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Sutliff Fox & Hound Pipe Tobacco
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Sutliff Fox & Hound

Sutliff's Fox & Hound takes the typical English blend and turns it on its ear. Some people might consider this to be an American English since it contains some Burley for extra body, but Sutliff Fox & Hound goes a step further by adding some sweet and spicy Louisiana Perique, which amps up the flavor and makes it even deeper and richer. When you want something to follow up a hearty supper, or a bowl before bedtime, here's a great choice.

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Overall Rating4.25 out of 5 Based on 28 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sutliff Fox & Hound”

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4 out of 5
Good flavor and a smooth
Good flavor and a smooth smoke.
5 out of 5
One of my current 3
One of my current 3 favorite tobaccos. The others are Sutliff Lavish English and Stokebyes Oriental Supreme. Lavish English is a richer tobacco and makes a good evening blend but would recommend all 3 if you like this type of tobacco. Kudos to Pipes and Cigars for offering such a wide array of blends. Note that the last shipment arrived a little drier that I like so I did need to hydrate it a little but previous shipments were perfect.
5 out of 5
Nice smoke
A pleasing blend accented by the flavor of the Perique. Being from Louisiana, I can certainly appreciate it. A nice all day blend
5 out of 5
Daily Smoke
I am pretty much committed to this blend as a daily "go to" smoke. It is a great english. Price is great! I have about 2lbs of this stuff jarred up.
4 out of 5
Good if you’re patient!
I tried getting into tobacco in college and bought 2 oz of this in 2016. I smoked it twice but also smoked a cigar not knowing anything about nicotine sickness and got really sick. That turned me off for a while but the friend I smoked with held on to the jar of tobacco for 4 years (He is more into cigars) and we just smoked a bowl together again and this had notes of cinnamon apple and cranberry. Tasted like thanksgiving! I can’t say what it tasted like in 2016 but if you’re one who likes aging. It might be worth it
4 out of 5
mild; slow burning
mild; slow burning
5 out of 5
THE English blend!
If you are looking for an awesome English blend, then this is your cup of tea! The taste is simply impressive.
4 out of 5
great medium bodied English
Four stars, I rarely give 5 so.... It does have Latikia which is not for everyone, but I love it. I think it's a nice American-english it's not as light as some but it's not going to knock anyone down. It does have some hints of orange and spices which may be a topping but I think it's the varietals in the blend.
4 out of 5
I would buy it again
I have had fox and hound from the real deal before. I am not sure how if this is a clone or it was just not cellared long enough, but it wasn't as strong as what i previously had. It is a nice english blend though. I would buy it again.
1 out of 5
Tried a pouch of this to me it tasted like smoking a bar of soap it was terrible ( I don't like latatia) . Which is a understatement.
5 out of 5
Great welcome back!
Got stuck in a 15-year-long cigarette trap, and only very recently managed to escape. The nearest tobacconist is two hours away so finding P&C online was wonderful. Fox & Hound is the perfect re-introduction to english! The perique doesn't get lost in the casing, but balances nicely. Not sure yet how my girlfriend will react to the aroma, but she's tolerant of the aromatics so we'll see. Thanks Sutliff, and thanks!
5 out of 5
Mild Relaxing English
I am generally an Aromatic smoker. I decided to give F & H a try.. I do not regret the choice...F & H in my cob while seated in my "man cave" with a stiff drink in hand...Ahhhh...I will definately order again
2 out of 5
Flavorless to me
I've been smoking "University - The Dean" and decided to branch out and try some different blends. I've tried several bowls of this and to me, it really has no flavor. It's not bad, it's just not ticking any of my boxes. It's so very bland to me. I'm going to try using it as a blender to stretch some of my favorites, but otherwise, I'll have to find someone to gift this to.
2 out of 5
Not what I expected
This blend had all of the components that I enjoy. But the casing used muddles everything together so you don't really taste the individual components. It smelled like a light vanilla casing and that ruined it for me
5 out of 5
A proper english blend
A great blend with a great name it's nice and strong just the way I like it
5 out of 5
Perfect late night bowl
4 out of 5
Sutliff fox snd hound
I like this smoke it burns well with no tongue bite.There is however no distinct flover that I can detect.
5 out of 5
First time for English Blend
Usually an Aro smoker, but wanted to try an English blend....WOW what a surprise, It was very pleasant and refreshing, a very good one to start for a first time English smoke. Was not over powering and burned very well, no tongue bite either. Happy Piper here:)
4 out of 5
Fox & Hound friends forever!
A nice English blend with a peppery taste that does not quit! This has the smokey quality one would expect any top shelf English and the aroma is sure to please any English blend smoker.
5 out of 5
Fantastic blend
Being strictly an aromatic smoker I was curious about what an English blend would taste like, looks like I picked the right one to try. This blend was fantastic. In fact I like it better than alot of aromatics I have tried. If this is an example of what I can expect from English blends I'll be loading up my rotation with them. Will be reordering more of this with my next order! And as always fast service from p and c.
5 out of 5
Fan-Fn-Tastic! Love love love the Fox and Hound. You have got to try it!
5 out of 5
Latakia splendor
If you love Latakia you must try this! Fantastic!!!
3 out of 5
This tobacco is that solid bass player in the four piece band that doesn't draw too much attention to his/herself but provides a solid backbone to the rhythm and tempo of the group. There isn't anything flashy about this tobacco. It's just there. And that's what I love about it. When I want a casual smoke, this is the tobacco I turn to. This good mix brings subtle but excellent flavor. If you want to get knocked onto your rear end or get a nice buzz, this is not the tobacco for you. If you want to relax while reading a book, this tobacco takes the cake.
4 out of 5
Fox and Hound
A good Smoke Wish it had bit more Latakia.
4 out of 5
my new every day smoke
Wow Fox and hound is a pleasant surprise it is a excellent all day smoke and can't be beat for the price will most definitely buy again.
5 out of 5
Excellent service
My favorite tobacco site. Thanks!
5 out of 5
The Perfect Non-aromatic.
After smoking aromatic blends for years I decided to expand my horizons and try some non-aromatic blends. Being a fairly new customer to Pipes and Cigars I experimented with several. I finally found the perfect non aromatic for me. Fox and Hound. Great taste, does not burn the tongue. A very relaxing, great tobacco tasting blend.
5 out of 5
Great mellow smoke
Fox & Hound is a pleasantly mellow smoke for a latakia blend. The burley allows a toasty room note and the perique keeps the flavor interesting and the burn low. I recommend this tobacco as a casual smoke more than an after meal smoke.