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Three Nuns Green

Imagine rubbing out some coins of Three Nuns Original (now called Orange) and adding some Perique to give it more body, sweetness, and spice. Sounds pretty tasty, right? Well, you don't have to imagine it because now there's Three Nuns Green.

When you open the tin, the comforting sight of the familiar, small, spun-cut coins greet you, but mixed into those discs, besides the usual Virginias and dark-fired Kentucky is the "plum and pepper" addition of zesty Perique. You can stack the tiny coins, fold and stuff, or rub them out, but no matter how you prepare it, Three Nuns Green will deliver notes of grass, dark fruit, pepper, and a barbecue smokiness. If you love Three Nuns Orange, we're pretty sure you'll enjoy Three Nuns Green as well.

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