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Comoy's is a classic brand of pipes that are the target of many pipe collectors worldwide. Today's Comoy's pipes pay homage to their predecessors by staying with traditional shapes and finishes including Comoy's Blue Riband and Pebble Grain pipes, all at surprisingly affordable prices.

After more than a century of making classic briar pipes, Comoy's has a series of superb pipe tobaccos that stand up to their legendary reputation. These fine blends cover the whole range of tastes, so there's at least one of the Cask tobacco series that should find its way into your rotation especially when they’re available at two bucks a piece here at P&C.

For a limited time, when you purchase any Comoy pipe you will receive a FREE Comoy Ashtray! Perfect for the Holiday Season! 

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Comoy Cask 12

3.5 Ounce Tin
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Comoy's Cask 11

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