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Flea Market Sale


Hi, and welcome to P&C’s Flea Market Sale! No, we’re not actually selling any fleas (they jump around too much to corral them), but what we do have is a great assortment of select pipes that we have hand-picked for specifically for this sale. We went through each one of our bins and come up with a collection of pipes that we not only could we do a deep dive on prices for you but pipes that are one of a kind that you might not see again! So come on in and take a look at this collection because there’s something here for everyone. We haven’t done this for some time, and it’s only going to last a week, so when you see what you like, grab it! These pipes and these values won’t be around for long.

**50+ More Pipes just ADDED! 

**All prices are discounted directly on the pages below!**

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Ropp Spigot Pipe #6  BRA-BentQuickviewRopp Spigot Pipe #6 BRA-Bent  Only $150.00Only 4 Left
Drew Estate Robusto Pipe  Barrel-StraightQuickviewDrew Estate Robusto Pipe Barrel-Straight  Only $275.00Only 1 Left
Chacom Sandblast  Billiard-Straight (1Q)QuickviewChacom Sandblast Billiard-Straight (1Q)  Only $70.00Only 1 Left
Wellington Churchwarden Red 1002 QuickviewWellington Churchwarden Red 1002  $95.00Only $74.99Only 5 Left
Brebbia Sailing Sabbiata 3  Dublin-StraightQuickviewBrebbia Sailing Sabbiata 3 Dublin-Straight  Only $130.50Only 1 Left
IL Ceppo PipesQuickviewIL Ceppo Pipes4 Options  As low as $275.00 See All
Ascorti Torino #729 Natural  Brandy-Bent (729N)QuickviewAscorti Torino #729 Natural Brandy-Bent (729N)  Only $110.00Only 1 Left
Northern Bria Rox Cutr Cup and Saucer  Billiard-Bent (BLR6)QuickviewNorthern Bria Rox Cutr Cup and Saucer Billiard-Bent (BLR6)  Only $300.00Only 1 Left
Gamboni Jet Bulldog  Artisan PipeQuickviewGamboni Jet Bulldog Artisan Pipe  Only $499.99Only 1 Left
Ascorti Sabbia PipesQuickviewAscorti Sabbia Pipes4 Options  As low as $200.00 See All
Radice PipesQuickviewRadice Pipes2 Options  As low as $265.00 See All
Luciano Sandblast Light Egg  Ball-BentQuickviewLuciano Sandblast Light Egg Ball-Bent  Only $160.00Only 1 Left
Ascorti Cool NUS  Poker-Bent (PKR1)QuickviewAscorti Cool NUS Poker-Bent (PKR1)  Only $463.94Only 1 Left
Junior Noce Lovat  Lovat-StraightQuickviewJunior Noce Lovat Lovat-Straight  Only $135.00Only 2 Left
Genod Large Classic -4  Diplomat-BentQuickviewGenod Large Classic -4 Diplomat-Bent  Only $180.00Only 1 Left
Jacono Rustic Knight E Natural Sitter  Artisan PipeQuickviewJacono Rustic Knight E Natural Sitter Artisan Pipe  Only $267.26Only 1 Left
Pascucci Tan Rustic Apple  Artisan PipeQuickviewPascucci Tan Rustic Apple Artisan Pipe  Only $190.00Only 1 Left
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