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Here's a cigar company that definitely "bucks the trend." Bahia Cigar prizes quality and what's more, they seem to have found a way to manufacture great cigars that consumers can readily afford. Bahia Blu is a flavorful well-balanced medium-bodied cigar offering notes of cedar and earth, while Connecticut Deluxe is mellow to medium-bodied delivering a creamy flavor with a hint of spice, and Bahia Maduro is the cigar that helped put Bahia on the map with its rich tobacco flavor and dark roasted coffee notes. When you want a solid, well—priced handmade cigar, Bahia is the brand to go with. 


Bahia B-Line Cigars

Bahia B-Line

As low as $39.99
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Bahia Blu Cigars

Bahia Blu

As low as $49.99
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Bahia Brazil Cigars

Bahia Brazil

As low as $49.99
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Bahia Connecticut Deluxe Cigars

Bahia Connecticut Deluxe

Box of 40
Only $69.99
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Bahia Gold Maduro Cigars

Bahia Gold Maduro

Box of 20
Only $79.99
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Bahia Maduro Cigars

Bahia Maduro

As low as $49.99
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Bahia Trinidad Cigars

Bahia Trinidad

Pack of 20
Only $54.99
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