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St. Bruno Flake Pipe Tobacco
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St. Bruno Flake

In the seventies and eighties, there were a lot of imported tobaccos that I had the chance to try. Some of them were okay, but not my cup of tea. Some became favorites. But there was one that was different than anything I had tried, and although it wasn't my everday choice, I kept going back to it from time to time, and when it was no longer available in the US, I missed it.
That tobacco was St. Bruno Flake with its smooth, rich, flavor and light floral and fruit note that enhances, rather than masks, the excellent leaf. A large, grateful group of pipe enthusiasts are thrilled to see St. Bruno return to our shores. Welcome back an old friend, or try this classic for the first time. Either way, you win.

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Overall Rating4.55 out of 5 Based on 20 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “St. Bruno Flake”

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4 out of 5
good stuff
a slightly grassy/sweet taste is all there and well balanced...i know it sounds weird but it works well, definitely will purchase again
4 out of 5
Decent smoke but need to find something better
Upon first opening the tin I was taken in by the unique aroma. I eagerly packed my pipe and enjoyed the bowl all the way to the bottom. The second bowl proved to be just as satisfying as the first. Subsequent sessions with this blend left me yearning for something more. Much like dating the wrong girl this one loses its luster after a few dates. I’m still looking for that perfect blend but can’t seem to find her.
5 out of 5
St. Bruno Flake
Excellent flavor, lights and burns well. Requires minimal rubbing out. May be somewhat of an acquired taste.
5 out of 5
St Bruno Flake cut
I really am enjoying this flake. Taste, preparation, I read the reviews and decided to try it. Taste is excellent. If you buy this flake you will also enjoy it I think.
5 out of 5
I have never been so unexpectedly pleased with a tobacco before. I read several reviews online before purchasing. It sounded interesting. I lit some up immediately upon receiving, and it smoked perfectly. No bite, and minimal relights. However the room note is really where this shines. I am a VaPer puffer mostly, and one of my favorite things is when I leave my shop after enjoying a bowl and the fresh air hits the last lingering notes of smoke in my nose. It’s an incredibly fresh and fragrant smell. St Bruno has a room note with that exact character.
5 out of 5
Excellent Must Have Gifts Quality top Class
Best pipe tobacco on the planet, been smoking it for 51yrs. Did not know I could get it here in USA, been buying from my old country UK. From now on I can get it closer to home, thank you.
5 out of 5
A classic
St Bruno has been around for decades, and if you really like dark, slightly bitter (in a good way) blends, you should at least try it. The topping/casing is a bit less apparent in the Flake than the Ready-Rubbed.
4 out of 5
I was disappointed...
I was disappointed. I used to smoke this a lot. Maybe it was I who changed, maybe it was the tobacco. Nonetheless, it now burns too hot and wet. I won't be buying more.
5 out of 5
Delivered quickly
Came fast and tasted great
5 out of 5
Love it.
I can't say too much more other than that if you like Erinmore you'll love St. Bruno. I do recommend the tin over the pouch. One thing I wanted to write was about the "soapiness." Taste and smell are funny things - I despise mustard and mayonnaise to the point where I cannot comprehend how people can like it - much less have it be a regular condiment added without asking. But there are people who won't eat a sandwich without them. There's something I taste that others don' is what it is. I had to "search" for the soapiness and on at least a few occasions have tasted what people refer to as "soap" - but that's just not how I taste it. Had I not read about "soapiness' I would have never interpreted the smell that was. I smell a very light and pleasant floral. Smoking and snuffing is about interpretation. I hated Grousemoor until I started to interpret it differently. Give Bruno a try.
3 out of 5
St. Bruno Flake *Take*
This is so so I can't say I hate it... but I can't say I love it.
5 out of 5
A favorite!
I am so thrilled to finally have St. Bruno available in the states now. This is without a doubt in the top 5 of my favorite tobacco's. I love the earthy, nutty, creaminess along with the topping make this a perfect tobacco.
5 out of 5
Good Stuff!!!
A great tasting tobacco made from good quality leaf, an all day smoke for me.
5 out of 5
St. Bruno Flake
Great flake, a robust smoke with plenty going on. My only warning would be to those that don't like a soapy flavor, it has this, albeit in a minor way. Think of Samuel Gawiths Balkan Flake or Mixture 79 but toned down.
5 out of 5
St. Bruno Flake
It's in the cellar. I'll let you know when I try it Thanks, Neil
4 out of 5
Much better this time.
On my 2nd day with St. Bruno Flake. This time I opened up the tin and allowed it to air for an hour before smoking it. The vinegar aroma is gone and the acetic acid taste is largely undetectable. It does have some floral notes which is something new to me in pipe tobacco and yes, this time I can taste the tobacco, mostly Virginia. My suggestion is that if you want to experiment with this, allow the tobacco to air for at least one hour before you might up. I still prefer vapers, Balkans and English but perhaps this will grow on me in time. I still can't get that ghastly taste and aroma of vinegar when I first lit up. And I still don't understand why they chose it as a "preservative."
3 out of 5
Still good
I purchased quite a few times since 2013 St.Bruno Flake from the UK and Spain. The US Version isn't as dark in color it's also not as sweet and more mild in nicotine. But it's still a fine tobacco.
5 out of 5
welcome return
it was a favorite of mine in year's past. I am enjoying its return.
4 out of 5
I was glad to learn
I was glad to learn that St.Bruno is now again available under a diffrent Blender. I used to smoke the Odgen Brand many years ago, this I ordered the new one and was very pleasantly surprised. Ill keep it in my inventory
5 out of 5
Very rare find....
Very rare find....uncle has been smoking it since the early 40's during WW2 as a young adult in a japanese pow/internment camp. I have bought when I could find it in the UK for him and he was always very thankful. He will be ecstatic to know he can get here in the US.
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