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Castello Pipes

Castello Pipes

Castello pipes were first produced in 1947 in Cantu Italy. Operating in a country that was known for producing thousands of pipes annually, Carlo Scotti, the creator of Castello, wanted to produce a high-grade Italian pipe that would rival the English brands that were selling pipes around the world and commanding a hefty sum compared to other pipes at the time. Castello is still one of the most sought after pipes available today. From classic shaping, impeccable finishing, and comfortable hand cut stems, there‚Äôs a reason most pipe collectors have at least a few Castello pipes in their collection. The Sea Rock pipe is Castello's signature rusticated finish, a fine selection to don your tobacco in.  

Castello is well-known for their amazingly popular pipes, and now they have a nice line of tobaccos, with something for just about any pipe enthusiast. These four blends rightfully deserve to bear the Castello name.


Castello Sea Rock Pipes

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