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Vector Elio Pipe Lighter
  • Vector Elio Pipe Lighter
  • Vector Elio Pipe Lighter
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Vector Elio Pipe Lighter

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Say hello to Elio. When you're looking for a pipe lighter, what features do you want? Side-firing soft flame? Check. Easy to use, comfortable trigger? Check. Large, easy access flame adjustment wheel? Check. Pull-down tamper that pulls out for use as a pick? Check. You'd probably be happier if it were less than $100, right? What about less than $50? Even better. But if you could get a lighter like this for well under $20 in your choice of five finishes, it's a no-brainer, so move one into your shopping cart right now.

Overall Rating3.6 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Vector Elio Pipe Lighter”

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5 out of 5
Great lighter!!!!!! Was worried about
Great lighter!!!!!! Was worried about it holding up to constant daily use, I smoke alot. It hasn't let down yet. Only con is no sight glass. But as always release the excess gas and count to ten on the fill and you will be satisfied with the amount. Of lights you get.
4 out of 5
More PROS then CONS
Right out of the box it lit. Refueled with Ronson butane and it became finicky on several different attempts to light. Emptyied the chambered and bought MUCH better fuel and has been consistent to light ever since. I love the weight, the feel, and the finish. It looks very expensive and feels great. The easy to adjust dial is a bonus compared to the "Old Boy" lighter i have. The tamper is does exactly that but the tiny pic makes it a struggle to clean out the bowl since its a little short. The price is attractive and the reliablitity gives the it the stars in which you see. The drawback is the pic. Otherwise a handsome lighter with an attractive price. Will buy another again soon.
2 out of 5
Not Great
I have had a lot of trouble with this lighter from the start. I would not recommend it.
5 out of 5
Satisfied Customer
Not only was the service prompt, the prices were reasonable and the quality of the product, excellent.
2 out of 5
no fuel
the light looks nice and feels great but the light came empty so its kinda useless till i order a refill can...
Customer Testimonials
You get what you pay for, it worked great for about 3 months than it started to miss-fire and now it barley works. bad lighter
HP of Los Angeles, CA
It has a great finish on it. lights every time after the initial couple times playing with it, also the addition of the tamper makes it great to pre-pack a bowl and grab and go kit. great lighter for the price.
KS of Highland, IL
OK it seems my luck is running true here , I seemed to have got the one bad lighter out of the lot. Now I have to send it in for warranty repair. The igniter is working ok but fuel problems I guess, try to light it and it spews liquid butane.... which makes for exciting little explosion. The lighter then refuses to light.
A good quality lighter, very good value. It has held up well, including the gun metal finish. Feels and works like a $40 lighter.
GK of Eugene, OR
It's a nice lighter for the price. I like that the price didn't increase for the polished chrome finish, so that's a plus. I really don't have any complaints. Just a quick note: you'll have to start (or flick?) the lighter a few times after filling with fluid in order for the fluid to load up. Also, be sure to turn down the intensity dial (?); it lit up so high that I probably could've used it for creme brulee!
KH of Oakland, NJ
Great lighter for the money!! I've had more expensive lighters that have performed worse. I would highly recommend it and would buy again.
TF of Roanoke, VA
This is one of the best lighters I've had for a while. And for the price, you simply cannot beat it. Make sure you order fluid and the vector fluid is the best. Highly reccomend.
SL of Fort Sill, OK
Good little lighter. Haven't had it long, but working great. And for the price, you can't beat this one.
TC of Astoria, OR
So far it lights up every time. Good solid feel, metal construction, looks nice. Only time will tell on how good it really is.
MS of Frankfort, KY