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Cubero is the ideal choice when you want a smooth, sweet cigar, but don't have the time for a large one. They come in packs of five in an easy to carry box. Save more by purchasing a unit of five packs for 25 of these flavorful, satisfying cigarillos. Cubero Blend No. 12 combines the popular flavors of chocolate and coffee, while Cubero Blend No. 35 embodies the flavor of a classic mojito with notes of rum, mint, and sugar, and Cubero Blend No. 7 provides the sweet taste of grapes for a pleasant flavor and aroma. For a sweet cigar, Cubero is the quality choice at affordable prices.


Cubero Blend No. 35 Cigars

Cubero Blend No. 35

Pack of 20 [10/2]
Only $5.88
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