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S.T. Dupont Initial Lighter

Any seasoned cigar veteran will instantly recognize the unique "ping' of someone opening a soft-flame S.T. Dupont lighter. They also know that the lighter is durable, reliable, and super-solid. To celebrate their 75th anniversary, they've created the S.T. Dupont Initial Lighter, and it's one impressive accessory.

Once you flip the lid and hear that distinctive sound, you strike the uber-reliable sparkwheel and you'll see a double-wide soft flame which will make getting your cigar started a snap. The S.T. Dupont Initial Lighter was designed to look and feel like some of their earlier models - the ones that established S.T. Dupont as a world-leader in lighters and accessories. These may not be inexpensive, but when you get the best, it's worth a little more.

S.T. Dupont Initial Lighter - Golden Bronze Squares
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Golden Bronze Squares

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