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Battle of the Blends Round 2


Our tobacco's are at it again! They all want the crown and will put everything on the line to win it! Our Faithful must decide which will be victorious. Pick up a few battles below at their reduced rate, smoke 'em and come back to declare your winner by leaving a review! Act fast, we are all eager to see which mixtures come out on top!

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Outdoing Dunhill  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewOutdoing Dunhill Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $16.89Only $13.99In Stock
Palate Friendly Latakias  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewPalate Friendly Latakias Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $33.00Only $23.99In Stock
Robust Rumble  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewRobust Rumble Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $18.75Only $13.99In Stock
Heavy Weight Pugilism  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewHeavy Weight Pugilism Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $32.25Only $22.99In Stock
The Flake of Flakes: Virginia Style  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewThe Flake of Flakes: Virginia Style Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $36.50Only $23.99In Stock
Chocolate with Your Fish?  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewChocolate with Your Fish? Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $19.25Only $17.99In Stock
Vainglorious Vanillas  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewVainglorious Vanillas Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $31.25Only $21.99In Stock
Kentucky Knock-Out  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewKentucky Knock-Out Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $17.50Only $10.99In Stock
Mellow Ribbons  Pipe Tobacco SamplerQuickviewMellow Ribbons Pipe Tobacco SamplerNew $14.25Only $8.99In Stock
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