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Sutliff Dark Decadence

Sutliff Dark Decadence begins as Green River Burley which is sweetened, fire-cured, and then steamed. At the finish, it's infused with a special combination of flavors, including dark fruits and warm vanilla. The result is a sweet, rich smoke with a crowd-pleasing aroma, and gentle enough to enjoy all day. Black Cavendish fans will fall in love with Sutliff Dark Decadence.

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Overall Rating5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sutliff Dark Decadence”

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5 out of 5
Magnificent. Best flavored cavendish I've ever had. It is sweet and caramel and vanilla at its finest. I mixed in a bit of Newminster 400 flake and it turned this into a real special smoke. It is quite moist so some dry time may help. If you are a cavendish smoker you should have an ounce or two of this for rainy days. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5
Aged 2 years = Dark and Decadent
I bought this 2 years ago, tried it, and set it aside because I didn't like it. But I was a new pipe smoker and I hadn't learned about moisture. Stumbled onto it recently, in its original bag. Fired up a bowl on a whim, as it seemed to have cured a bit and wasn't so gloppy. What a difference a couple of Wisconsin winters made! This is really good. Appropriately named even. Good burn through and through... Its Burley roots are there, topped off with more than a hint of plum, black cherry, blackberry, a whiff of vanilla. I found myself saying "this really IS decadent." When I found it, I also found some Lane Dark Red from the same old order. It had also improved, but I prefer the Dark Decadence. It's just a very satisfying, mellow aromatic with a good balance of tobacco and toppings. Highly recommend, with the caveat that it came very moist. You know what to do...
Customer Testimonials
Really tasty! At first I thought this would be too sweet, but it was a pleasent surprize, wonderful room note, excellent burning.
CD of Bristol, CT
Very close to lane BCA but enough difference to be enjoyed as a new blend.
CS of West Plains, MO
A favorite: cordial liquor, plum, fruits.
DG of Trenton, NJ
I was introduced to Dark Decadence by a friend at work to whom I introduced pipe smoking! He had been a rabid cigar smoker and still smokes them routinely as well. I liked the sweet flavor of this tobacco and although it is very similar to Lame Limited BCA it is different enough to be a pleasant change occasionally. My wife likes it fragrance as well.
WJ of Littleton, MA
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