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Forseti Pipes

Forseti pipes were inspired by an earlier time when quality and craftsmanship were a company’s first priority. We took a look at today’s pipe market and saw a need to bring back freehand pipes at great prices as well as affordable classics for those that prefer standard shapes such as the Billiard, Dublin, and Brandy. Forseti is a brand that is built on giving pipe smokers a wide variety of shapes and styles at affordable prices. All the briar is well aged and will provide a cool, dry smoke. Forseti has a pipe in their catalog for any pipe smoker and as soon as you smoke one, you may be back for a few more.

Check out the latest addition to the Forseti line-up, the new Forseti Bamboo. These new pipes are made from quality briar with aged bamboo shanks that lend an elegant look to each pipe. Available in a multitude of great shapes, try a Forseti Bamboo today!


Forseti Bamboo Pipes

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Forseti Natural Freehand Pipes

Panel-Bent (PNL1)
Only $99.99
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Forseti Natural Pipes

Billiard-Bent (BLR2)
Only $46.75
Out Of Stock

Forseti Rustic Pipes

Only $42.50
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Forseti Walnut Pipes

Billiard-Bent (BLR2)
Only $44.63
Out Of Stock
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