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Battle of the Blends Winner Circle


Welcome to the Battle of the Blends winner circle. And thank you to the P&C Faithful voting for what you believe to be the best of the best. We took those votes and were able to determine the winners and created an amazing Winner's Circle. So come and see if your favorites made the cut. While perusing the winners, there will be a nice variety of different blends, from your favorites to new ones that were voted highly for. We have the favorites from each bout and what your favorite tin, bag, pouch and bulk are all featured here.  This is your opportunity to try all the winners and see if the P&C Faithful made the mark!

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Cult Blood Red Moon  1.75 Ounce Tin
Only $9.50
In Stock
Escudo Navy De Luxe  1.75 Ounce Tin
Only $12.95
In Stock
Sutliff Private Stock Molto Dolce  1.5 Ounce Tin
Only $7.29
In Stock
Hearth & Home 10 to Midnight Bulk  Per OZ
As low as $3.55
In Stock
Smoker's Pride Natural  12 Ounce Bag
Only $11.99
In Stock
RO Series Acadian Gold  1.75 Ounce Tin
Only $19.99
In Stock
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