites so I naturally loaded the bowl with Mississippi River. This led to an hour of smoking bliss. The blend of Latakia, Perique and Orientals are so distinct and flavorful that I immediately want a second bowl when the first is gone. The aftertaste is most excellent as well. I highly recommend Mississippi River and if you can get it the Special Reserve edition is even better.