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V-Cut Guillotine Cutter

The v-cut or cat's-eye cut has become a lot more popular in recent years, because it's nearly impossible to take off too much. This is the most economical way to  try a v-cutter, so pick one up. Who knows? You might prefer it.

V-Cut Guillotine Cutter BLACK
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V-Cut Guillotine Cutter BLACK
Overall Rating3.5 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

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5 out of 5
V-cut cigar cutter
Very nice product
1 out of 5
First cut first time teared the cigar
4 out of 5
So far, it is better than the standard flat cutter...
This was a cutter style I had never tried so I decided to find a low cost model to test the concept. Since I tend to smoke mostly lower cost Churchills on the go, and they seem to have many uneven and inconsistent caps, I figured I would see if this might be a fair solution to the problem(s). With a traditional cutter and inconsistent cap, cut too little and it's a hard draw; cut too much and the cigar will begin to unravel at that end. So far, this one did solve that issue. In addition, the cigar 'mouth end' tended to keep the bite end round shape better (vs. wet flatting). I presumed if it works on the low-end products, it will work on my high-end cigars as well. Though I have only used it a few days (so, I have no clue if it will stay sharp) it did for now solve the few issues I mentioned. If I receive good results for a reasonable time I will give it another star (and then maybe purchase a higher grade model). On the other hand, I could also purchase quite a few of these for the prices the better ones seem to cost.
4 out of 5
fine to experiment with
not a bad cutter for the price and i recommend if you want to experiment with v cut but i warn you mine does not cut very well near the end, it does more of a tear. I am currently shopping for a better quality cutter.
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