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Sutliff Spicey Vanilla

There are a lot of vanilla flavored pipe tobaccos, but this one stands on its own. Sutliff's unique Spicey Vanilla is mostly made of black Cavendish with a dash of bright Virginia for tang. It’s then flavored with a unique spiced vanilla topping for a more lively flavor and aroma. For a vanilla blend that's anything but ordinary, try some Spicey Vanilla.

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Overall Rating 4.44 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Sutliff Spicey Vanilla”

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3 out of 5
Oddly mild
I think this may be the mildest tobacco I have ever smoked. It needs something else. I will mix it with some others that are too strong.
5 out of 5
It was delightful.
Oiled it when it was wet and it smoked very will. You guys did it again. Thank you very much.
4 out of 5
Solid Cav
I'm pretty picky, kind of like that school teacher who doesn't believe in giving "A's," although I have given a few tobaccos 5 stars. This one is a really good, solid tobacco. Minimal bite. Lush smoke. Pleasant room notes. Taste is mellow, smooth, delicate. I docked it 1 star because when comparing the best of the best tobaccos, you've got to be unforgettably perfect.
5 out of 5
Really, no REALLY, like this blend!
Sometimes I'll order an OZ of this or that in bulk to just augment and possibly expand my cellar, not to mention my palate. Occasionally one will impress my buds sufficiently that I will keep to smoke as is. Sometimes I just sit it back as possible addition to a kitchen-sink blend. Rarely does one impress me enough to go straight into my regular rotation. Even more rare is a new, to me, blend so enjoyable that it shoots to the top of my "Gotta-have-another-bowl-of-THAT" list! OK, are you getting the impression that I like this blend? Well, the FIVE stars may have given me away. I'm gonna stop writing now, slow down my puffing to a sip, (cuz I'm smoking a bowl as I write and unconsciously started chugging and overheating my Cob), and return to the emence pleasure of this blend. Thanks again, Sutliff, for yet another Homerun! And kudos to P&C for stellar service and selection. Happy Smokes!
5 out of 5
Sutliff Spicey Vanilla is definitely one of the better subtle vanilla aromatic tobaccos along with the more distinct McClelland VBC, so it depends on how much of a vanilla note and taste you want ... they could even be blended for a balanced toby.
4 out of 5
Sutliff spice vanilla
Good stuff. Smoking it a little every day. Medium to strong so be careful.
5 out of 5
Excellent all day choice!
Sutliff Spicy Vanilla has a great room note. I like the long lasting smoke. Easy to light and stays lit with no bitter bite! Definitely would recommend for an all day choice!
4 out of 5
One of many Vanilla tobaccos I have tried, one of the best IMO.
A good smoke with comfortable taste and note. My number 2 pick thus far trying to discover a replacement for a blend I loved from Thompsons circa 1990's and no longer available.
5 out of 5
A+ aromatic!
This "Spicey Vanilla" is ridiculously good. I purchased it as part of the "Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla" sampler and it is my favorite out of the five. It smokes clean to the bottom of the bowl and doesn't make you feel as though you need to spit all the time like some aromatics. In addition to the very well balanced vanilla flavor, there is a hint of cinnamon, clove or maybe even a top-shelf spiced rum on the pallet while smoking that makes this very enjoyable. It stays lit very well and will leave you wanting more. Great with hot coffee or tea!
Customer Testimonials
Superb, smooth, aromatic, long lasting, one of the best I've ever smoked!