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Baraccini Copper Pipes


Baraccini is among the biggest brands available at P&C,  and for good reason. Throughout the years they have offered fantastic pipes at reasonable prices in a wide range of shapes and finishes. Known for their classic shapes and styling, they have built a solid reputation among the P&C Faithful. The Copper Series was created to highlight modern shapes and designs that are quite popular with pipe smokers these days. The pipes are absolutely stunning, whether you are looking for a rugged sandblast or a beautiful smooth with outstanding grain, the Copper Series has a pipe for you. This is a one-time run and quantities are extremely limited, so if you see one, grab it, because these aren’t going to last long.   

12 Days of Deals - Day #10 Baraccini Copper Smooth and Sandblast Pipes are $20 Off Until Midnight!

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