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Three Wise Men Sampler Pipe Tobacco Samplers
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Three Wise Men Sampler

Here we have the Three Wise Men Sampler. Why is it called the Three Wise Men, well because these three tobaccos are the trio of all trios. You get a tin of Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky, flakes with layers of dark-fired on the top and bottom with a core of bright Virginia. A tin of Fusiliers Ration, a Latakia blend that isn't too heavy, with a lively aroma, and won't leave your palate muddied. Finally a tin of Dunhill Flake, bright yellow flue-cured tobaccos are combined with red/orange Virginias which are matured under pressure and sliced. The trio will be a great addition to your collection. Get it before it's gone! 

Three Wise Men Sampler Includes: 
(1) Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky 1.75oz 
(1) Hearth & Home Fusilier's Ration 1.75oz
(1) Dunhill Flake 1.75oz Tin 
(1) Pipe Tool

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Overall Rating4.67 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

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5 out of 5
Phenomenal three samplers.
Phenomenal three samplers.
4 out of 5
Great Sampler, Decent Tool
PLEASE GET MORE PETERSON FLAKE IN STOCK! (A NOOB REVIEW) New to pipe smoking, but I will still share what I think. This is great sample pack, three delicious flavors and a usable tool. 1. Peterson Flake: My new and current go-to smoke, super bright and clean tasting, like a dry summer field, turns peppery and sweet. Smooth the entire way through, even in a corn cob pipe. Absolutely wonderful. Easy to dry and easy to smoke. 2. Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky: Nothing wrong with this at all, pretty smooth for something called dark strong, there's a great balance between the deep sweet and smokey flavors, and the high peppery and fruity flavors. Enjoyable, will smoke the whole can, but probably won't get it again. 3 Fusilier's Ration: 5/5.....unless you're around people, then it's 4/5. I love this blend so much, the deep and flavorful smoke, flavors that remind me of english breakfast tea and juniper berry, the smooth draw. It tastes so good, I want more people to enjoy it, unfortunatly, most people seem to think it smells and tastes terrible, but keep in mind, I'm asking non pipe smokers about this. If you want something that tastes amazing, GET THIS! 4. THE TOOL: It kinda does what i need it to. The packer is great, good weight, good surface area and not too big or small. The scraper also does a good job, good at scraping off crud off the side of your pipes, could be slightly sharpened or narrowed on one side to make it easier. The poker, NOPE!, too short, too small, too square, almost useless, i can use it to mix up the ashes in the first part of the pipe, that's it. Corkscrew, broke the first try, now forever lost inside a wine cork. Bottle Opener, can use it to open beer bottles without scratching my lighter, 10/10
5 out of 5
Nice sampler, cool tool
I’ve been a long time fan of Dunhill Flake, but the Dark Strong Kentucky and Fusilier’s Ration were new to me. I’ve yet to smoke the Fusilier’s. I’ve been mistaken in putting off smoking Dark Strong Kentucky ... nice change to vapers and balkans I usually smoke. Has almost a maple syrup finish to it that stays in my mustache all day. I’ll definitely keep a bit on hand. I expect that it will age well, too. The tool was really pretty neat: bunch of tools folding into a sleek, perfectly sized (IMO) tamper. Price was great on the sampler. Service from P&C was great as always.
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