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ACID Cigars

ACID Cigars

The genius and talented creators at Drew Estate have taken tobacco blending to another level with their popular ACID cigars. Their unique infusion process gives each ACID cigar flavors unlike anything else in the industry. ACID cigars are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua with top-shelf premium tobaccos, and then are infused to create the smooth flavors that have become favorites among cigar enthusiasts.  Any of these premium cigar series are excellent including ACID Red, ACID Gold Holistics, ACID Purple Juggernaut, or ACID Blue Remi. An ACID cigar sampler is a good way to go if you're trying these for the first time.


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ACID Cigarillos

$0.75 per cigar
3 Options
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ACID Cigars by Drew Estate

$0.99 - $12.60 per cigar
61 Options
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ACID Ltd. Def Sea

$5.00 - $9.00 per cigar
3 Options
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ACID Opulence 3

$7.00 - $9.50 per cigar
6 Options
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Cigar Samplers

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ACID Limited Edition Sampler Tin

14 Cigars
Only $49.99
In Stock