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Trinidad Espiritu Cigars
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Trinidad Espiritu

A lot of you weren't smoking premium cigars in the mid-seventies, but I was, and it was a very interesting time. If you liked mellower cigars, there were choices from Jamaica, the Canary Islands, and the Dominican Republic that would be perfect for you. If you wanted something more robust, it typically was from Honduras. But then cigars began arriving from Nicaragua, and they were game-changers. They were bold and pleasantly spicy and unlike anything else. Now we're dialing back the clock with Trinidad Espiritu.

Blended by AJ Fernandez, these cigars recall the flavors of the early Nicaraguan puros, but with a bit more sophistication. The Nicaraguans back then had plenty of strength and spice, but they also had a bit of an edge to them. Trinidad Espiritu gives you the rich medium to full-bodied flavor and enough spice, but it's never harsh. You'll get notes of cedar, toast, and a hint of citrus with just enough pepper for a nice balance.

Note: These cigars are newly released products debuting at the 2019 IPCPR Trade Show. They will begin shipping in July, so get your pre-orders in today!  

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Belicoso (6.1"x52)
Box of 20In Stock$208.00
save $21.0110% off
Belicoso (6.1"x52)
Pack of 5In Stock$49.00
Belicoso (6.1"x52)
SingleIn Stock$10.40
Magnum (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Box of 20In Stock$232.55
save $22.5610% off
Magnum (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
Pack of 5In Stock$58.15
save $3.155% off
Magnum (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
SingleIn Stock$11.63
Robusto (5.0"x50)
Box of 20In Stock$216.18
save $21.1910% off
Robusto (5.0"x50)
Pack of 5In Stock$54.05
save $2.55
Robusto (5.0"x50)
SingleIn Stock$10.81
Toro (6.0"x54)
Box of 20In Stock$221.64
save $21.6510% off
Toro (6.0"x54)
Pack of 5In Stock$55.40
save $5.4010% off
Toro (6.0"x54)
SingleIn Stock$11.08

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