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Cuban Honeys

Cuban Honeys

Cuban Honeys is a great line of uniquely flavored cigars, with an all-new blend of tobaccos and infusions made by the largest manufacturer of flavored cigars in the world. Try every flavor of Cuban Honeys including coffee, southern gentleman, cherry, Dr. Kocher, vanilla, honey, and Drunken Truffle for a flavorful cigar experience. These aromatic premiums are priced nicely for your wallet, so if you’re a fan of flavored cigars stock up on each one of these delightful Cuban Honeys, and enjoy any time you’re craving a tasty cigar. Save even more with the Try ‘Em All Sampler offering one each of the Cuban Honey’s flavors available at a bargain-friendly price here at P&C!

Cigar Samplers

Cuban Honeys 14 Cigar Sampler

14 Cigars
Only $29.99
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Cuban Honeys Try 'Em All Sampler

7 Cigars
Only $29.99
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Cuban Honeys

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