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Tsuge Kaga Pipes

Tsuge's Kagas are production briars with a continental, handmade-type appearance. The 904 shape is a canted squat egg with a bent stem. They're less than five inches long and lightweight, but the chambers have good capacity. The freehand-style vulcanite stems are remarkably comfortable, and the Kagas are among Tsuges most affordable pipes.

904 Sandblast  Freehand-Bent (FHDQ3)
  • 904 Sandblast  Freehand-Bent (FHDQ3)
  • 904 Sandblast  Freehand-Bent (FHDQ3)
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904 Sandblast
Tsuge Kaga 904S  Freehand-Bent (904S)
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Tsuge Kaga 904S

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