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Branded Bags and Pouches


P&C teamed up with three of the most popular pipe brands, and we created high-quality leather goods at a reasonable price! Each brand's pouches bring a unique look to the table. Stanwell is a classic brand known for great style, which is evident from the fine black leather pouches and pipe case. Viking pouches go for a more rugged look with brown leather (some smooth and some sued) - available in five different pouch options and a 3-pipe travel case. Baraccini rounds out the lineup with four pouches and a 4-pipe travel case, all in black leather with tan trim. Be sure explore all of the fantastic options from these three amazing brands!

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Brand new Baraccini, Viking, and Stanwell premium leather pouches and pipe-cases. Each brand comes with their own unique style. These pipe cases and tobacco pouches allow you to carry both your pipes and tobacco in style! The Baraccini line has four tobacco pouches and one pipe case. Viking offers you five beautiful brown leather pouches and a 3-pipe travel case. Finally, Stanwell showcases five black leather options - four pouches and a 2-pipe case! You do not want to miss out on this run of tobacco pouches and pipe-cases!

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