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All Humidors

This is your one stop shop for all humidors from jars, desktop, locker, travel humidors and more, we have it all. Whether you have a small collection or a large selection, this will be the place you will find all your needs for your cigars. Make sure that you are keeping them fresh and properly stored with a humidor of your choice along with our affordable humidification accessories. Find a premium selection of top-brand cigars here as well to stock up your humidors. Whatever you need for your tobacco pleasure, we have it here at P&C at affordable prices.
The Escalade Trunk Humidor  5000 Cigar CapacityQuickviewThe Escalade Trunk Humidor 5000 Cigar Capacity $500.00Only $349.99In Stock
Esplanade Humidor  30 Cigar CapacityQuickviewEsplanade Humidor 30 Cigar Capacity $165.00Only $116.99In Stock
Bourbon Street II Humidor  125 Cigar CapacityQuickviewBourbon Street II Humidor 125 Cigar Capacity $225.00Only $179.99In Stock
Xikar PG Humidor Solution  8 oz BottleQuickviewXikar PG Humidor Solution 8 oz Bottle $7.99Only $6.99Backordered Notify
Royal Tradition Humidor  125 Cigar CapacityQuickviewRoyal Tradition Humidor 125 Cigar Capacity $180.00Only $125.00Backordered Notify
Ironsides Humidor 25  50 Cigar CapacityQuickviewIronsides Humidor 25 50 Cigar Capacity $100.00Only $59.99Backordered Notify
Versailles Humidor  100 Cigar CapacityQuickviewVersailles Humidor 100 Cigar Capacity $290.00Only $99.99Backordered Notify
Old Glory Humidor  100 Cigar CapacityQuickviewOld Glory 100 Capacity Humidor 100 Cigar Capacity $140.00Only $119.99Backordered Notify
Lotus Carbon Fiber Humidor  30 Cigar CapacityQuickviewLotus Carbon Fiber Humidor [30 CAP] 30 Cigar Capacity $100.00Only $69.99Backordered Notify
Countertop Display Humidor 150  150 Cigar CapacityQuickviewCountertop Display Humidor 150 150 Cigar Capacity $350.00Only $174.99Backordered Notify
Treasure Dome Humidor Cigar AccesoriesQuickviewTreasure Dome Humidor 250 Cigar Capacity $275.00Only $159.99Backordered Notify
Ironsides Humidor 100  100 Cigar CapacityQuickviewIronsides Humidor 100 100 Cigar Capacity $150.00Only $99.99Backordered Notify
Sterling 150 Display Humidor  100 Cigar CapacityQuickviewSterling 150 Display Humidor 100 Cigar Capacity $200.00Only $149.99Backordered Notify
Alhambra Humidor Cigar AccesoriesQuickviewThe Alhambra Humidor 100 Cigar Capacity $100.00Only $69.99Backordered Notify
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