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Seattle Pipe Club Puget Sound Packaged Pipe Tobacco
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Seattle Pipe Club Puget Sound

Seattle Pipe Club Puget Sound is a rich and enjoyable Latakia blend made of a good amount of Cyprian Latakia, rare Orientals, zesty bright Virginia and a dash of Perique to add a deep sweetness and a bit of spice. This is a contemplative pipe tobacco that will satisfy any time you have the chance to relax. Put your feet up, grab your favorite libation, and enjoy a bowl of smoky, rich Puget Sound.

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Overall Rating4.75 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Seattle Pipe Club Puget Sound”

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4 out of 5
Seal was broken on my tin and was a little dry but still a good tobacco.
5 out of 5
Is and has been my favorite since it came into existence.
I am an occasional smoker and searched for years to find just the blend with the right amount of everything. I bought a tin of this when it was first released and then it vanished and was told it may never be back. I waited and hoped then about a year later there it was and I have been smoking it ever since. With each tobacco before It I often liked this part or that part but they were always missing something or had to much of something else. For example Virginia is great to help balance a blend but I like a very small amount. I have found nothing that smokes like this does, the spice in the orientals mix just right with the latakia to make a wonderful note of smokey spicey cedar incense. Every time I smoke it I am surprised how good it is. I dont think its for everyone and to me is quite different than anything else I have found but if you like smokey spicey woodsey cedar then it might be for you.
5 out of 5
Good Stuff
Found it to have mild peppery tin note but a good well rounded taste w/o any bite. Burned clean w/o lot of relights and no residue left in bowl. I will be buying again although I am on a quest to find a bulk English or Balkan that I like enough to make it my go to.
5 out of 5
SPC Scores Again!
Puget Sound was a delight! Smokes easy and cool, provides a good quantity of spicy, complex smoke. It is well-rounded and sophisticated, without a trace of harshness. Definitely added to my rotation.
5 out of 5
A wonderful spicy English blend
A wonderful spicy English blend
4 out of 5
Puget Sound
Very good blend. Another solid SPC blend.
5 out of 5
Puget Sound
Very good. I really like the campfire smell, and my girlfriend likes the bright room note. I will be getting more soon, but want to try and compare with the Potlatch.
4 out of 5
Mellow English
A fine all day every day smoke.
5 out of 5
Puget sound blend
I find this tobacco extremely nice, the smoky blend perfect for that evening sail. I recommend to anyone wanting a smooth complex taste. David
5 out of 5
Completely Surprised!
This blend is wonderful to me. Hints of Margate and just a great blend. Already in the rotation. I am an English and Balkan fanatic and this stuff is fantastic!
5 out of 5
Like a fine wine
Puget Sound is a masterpiece of tobacco blenders. Like a fine wine it has many subtle flavors. It doesn't bite and is good from first light to the end.
5 out of 5
SPC never disappoints.
A new release from SPC and its a winner. Mid range english, but still very earthy. I could see this as a fall or spring blend, for those days where the air is still crisp at times.
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