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Duran Cigars

Roberto P. Duran, with roots in the Cuban cigar industry going back to the 1920s, bring a desire to recreate the flavors of his native country in Nicaragua so everyone can enjoy that rich, robust taste. Using the finest tobaccos available, he uses his experience to create cigars with a one of a kind taste.
One unique approach his company uses the EPF (Evolution and Progressive Flavor) method of construction, which allow the flavor of each cigar to build gradually as you savor its complexity. From Neya Classic to Robert Duran Signature line, see for yourself the impact that this method has on your enjoyment of a Duran cigar.


Azan Burgundy Line Cigars

Azan Burgundy Line

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Azan Maduro Natural Line Cigars

Azan Maduro Natural Line

As low as $89.99
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Neya Classic Cigars

Neya Classic

Only $4.00
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Neya F8 Cigars

Neya F8

Only $7.00
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Robert Duran Signature Line Cigars

Robert Duran Signature Line

Only $25.00
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Roberto Duran Baracoa Cigars

Roberto Duran Baracoa

As low as $18.00
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