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Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter

If you're like me, traditional double guillotine cutters can drive you crazy. When they're brand new, they do a great job of shaving the cap, but once the blades start to dull, they crack and shatter your cigars. Even when they're new, a lot of them don't cut flat, leaving a bit of a "crown". All of that is a thing of the past with the new Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter.
Finished in a sharp-looking gunmetal color, The Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter doesn't look much different than a lot of other cutters, but if you look closely, you;ll see why this might be the best cutter you've ever used. The blades on this precision piece are stainless steel and feature a serrated edge. The tiny "teeth" keep this cutter sharp for a long time, and they eliminate crowning by getting a bite on the cap as you cut. Since they come in a nice gift box, they're perfect for birthday, Christmas or groomsmen presents. Say goodbye to ruined cigars with the Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter.

Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter [w/BOX]  Gun Metal
  • Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter [w/BOX]  Gun Metal
  • Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter [w/BOX]  Gun Metal
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Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter [w/BOX]
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Perfec cutter
Very good excelente
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