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Stanwell Vario Pipes Sale

The Vario series offers a fresh and singular look, as these pipes are partially sandblasted, and partially smooth. The blasted sections are then finished in black matte, while the smooth areas are stained with a chestnut tone and nicely polished. The package is completed by the addition of a lustrous black acrylic stem.

Stanwell Vario 32  Bulldog-Straight (32)
  • Stanwell Vario 32  Bulldog-Straight (32)
  • Stanwell Vario 32  Bulldog-Straight (32)
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Vario 32
Overall Rating3 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

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3 out of 5
Nice Looking Pipe
This pipe feel good in the hand. Smokes cool and smooth. I really like the finish. The stem fit was slighty off but that doesn't effect the smoking ability. Good pipe for the price. Stanwell makes a good pipe.
Customer Testimonials
I have been smoking my Stanwell Vario 54 since April, and it has made it into my regular rotation. I enjoy it with Burley blends the best, and it does a credible job keeping the smoke cool and flavorful from the top of the bowl to the bottom. It smokes like a larger pipe with the briar staying cool throughout the smoke. It has a nice finish for an entry level pipe, and I have found it a great value.
JM of Los Angeles, CA
I received my Stanwell last week, actually two pipes #83, #95 I have not smoked the Dublin, #83. The Pot is just amazing. Thick walls and I mean double thick and extra wide bowl make for the most enjoyable smoke. I don't think Stanwell gets the respect as other manufactures, they are underrated for some reason. Vario pipes are entry level of the Stanwell pipes, I would challenge any pipe against my Stanwells, that is after break-in period. The lines are flowing, appearance very masculine, quality briar, and the sand blast finish is among the finest in the world. For $60.00 you get a pipe that will last a life time full of pleasure and relaxation. You simply can not beat this pipe.
VM of Orlando, FL
I purchase a #15 around 20years ago very sweet pipe, well used and loved. For these reasons I purchased 2, a Dublin and a Pot should receive this week.
VM of Orlando, FL
I had bought my Stanwell 54 Vario two years ago and I love it, it's hard to put down and fits in my hand perfectly. Great for work and when i go fishing, i carry it every place i go, smoke clean and cool and great for my English blends.
SB of Edison, NJ
This is one of the best pipes I own, no doubt. I reserve it for my VA/Per blends, and it smokes like a champ. As a relatively new pipe smoker, I was pleasantly surprised by the value of Stanwell's products. Needless to say, I'm definitely suggesting this line to my other friends trying to find an affordable and enjoyable way into the hobby.
ZH of Clintwood, VA
I purchased the Vario 98, and I am thrilled with both the expert craftsmanship and exemplary aesthetics of this pipe. It smokes perfectly, draws a lot of compliments, and easily delivers smoke as well as a $350 Savinelli.
JP of Beverly, MA
Great pipe! Cool smoker and very comfy. But is a shame that I payed so much for it, because just a week later it dropped $20 of its price.
AO of San Juan, PR
Outstanding pipe. Much better than I expected.
JV of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
A great pipe at a great price. Just received mine in the mail, christening it with some 1888 Early Day English. This Stanwell will definitely be in rotation with my Pete Kilarney
SC of Newton, NJ
A very nice smoking and looking pipe. A quality pipe delivered at a fair price.
RB of Lakeside, CA