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Briar Pipes

Briar pipes are the most common tobacco pipes for sale today, and for good reason. With a natural resistance to fire, a natural ability to absorb moisture and an attractive appearance, these pipes are the perfect match for any and all pipe enthusiasts. Choose your favorite from a huge selection of affordable, discounted briar pipes for sale that would make excellent additions to your pipe collection.
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Chacom 996 PipesQuickviewChacom 996 Pipes4 Options  As low as $121.99 See All
Ropp Spigot Pipe #6  BRA-BentQuickviewRopp Spigot Pipe #6 BRA-Bent  Only $150.00Only 4 Left
Butz-Choquin Sumpermate 1601 White QuickviewButz-Choquin Sumpermate 1601 White  $160.00Only $89.99Only 5 Left
Butz-Choquin Maja 2203 QuickviewButz-Choquin Maja 2203  $107.00Only $85.99Only 4 Left
Stanwell 75th Smooth 107  Billiard-Straight (107)QuickviewStanwell 75th Smooth 107 Billiard-Straight (107) $150.00Only $134.99In Stock
Rossi Otranto 123  Pot-BentQuickviewRossi Otranto 123 Pot-Bent $137.00Only $110.00Only 1 Left