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Xikar Ash Can Ashtrays
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Xikar Ash Can

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What a cool little travel companion the Xikar Ash Can is. Made completely of steel, the stainless kind. Specifically designed for your vehicle they fit into those deep round drink holders where most of us can find change and old receipts. It has two separate but ideally functional rings on the interior with one being to hold your stogie and the other to gently knock the ash off. Lest I forget, there's also a snug fitting top to keep all the burnt leaf safe and secure. Cool little deal for sure. Pick up your Xikar Ash Can today.

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As a cigar blogger and cigar lover I have 4 of these cans. I keep two in each car and I use them in my boat also. Great well built product that last and lasts. I have had one on my boat in the weather for 2 years and it is still in perfect shape. Highly recommend.
BS of Clarkston, MI
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