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Bohemian cigars by Victor Sinclair are handmade and specially rolled by trained torcederos. Each Bohemian premium features a Cuban-style pigtail cap along with an unfinished foot. The Bohemian Red Corojo is medium to full-bodied bursting with flavor of cedar, baking spices, leather, pepper, and a nice sweetness on the finish, while Bohemian Black Oscuro is a great mellow to medium-bodied cigar to enjoy on the golf course. Eluding notes of roasted nut, wood, and mellow spices, Black Oscuro is a dark cigar that's flavorful and smooth. Grab a Bohemian cigar here at P&C and enjoy.


Bohemian Red Corojo Cigars

Bohemian Red Corojo

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Victor Sinclair Bohemian Bamboo Cigars

Victor Sinclair Bohemian Bamboo

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Victor Sinclair Bohemian Black Oscuro Cigars

Victor Sinclair Bohemian Black Oscuro

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