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Twin Engine Coffee - Nicaraguan Cigar Blend Gourmet
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Twin Engine Coffee - Nicaraguan Cigar Blend

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Nicaragua produces so many great premium cigars that it would make sense that a Nicaraguan cigar company would develop a blend that's specifically made to pair up with a fine smoke, and here it is - Twin Engine Coffee - Nicaraguan Cigar Blend.
One of Twin Engine Coffee's founders has extensive experience in premium cigars, so he knows what to look for in pairing a beverage with a cigar. Nicaraguan Cigar Blend comes in two roasts - dark and medium with both bearing light acidity and fruity notes. The medium roast works beautifully with rich but earthy cigars with moderate spice, while the dark roast pairs up well with a spicier cigar, like a Man O' War Ruination. Grab a stick and a mug and head for the deck, my friend!

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