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P&C Bundle Bonanza


A lot of the P&C Faithful enjoy cigars, but not a lot of us can feel comfortable lighting up $20 cigars two or three times a day. What can you do if you want to enjoy a nice handmade without spending a ton? Easy. Just take a look at our selection of bundled cigars.

Bundled cigars are made using some processes that bring down the cost, including skipping the more expensive boxes and wrapping them in cellophane. There are cigars of all sizes, from a variety of countries and manufacturers, and in a wide range of flavors and levels of strength, so you can be sure to find something you enjoy, with prices starting as low as $0.55 a stick. Take a look at all the options P&C has for you and get ready to be amazed!

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HC Series White Shade Grown Toro (6.5"x52) Pack of 20QuickviewHC Series White Shade Grown Toro (6.5"x52) Pack of 20 $162.50Only $71.99In Stock
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