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Tsuge "Gods" Gunjin

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Tsuge's Gunjin (the Samurai god) combines superlative quality, bright Virginias with the exotic flavor of select Orientals and a dash of smooth black Cavendish. There's a mellow  sweetness to this mixture that's particularly warm and comforting without being cloying. For a hard to describe, rich experience, Gunjin will deliver.

Overall Rating 4.42 out of 5 Based on 12 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Tsuge "Gods" Gunjin”

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5 out of 5
I just love the flavor
2 out of 5
Great Possibilities, But Below Average Results.
I ordered a tin of Gunjin a while back. The blend sounded intriguing, and I was impressed by the tin art -- so I was game for it. Upon cracking open the tin, it was very moist, almost goopy, and it was obvious all over the stained paper. (Needless to say, it took some drying out.) The cut was mixed, inconsistent, and very unattractive, yet the quality of the tobacco seemed fine. As for the taste, however, I would compare its profile to that of a fruitcake, haphazardly thrown together by a drunken baker working with whatever materials he just happened to have on hand. I looked for some semblance of cohesion throughout each bowl, but kept arriving at the same impression -- that this blend, although fairly smooth, sadly lacked bearing and fullness, and is more of a mishmash of great possibilities that never quite synergized. I wanted to like it; I really did! But I ended up dumping the rest of it about halfway through (although, I did keep the beautiful tin!). Because I did love Tsuge Fujin, perhaps this was merely a bad tin.
5 out of 5
The best tin blend that I've had in years.
I Enjoy Tsuge Gunjin by itself, but it really shines when blended with Scotty's Bass Pond & Dark Flake Unscented. Did not burn as hot as other Virginia / Oriental blends I've had. Much more smooth with no tongue bite if you sip it like you are supposed to. Lot's of beautiful smoke like a cigar, but much much better. Did not goop up my pipe or ghost it with anything nasty either. Burns clean right down to ash. Has a slight sweet taste that I perceive as a natural tobacco flavor. Very interesting and complex tobacco flavors that seem to change while you are smoking it. I highly recommend this to blend with other tobaccos as it seems to enhance other tobacco flavors that are too wet and brings out the flavor of other blends and tobaccos without changing them too much. I ordered 3 tins of this when a friend recommended it and so glad I did. !
3 out of 5
Smooth, cool smoke, and what it is portrayed by it's description. The smoke is week and the flavor doesn't last enough so that you can feel the smoke. Latakia, Cavendish, and Virginia are mixed in a fashion that is week, however if you don't like your smoke with a strong bite, your Gunjin should do the purpose.
5 out of 5
I like it it’s very smooth it didn’t bite and it’s a crowd pleaser everyone loves the smell
5 out of 5
Mild with smooth smoke...
Quite good tobacco....
4 out of 5
Nice light tobaccco
This is a good, light, and slightly sweet tobacco. Packs well, burns well, and has a nice mellow taste. Tends to have a slight bite if pushed though
5 out of 5
Gentle smoke, very natural.
Tin note is faintly sweet. No topping detected. Good to smoke right out of tin. Seems like high quality leaf used. Soft, floral texture, not in flavor though. Flavor is straight forward tobacco. Aroma is pleasant. No tongue bite in sight. Highly recommended, will be getting more.
5 out of 5
Tsuge Gunjin
Didn't open - In the cellar for now
4 out of 5
Effervescent, light, and balanced. A luminous bowl I might say.
5 out of 5
Very nice. The light burley and touch of cavendish tone down the traditional bitterness of the oriental. One of the smoothest and cleanest-smoking tobaccos I've ever tried.
5 out of 5
I could smoke this all day.
I first tried Gunjin in the Gods Sampler. It's very smooth, burns cool, and has always left me wanting another bowl right away (just so I could enjoy it all over again). My 2nd tin is almost gone, and with good reason. I may have to stock up on a few more tins.
Customer Testimonials
This was part of the 4 tin sampler "god series" i bought after trying one tin of "ryujin"... this is the mildest. Nice smell, cool burning. A light smoke with a little spice on the end, good with a second cup of coffee in the morning, or to break up your normal rotation any time of day.
First tin out of the sampler I opened, very nice cool smoke, burns down to a nice clean ash to the bottom of the bowl, I could enjoy this through the day.